Weis Coupon Matchups | Week of 11/6

Here are this week’s Weis Coupon Matchups.

Get $5 wyb $15
Get $.30 per Gallon wyb 10
Pet Products


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  • Stephanie

    Leslie, it might be too late for you to see this. I had this problem at a store in Dauphin County in January. I too was very upset and ended up emailing corporate CS. They got back to me prompty and said they were calling the store b/c they were wrong! The store manager called me, apologized, told me to come in and they gave me a $50 Weis gift card!! Email CS and tell them what’s going on if they aren’t following the policy. I hope my story helps you out!!

  • Leslie

    It was the Weis in the Dover, PA area. I went to a different Weis in York and had a wonderful experience….guess I’m just going to have to make the drive. It’s one thing if the cashier says something, but if the manager is saying that then you can’t really argue. Next time if I go to the Dover Weis and have multiple Internet coupons I will be better prepared with what I would say.

  • Kara

    Oh my Leslie!! That is awful. What Weis was this? I would be very annoyed if I spent all that time shopping !!

  • Leslie

    I need to vent… I just got back from my Weis and my list of items I planned on purchasing didn’t match up with what I left with. I was checking out and handed the cashier my coupons…she immediately flipped her light on for the manager to come over. The checkout lady was all finished scanning my items and the manager came back over with my coupons and said that I could only use 4 Internet coupons. I was caught off guard because thier printed sign about Internet coupons doesn’t have anything mentioned about that. I asked if I could do different transactions and he said no and told me to pick out the coupons that I want to use. He told me that there are so many internet counterfeit coupons out there that they need to limit it to 4 and he said he could show me a whole binder full of examples. I was kind if annoyed and upset about this cause this was new to me and I had sent time planning my shopping trip etc. I had in my cart 3 motts apple juice, 4 welchs juice, 4 shredded cheese, 4 boxes of popcorn and 4 kitchen garbage bags. I ended up just saying that all I wanted was the cheese and they had to void everything else and put it back.
    Is this a new Weis store corporate policy or just that particular store? Why did the manager have to go through all the coupons just to tell me that I can only use 4 Internet coupons?!?! I am just annoyed because of people’s choices in taking advantage of coupons the wrong way and ruining it for the rest of us! I guess I’ll just try another Weis and try their self check out…or stick with just shopping at Giant!!! Ok I’m dine venting! :)

    • M. Stouffer

      Here is the Weis coupon policy, you might want to print it out. There is no mention of a limit of 4 internet coupons. Hope this helps you. :)


    • Danielle M

      Leslie I wonder if you go to the same one as me! I recently had the same issue at weis! I was told it was only 2 by the cashier but then was told 4 by the manager. Now it doesnt sound the same in a way because I had 4 printed coupons for the scrubbing bubbles fantastik and 4 clipped of the same but was told couldnt use all 8 b/c it was the same product. Only 4 coupons of the same product are aloud. I told them hey I can split it up or come in at different times either way I was going to use them! So they said its fine but don’t say that they aloud me to do it. It seems all the Weis stores are saying the same thing so I have no idea what is going on!

    • Danielle M

      Oh yeah and was told I have to have all my coupons approved before I check out so that Their Customers don’t have to wait if I was going to extreme coupon! 15 items i hate to tell them is far from Exteme!

    • Twila

      That happened to me (Mifflinburg) about a year ago. I was told that by the cashier, only 4 internet printables allowed. I was also upset, but for a time just split up my transactions or went in on different days. So finally one day I asked about it at customer service and they said no, that only for “like” coupons are allowed. That was a relief and much simpler for me. There are a few cashiers there that I really like and about 2-3 that I don’t, so I’ll go to the ones I like, even if it means waiting longer. I think your manager is wrong about that.

  • Holly

    Duncan Hines cake mix this week $1.25. $1 coupon from fallen Heros site = $ .25 cake mix.

  • Beth

    I print the shamrock farms coupon of without any problem. There is nothing on the coupon that says it is not valid here in PA. In fact it states “good only in the US on the product(s), size(s) indicated on the coupon.”

  • Becky

    The Shamrock coupons are not valid in Pennsylvania (per the website link you posted).

    I wasn’t sure if you saw that or not.

  • Paco

    Thanks as always for the match ups, Shannon!

    Does anyone know how to read the “Limit 1 Offer” on the Smucker 10 item gas deal (from the adscan image Shannon posted earlier in the week)? There are two possiblities, at least: One 30 cent per gallon offer per person/card for the week, or one offer per transaction/store visit.

    Any guesses? Thanks!

  • Joy H

    On the buy $15 get $5 is onyo or instantly? Also, Weis goes by shelf price not sale right? So theoretically this could be a great deal.

    • Bill

      I think I’ve seen on this blog or another that it was NOT based on shelf price, but on total of the sale price items, because it is a $5 off instant offer, not a catalina. Hopefully someone else can confirm!

      • Robin

        My Weis (Hagerstown MD) went by the shelf price. I bought 16 cans of chicken gravy (the only type of gravy my daughter will eat), used 4 $1 coupon and received the $5 off. So it was a $1 money maker for me!!