Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken Recipe

A Recipe – Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Recipe

I cannot believe it is already March. Even though it’s still cold out, we are starting our baseball season. During baseball season, we have tournaments every weekend. This means we usually leave early in the morning and come home for a few hours for dinner – then back to the baseball fields. It is very easy to eat fast food during the spring tournaments so I really have to plan ahead so that we don’t fall into that trap.

I rely on my slow cooker a lot during tournament season. We really enjoy this one dish meal – it includes carbs, protein and veggies. We also try different vegetables – we have used green/red peppers, zucchini, squash and more. We also garnish with fresh parmesan or Romano cheese – which gives it an even richer taste.

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  • Lee

    I can’t get the recipe to print does anyone have any ideas how I can do it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Jill F.

    Have you used anything besides cream cheese, like just cream? I think the recipe sounds great but my husband hates cream cheese. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Shannon

      I haven’t in this specific recipe. I usually make a cream sauce right on the stove.

  • Ashley via Facebook

    Agreed! And I will email it to you. :)

  • Ashley Froebe – yes!

  • Ashley Froebe – yeah you probably needed a little longer. That is the only thing I hate about crock pots, the difference in temp.

  • Ashley via Facebook

    I have an awesome recipe for slow cooked pulled pork if you want it! It’s so easy and everyone goes crazy for it!!

  • Ashley via Facebook

    No. Not at all. ONce i sliced it, it was tender-ish but not falling apart at all. I did about 4 1/2 hrs.

  • Jennifer via Facebook

    Looks yummy!!

  • Kristyn

    i have everything but the dry salad dressing mix…drat! will have to remember this recipe for later…sounds delicious!

  • Ashley Froebe — did the steak just fall apart?

  • Ashley via Facebook

    I <3 slow cooker recipes! This looks yummy, fantastic pic!

    I tried out your flank steak recipe the other night, I think I didn't let it in there long enough… but, my husband liked it OR was being very kind! Haha!

  • Valerie via Facebook

    I have all the stuff and my 7 year old saw me looking at it. I know what we are having tomorrow :)

  • Lorie Willard Leary – LOL Its so easy and yummy!

  • Lorie via Facebook

    This is the 3rd time I saw this recipe today…. I guess I’m meant to make it!

  • amy peca

    I’m all for prepping before and during baseball season! On the colder days its nice to come home to chili or sloppy joes on low in the crockpot. I will be following closely for easy, quick energy boosting recipes to keep these boys playing their best!!
    Thanks so much!

    • Shannon


      How old are your boys? Evan just started playing Legion last year and this year we will be getting into travel season more heavily. We have a tournament next weekend at an in door facility. The game starts at 9pm a night!