ShopRite: Stacking Coupons ENDS 5/5! {Notification}

ShopRite: Stacking Coupons ENDS 5/5! {Notification}

Another update 4/26/19, 9:20 pm: ShopRite have officially UPDATED their coupon policy online and you can VIEW The NEW ShopRite coupon policy HERE!

Continued: ShopRite has also added a new ‘coupon policy FAQ’ tab and you can check it out HERE.

On April 5th, we told you about the new change coming to the ShopRite coupon policy in our FTM ShopRite coupon group. Starting May 5th, we will no longer be able to stack a digital coupon with a paper manufacturers coupon on the same item.

We have acquired written notifications signs in-store and documents as well. Here is the new policy guidelines:

A Customer is allowed to use either a digital or paper manufacturer coupon for a single item or offer, per the terms and conditions of the manufacturer coupon and our coupon policy.

If a Customer presents more than one coupon for any single item, out Point of Sale system will determine which coupon is the higher value and apply that coupon to purchase.

In a situation where the digital coupon is a higher value than the paper manufacturer coupon, the paper coupon need to be returned to the Customer. The system will remove the paper coupon from the order automatically.

When the paper manufacturer coupon is the higher value, the digital coupon will be automatically placed back on the Customer’s Price Plus club card, The Cashier does not need to to remove the digital coupon from the order

Digital coupons are not subject to doubling.

(We are also looking our for possible updates to the return/refund, ScanRite, Check cashing & acceptance and Rain Check)

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