Fajita Seasoning Mix Recipe

Fajita Seasoning Mix Recipe 

One of our staple meals in Fajitas. They are a really simple meal – and most times we used left over meat for our fajitas. We have used chicken, steak and even turkey for our fajitas. For me, the secret to the fajita is in the seasoning. I use a simple mixture of spices, adapted from a recipe I found on food.com.

The next time you are thinking about making fajitas, try making your own seasoning. I promise you won’t go back to the prepackaged. Remember, it is incredibly forgiving- so try adding your own twist.

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  • jacqueline

    Thank you so much! Tastes great and way cheaper than buying it premixed!

  • DCasner

    Used this tonight to season some leftover cooked steak that was thinly sliced. Put the meat in a zip bag with a little olive oil then sprinkled in a couple teaspoons of the seasoning. Let it marinate while I sauted some sliced onion and bell pepper. I quickly heated the meat by tossing it in the same hot pan I had just removed the onions from. It was good. Next time I’ll try it with raw meat and add a little lime juice to help tenderize the meat. Thanks for the great spice blend recipe!

    • Anonymous

      This seasoning was extremely tasty! I marinated the chicken with this + lime juice + orange juice + canola oil and then cooked everything up. Very tasty!

  • Bryan

    When you say crushed red pepper flakes you do mean cayenne pepper flakes right? Or do you mean crushed bell pepper flakes? I am just checking because this could make a big difference in the taste and spiciness.

  • isabel

    do u have to use paprika if u dont like spicy?

    • isabel

      what about crushed red pepper flakes?

    • Bryan

      I would not eliminate paprika or cayenne pepper. The better option would be to reduce the amount of those two ingredients instead if you do not like spicy. In addition to the heat, those two ingredients add an important flavor.

      • lady_cherston

        Paprika is NOT hot. it is a flavorful spice when added to other spices, but it doesn’t have heat like cayenne does. Reduce the cayenne and the red pepper flakes. Red pepper flakes are the ones that you put on top of pizza, those also have heat.

  • Becky

    Is this recipe for 1 lb of meat?

    • For the Mommas


      Actually it isn’t for a specific quantity of meat. I usually use it in recipes that call for one packet of Fajita mix. I think it would be more than enough for one lb.

      • Becky


  • Tracy A

    I made this seasoning tonight after a quick Google search. It. Was. Awesome. Oh my word, this mix is the bomb. Tomorrow I’m going to make a giant batch of the mix to keep in my pantry. Thank you for sharing!

    • For the Mommas

      Glad you liked it!

  • Lisa

    We tried this recipie tonight for the first time. It was awesome. I normally don’t buy fajita seasoning and just make up my own. I like this recipie the best. I think I’ll figure out how to make a big batch to have on hand for next time I make fajitas.

    • Shannon

      Yeah I am glad you like it! You can just double/triple/quadruple the recipe.

  • Ken

    Actually ground spices do degrade…some are worse that others, paprika loses color and intensity for instance. No store bought pre-ground spice is at it’s peak after a year. If you have to keep store bought, do yourself a favor and keep them in airtight containers (ziplocs with the air sucked out work) and keep them in a dark, cool drawer, not in cheap glass jars on your counter. The best solution is to keep whole spices and grind your own as you need them…more work sure but well worth it…toasting cumin seeds and grinding them to make a curry….heavenly….

  • Kymm

    thanks for the recipe! any idea how long this seasoning will last in the cupboard?

    • Cassie

      I would assume forever since all of the ingredients that are used last forever as well. Spices are nonperishable but I usually toss out the old in 2 years and buy new just so they are super fresh. :)

      • Anonymous

        Spices don’t last forever!!! Throw all out after six months. Really, do you cook???

  • too funny! This is on our weekly menu for Thurs. night! I also use a similar recipe. I will def. try your this time. YUMMY!

  • Jennifer

    Oooh! I’ve been wanting to make my own seasoning. Those prepackaged ones have so much gross stuff in them! This is perfect. And the pictures are gorgeous!

  • My hubby will love this!

  • Bethany

    These look yummy! I am a horrible cook though, so of course I need more info. :)
    Do you cook the meat first? I see everything is on a baking sheet. Do you just put it all in the oven? For how long?
    My husband would love these!

    • Shannon

      Hey Bethany, that is actually a griddle in the middle of our stove :) So you can saute your meat and veggies on the stove in wok or large pan. Saute until the meat is done and the the veggies are cooked thru. You can add some oil if you use a pan. Since we use the griddle, we typically do not.

      Let me know if I can answer any other question.

  • linda

    My husbands “specialty” is fajitas. The secret ingredient is Tony Charere’s seasoning!

  • ha I happen to be making fajita’s tonight

  • yum!! i luv fajitas