Hot: 18 x 24 Canvas $32.99 Shipped

This is a sweet deal on photo canvases from Canvas People.   You can get a 18 x 24 canvas for $32.99 shipped. This is the best price on canvas this holiday season.

Note: This not guaranteed for Christmas Delivery.

Check out:  18 x 24 Canvas $32.99 Shipped

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  • SWEET! I wanted to do this deal last earlier in the week (for my parents’ anniversary on the 30th), but the sibs didn’t get back to me before it disappeared. Of course, when I said so, they were like, “why didn’t you get that?” lol, I’m so thrilled that it came back! I got an awesome shot of my entire family (2 parents, 5 kids, and 10 grands) mounted on a canvas that my mom is going to die over! It’s really special to us espicially b/c my sis and her kids are going to be out of the country for the next two years (military family), so this is the last family portrait we’ll have for a while! Thanks so much!