{Available Again} Amazon: Kinetic Sensor Bundle $99.99

{Available Again}

Amazon has the Kinect Sensor Holiday Value Bundle for $99.99.

Kinect Sensor Holiday Value Bundle Includes:

  • Kinect Sensor for Xbox 360
  • Kinect Adventures Game
  • Fruit Ninja Game
  • Gunstringer Game
Note: This is an Amazon Deal – so it may change price quickly.

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  • Melanie

    At the Microsoft store you can buy the Kinect sensor bundle which includes three games:
    Kinect Adventures, Gunstringer, Fruit Ninja Kinect (game token for download).
    They are offering free 2 business day free shipping.
    Cost: $99.

  • Nikki Eddy via Facebook

    me too ;)

  • Nikki Eddy – you know I am teasing ya.. LOL

  • Nikki Eddy via Facebook

    True True. I heard that Amazon got news they weren’t the best deal at the moment and had to compete. Good news for us Kinetic…..er Kinect shoppers ;)

  • Lisa Bretz via Facebook

    Thank you for all you do!

  • Nikki Eddy – no matter what I call it , its still a good deal :P

  • Nikki Eddy via Facebook

    It’s not ‘Kinetic’ it is called ‘Kinect.’ just FYI. ;)

  • that’s a good price I saw them at walmart for almost 200