CVS American Express Giftcard Deal

Starting today  when you purchase a $50.00 American Express Gift Card, you’ll get $10.00 back in ECB at CVS.

Buy American Express Giftcard $50.00
Pay $55.95 (giftcard + activation fee)
Get $10.00 ECB
$4.05 MM after ECB

Limit of 1 per household.

*Note Activation fees may vary by area.

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    Does anyone know if I can use a (or many) CVS Gift Cards to Load Money onto it in the store?

    Thanks in Advance!

  • Ashlie A.

    When does this deal end?

  • Can you use a save $5.00 off on a $30.00 purchase to buy the giftcard??

  • Heather

    can use extra care bucks to purchase it?

  • karen

    No you cannot use ECB to purchase any gift cards. I don’t know about the monthly fee thing…sorry.

  • can you add $50 to an existing Amex gc an not have to pay for the activation fee?

  • can you add $50 to an existing Amex gc an not have to pay for the activation fee?

  • Krissi

    Can you use ecbs to buy the gift card? is there a monthly fee on the card?

    • Shannon

      There is no monthly fee.

  • diane

    they cost to load money onto them green dot does it, or if you have a checking account you can do it for free. …maybe you want to give the card to your teen instead of cash….you can see exactly where they spend it….tons of reasons to use this card, you can even rent a car with this card! try that with a bank issued debit card.

  • diane

    do you know if I could load 44.05 onto the card and the fee of 5.95 to get the deal?

  • Melissa McConnell Grieshaber via Facebook

    I think its how they make $ since you can spend them anywhere

  • Melissa McConnell Grieshaber via Facebook

    There are activation fees on all the visa amex and mastercard gift cards

  • Diana

    If you pay 55.95 for the AMEX card and get 10ECB wouldn’t your oop be $45.95?

    • melissa

      You get the 10 ECB afterwards…not during the transaction. So your OOP is $55.95 but then you get $10 back. Depends on how you think of it.

    • Shannon


      I walk in the store with $55.00 in cash in my purse. I leave CVS with

      a $50.00 gift card which I can use just like cash
      $10.00 ECB

      – so I leave with $5.00 more to spend than I had when I walk in. You would only talk OOP when you are actually spending the money – instead you are just changing your cash to a gift card and giving CVS $4.95 in exchange for a $10.00 ECB .

      • Jaime

        I see what you mean. I was looking at it as a “gifting” option, meaning I would not have that gift card in my possession to spend. Duh. :)

  • Bethany Brookes via Facebook

    can someone tell me why on earth there is an activation fee? That sounds crazy

    • Steven

      So these companies can make more money. They make money when you buy the card, then they make even more money from the retailers when you use it. Totally win win! For them. :D

  • Clippin To Save via Facebook

    Moneymaker.. So after the EBC is factored in, it is a money maker.

    • Jaime

      I’m seriously confused as to how this is a moneymaker. If you pay $55.95, and get back $10 ECB, it is still $45.95 OOP.

      • Shannon


        I walk in the store with $55 in purse.

        I come out of the store with a $50.00 to spend on an Amex and a $10 ECB.. how is it not a $5.00 Money maker.

      • Shannon

        Jaime, you would only calculate $45.95 as OOP when you are SPENDING the money – you are essentially taking cash and exchanging it for a gift card = $50 and paying CVS $4.95 to do this and they are giving you $10 back.

  • Yvette Rivera via Facebook

    What does MM after ECB mean?