Nutella Coupon | $1.00/1 Nutella

Nutella Coupon

There is a $1.00/1 Nutella Coupon available to print. (use zip code 19543)   This is just in time for back to school!

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  • Grace

    Giant has it on sale for $2.50. Use a doubler this week and get it for .50 cents! What an awesome deal.

  • Raina

    This stuff is AMAZING! Put in on a bagel and you’ll think you’re eating a chocolate frosted doughnut. My kids love it! Now we just need a sale…

  • ozzie

    tempting but i dont want to get fat. i know i can finish this tub in a day. two days tops

    • Shannon

      LOL Ozzie. :)

    • brenda

      This is way more healthier than peanut butter.

      I grew up on this thing, we had it on cake, on bread on italian pastries, holiday desserts.

      I NEVER GOT FAT lol, but I ma very very tal

      • allie

        Brenda – This was my first time getting Nutella, and you are right – AMAZING! However, the saturated fat is really high…so I am wondering how it is actually healthier than peanut butter… is it? It would be wonderful if it was…:)