My ShopRite Trip From 6/29/16-Saved $160.07

My ShopRite Trip From 6/29/16-Saved $160.07

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My ShopRite Trip From 6/29/16-Saved $160.07

I wanted to share my ShopRite trip from yesterday. There were quite a few really good deals this week that I wanted to take advantage of. I also had a few really good super coupons and stores coupons to match with my ecoupons and manufacturers coupons. In addition to the coupons, I also had a couple of rebates to help save even more money. I walked out of ShopRite with $160.07 worth of groceries for only $12.89, SCORE!

Please note: Super coupons are regional. Different areas may receive different super coupons or none at all.

Here is the breakdown of my trip from yesterday:

Coupons Used

$10.00 off $60 super coupon
$10.00 off $50 super coupon
$3.99 for FREE ShopRite Pudding cake super coupon
$2.99 for FREE 3lb ShopRite onions super coupon
$1.81 super coupon for Eggs
$2.02 super coupon for American cheese
$2.00 Pepsi super coupon
$2.02 London Broil super coupon
$1.50 Cookie/Cracker store coupon
$2.50 Scott Towels store coupon
$3.00 off instantly (Scott) See Scott deal here
$3.00 off instantly (Clorox)
$.55 Pete’s hot sauce ecoupon
$1.00 Arm & Hammer ecoupon (See Arm & Hammer deal here)
$.75 Brut ecoupon
$.75 Sure ecoupon
$5.00 Zantac ecoupon (See Zantac deal here)
$1.00 Hellmann’s ecoupon (See Hellmann’s deal here)
$.75 Dole Pineapple ecoupon (See Dole Deal here)
(1) $5/1 Zantac Printable coupon
(1) $.75/1 Sure coupon (6/26 SS)
(1) $.75/1 Brut coupon (6/26 SS)
(1) $.75/1 Dole Pineapple printable coupon
(1) $.75/2 Nabisco Cookie or Cracker product coupon (6/26 SS)
(1) $.75/1 Aquafresh coupon (see Aquafresh deal here)
(3) $.75/1 Scott Towel coupon (6/26 SS)
(1) $.55/1 Texas Pete Hot sauce coupon
(1) $1/1 Hellmann’s Mayonnaise coupon
(1) $.50/1 Dawn Dish liquid coupon (from P&G booklet)
(1) $3/4 Pepsi Manufacturers coupon from Acme ad
(1) $2.50/3 Clorox, Pine-Sol blinkie coupon
(1) $1/1 Clorox Pump and Clean printable coupon
(2) $.50/1 Clorox Bleach printable coupons (NLA)
(1) $1/1 Arm & Hammer Single use detergent coupon
(1) $.50/1 Arm & Hammer Toothpaste printable coupon
$2.25 in catalinas
Paid $15.39 oop
Saved $160.07
Earned $2.50 in rebates
$12.89 for everything after stacked coupons and rebates

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