Homemade Salsa Recipe

Homemade Salsa Recipe

We are big salsa fans here. I wanted to share you my Homemade Salsa Recipe.

If your garden looks like mine, you are wondering what to do with all the tomatoes that you have. This salsa recipe just takes a few minutes and is super tasty!


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  • wow I love to see and make this tomorrow for my friends. I gain two from this. first is the techniques you share and the last is it makes us healthy. Thanks!

  • I just told my husband I wanted to find a good homemade salsa recipe and here it is. Thanks.

  • Mindi

    You can freeze this. I make a very similar recipe and freeze it in small freezer containers, when you thaw it in the refridgerator it takes just like fresh. I know it seems odd, but my sister in law has been doing it for years and passed the tip along a few years ago to me.