Southwestern Onion Dip Recipe #MakeMoreofGameDay

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Southwestern Onion Dip Recipe

The holidays are over, we are about a month into our New Year’s resolutions but there is more fun to be had.  The big game day will be here before you know it.  I have to admit, I am not a football fan, but I am surrounded with friends who are football fanatics.  Not sure how that happened! Even though I don’t like football; I do like a good party.  I will be attending a game day party with a bunch of rabid Philadelphia football fans.  Nope, their team isn’t in the game but there is still a party going on.  I will be there for the yummy food and of course to watch the commercials.

One thing you can count on at a big football party is onion dip.  You need to have dip for all those snacks.  I like to take the original tried and true onion dip and make it my own.  If you are looking for a little twist on the usual onion dip recipe, you should try my Southwestern Onion Dip Recipe.  It has all the creaminess from the Hellmann’s mayonnaise and the great onion flavor from Lipton Recipe Secrets just with a slightly spicy kick from salsa.

To make my Southwestern Onion Dip Recipe I head over to my local Acme Markets to pick up all of my game day supplies including Hellmann’s Read Mayonnaise, Lipton Recipe Secrets Onion Soup mix, sour cream and my favorite spicy corn and black bean salsa. I like things with a kick but if you don’t or you’re serving young kids, pick a mild salsa.

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This recipe is so simple to make.  Mix the Hellmann’s (for creaminess) with sour cream, onion soup and a spicy corn and black bean salsa.  Believe me, this makes all the difference! Yum! This dip is perfect for game day or even movie night.

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Serve with your favorite chips, tortilla chips or pretzels.  I have even dipped chicken wings in this dip!

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I hope you try my Southwestern Onion Dip Recipe at your game day party. I have the complete recipe for you below.   If you are looking for more recipe ideas and ways to “make more of mealtime,” head over to the Make More of Mealtime section of the Acme website for lots of inspiration and easy recipes.

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