Chili Cheese Popcorn Recipe

In my house, popcorn is one of our favorite foods.  We love to make Caramel Corn and other types of flavored popcorn.  I love flavored popcorn, but am not fond of the prepackaged stuff… I am not quite sure whats in it.  I prefer to make it on my own – it is quick and I know exactly what I am getting.

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  • sounds yummy! Old Bay is good on popcorn also.

  • Old bay popcorn

  • Shana Marsh via Facebook

    my mother used to make this peanut butter and honey popcorn. It was a little sticky but so good!!

  • Nathalie Marie Impastato Rocquin via Facebook

    were do you get a list of national days from?

  • Any kind! I eat a whole bag every night for a bed time snack :-)

  • Caramel

  • Try Top Ramen Chicken seasoning on it, seriously one of the best ideas from my mom :*)

  • That sounds so good! Thanks for posting the recipe : )

  • P.J. Rosen via Facebook

    Oh, and thanks for the recipe :) always looking for ways to flavor the plain! :)

  • P.J. Rosen via Facebook

    Prepackaged is horrible for you :( And fresh is so easy to prepare :) You can ACTUALLY microwave regular popcorn if you put 1/4 cup bulk kernals in a paper lunchbag and fold over a few times. Just microwave as you would the prepackaged stuff!

  • Melissa Eggler via Facebook