Huggies Triple Clean Layers Wipes Official Tester Contest & Coupon

Huggies has introduced new all Huggies Triple Clean Layers Wipes . Now you don’t have to choose between getting your baby clean or having it be gentle on their skin. HUGGIES wipes with new TRIPLE CLEAN LAYERS are solving this issue, giving an even better clean while still being gentle. Triple Clean Layers are gentle enough on your baby’s skin, but thick enough to clean up the mess.

Do you put Huggies Wipes to the test everyday? Grab your pack of Huggies Wipes with new Triple Clean Layers at Walmart’s everyday low price and see for yourself.

Be a HUGGIES Tester every day by putting HUGGIES to the ultimate test- real life. The search is on for real life testers and next month HUGGIES will be looking to feature HUGGIES Testers on the HUGGIES page on! You could be featured as an official tester.

Want to learn more about Huggies Wipes? Call **BABY (**2229 on your cell) to learn more about the Huggies Check in Program and learn get rewarded with a Huggies Coupon via text. Hurry, the coupon program ends in April!

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