CVS Coupon – Save $4.00 off $20.00

Be sure to get your CVS Coupon. Just scan your card at the red coupon machine thru Wednesday to get your $4.00 off $20.00 coupon.

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  • Andrea

    What was the exp on the q? Are they good till the end of the week?

  • Well, I scanned my card until there was no more coupons available from the machine. I’m going to call CVS today and see what’s up.

  • Jodie

    Is cvs match ups available couldn’t fine them?

  • Suzanne Winters – hmmm, Suzanne, I am sure your not far from me.

  • Holly

    @Jeannette I got my coupon the 2nd time I scanned my card and I’m in Lancaster Co PA also

  • Megan

    it printed on the 2nd scan, make sure you always scan until it says no more coupons

  • Crystal

    I didn’t get the coupon when I first scanned my card so I scanned it again and got one.

  • r.p.

    live in east texas, not only did i get this one but got a buy one cadbury chocolate bar and get one free coupon. they were on sale, love free chocolate.

  • It was in my ad, but I did not get the coupon either. Im in Lancaster Co, Pa.

  • 18944

  • This isn’t the first time this has happened. When I call to say that I didn’t get my Extra Care, they tell me that that it is regional and doesn’t apply to my area. I live an hour north of Philly, not Alaska. Not that there’s anything wrong with Alaska! :)

  • Suzanne Winters – hm this looks like a national ad – what zip code would you be looking into.

  • Christina Renz – check your ad.

  • Is there a way to be sure you will get this coupon? I’d hate to go there and get nothing.

  • no, it isn’t in my ad

  • Suzanne Winters – this is in the ad – did you see it in your ad?

  • I went to CVS this am and nothing like this spit out of the machine. I wish that CVS would stop putting this crap on their facebook….it never applies to the two CVS’ near me.