Expired: $1.00 off Dole Salad Coupon

There is a new $1.00/1 Dole Salad Coupon available.   It has a long expiry – 8/7/11. So you can print the coupon and hang on to it for a sale. Since these are newer products, we should see a good sale.

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  • Jennifer

    I went to the link and it said that it was gone.

  • Nancy K

    It said it wouldn’t print but when I printed some other coupons – it came out.

  • Stephan

    Thanks! FYI, my coupons expire 6/21, so they went down with the expiration date!

    I usually don’t buy bagged lettuce anyway. Way too expensive. I have my salad spinner and always buy whole lettuce heads from Aldi for 69 or 99 cents. Makes lettuce equal to 2 or 3 bags!
    Would be a nice giveaway for your page here! Saves a lot of money (if you like salads of course) ;)
    I have this sucker here:
    Great tool!

    • Shannon

      Thanks for the update on the expiration.

      I too do not normally buy bagged lettuce, unless its a good sale. My salad spinner is about 12 years old and PATHETIC. I am going to take a look .. thanks for the tip.

    • Kristin L.

      This may be a silly question….but what does a salad spinner DO exactly??

      • Shannon

        ohh it drains all the water off your lettuce.. :)