Reader Success: Jenni & Sherri

Reader Jenni, spent $10.06 OOP and left with $3.00 UPR and submitted a $10.99 SCR on her trip to Rite Aid.

  • Crest Toothpastes (coupons and a sample mouthwash attached! )
  • Zarbee’s children’s drink
  • Similasan cough relief
  • St. Joseph’s Aspirin
  • Saline Soothers Wipes
  • Organix Cough Drops

Nice job Jenni!

Remember, it is not always about “how much you saved”. Sherri did a nice job here. She spent $140.00 oop, but got $42.00 back in ECB and is going to mail off the $10.00 P&G Rebate. After ecb, coupons, and mail in rebate, she will have a 50% savings.

That’s quite a stash Sherri. Well done!


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