Tomato-Basil Grilled Cheese

Our garden is in full bloom right now and we wanted to make a light dinner last night. I wiped up these easy, cheesey sandwiches. I know a grilled cheese sandwich usually is for the kids, but these sandwiches are so good! I found a little inspiration from this recipe on Edible Symphony.

To make these sandwiches, there are three easy steps – make your pesto, put pesto, tomato & mozzarella on the bread and cook with a panini press.  Cook to your liking – I prefer my mozzarella warm, but not quite melted.  Evan prefers it oozing over the side!

Happy Cooking!

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  • Stacey

    I make these alot! I sometimes take chopped up chicken and mix it with the pesto and sometimes just put the basil leaves on the sandwich too! My favorite!

    • Shannon

      yummo. will try chicken next time!

  • Okay, I had no idea pesto was so easy to make!! Pretty sure I have some basil out in my garden right now……thinking I may have to make some of these for dinner tonight!!

    • Shannon


      let us know how they turn out! some people add pine nuts to their pesto.. but my son doesnt like them so we skip them.

      • Made the pesto and it tastes really good! Realized I don’t have mozzarella or tomatoes…..didn’t really think this through, lol. Trying to decide if I should save the pesto for another day after I get to the store or just use it in another recipe. Decisions, decisions…

        • Shannon

          It is delish on pasta too!

  • Christa K.

    Wow, I agree with the starving comment – looks amazing! How do you determine ‘1 cup’ of the basil? Is it just loose leaf or packed in real good? (Kind of like trying to figure out how to measure brown sugar!)

    • Shannon

      Its loose leaf, if you dont like the flavor you can always throw in more, but you cannot take it out once it is in!

  • OMG – that looks divine and I am STARVING! I cannot wait to try it. Thanks for the recipe.