Fall Coupon Class Schedule Open

I had the pleasure of speaking to these nice ladies at the Boyertown Coupon Class.  It was a fun class with great interaction, even if I forgot my class kit and erased my presentation. Thanks to Deb for saving the day with her drive!

I have opened up the schedule for the fall coupon classes. If you would like to schedule a coupon class for your group or organization, you can get details about how to schedule a class here.


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  • Alexis

    I’m also curious if there’s a more advance coupon class that you offer. I’m interested in hearing more tips for the advanced couponers since the beginner coupon course was so interesting! :)

    • Shannon


      Yes I offer an advanced, but at this time I have none scheduled.

  • Kathleen Benner

    Of course I am front and center! lol! Great class! Please keep us posted if you do teach another class soon! I want to take the next class up from Beginner! (Is that like an Intermediate class or do you just go right to Expert?!)