How to Celebrate New Years Eve with Kids

new year with kidsYou may not get to spend New Year’s Eve like you used to 5 years back with your little ones crying for your attention all the time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have just as much or even more fun! Let us help you with a little planning that will make for a memorable New Year for you and your family!

Ring in the New Year in these 7 fun ways with your family:

1. Dress Up: Staying at home doesn’t give you an excuse to spend the New Year’s Eve crawled in your lazy pajamas. Bring out your best party wear, the pearls, the tie, the boots and dress like you would when your were 19. Get your kids a cocktail party dress too, remember they are your most important guests of the evening.

2. Drink Up: Don’t lose the sparkle you get from the bubbly in all the milk bottles. Bring out your tall wine glasses and pop open a champagne as you raise a toast to the New Year 2015. A glass of apple juice for your little one too!

3. Dance Up: If you want to be the most sought after neighbors, invite the kids from the neighborhood as you throw your living room to the little ones to dance their hearts out. They will make for adorable videos and you can use up all the left over Halloween candies as prizes too. And don’t forget the other thankful parents whom you are giving a New Year Eve filled with peace. They might return the favor next year. PS: Mind your playlist, you want it to be kid-friendly naughty, so a little less of Lady Gaga!

4. Fort Up: The best way to have fun when you are around kids is to be a kid yourself. How about building a Fort with them. Don’t worry, you may not know how to, and that is what internet is for. Check out this technique for turning a duvet cover into a giant bubble fort. Who knows the kids may love the fort so much that you could have some quiet time to yourself too!

5. Glow Up: Nothing says Holidays like lights that not just lit up our homes but our lives too. Kids just love to see those glowy things all around the house around holidays. To think of it, isn’t that what we remember the most when we think of all the Christmases and New Years we had growing up?! Illuminate the awesomeness of being awake when it’s dark by buying glowsticks and sticking them inside balloons to make — glowing balloons!

6. Photo-Shoot Up: Hit your local art supply store and buy a roll of craft paper in crispy white or a great, bright colour. This will be the backdrop for your photo booth and you and/or your kids can paint on it, draw on it, write out your resolutions — really, the possibilities are endless! Raid your house for silly props or buy a pack of coffee stirs and cut out moustaches to glue or tape onto the stick. Props — now you’ve got props! Download a photo booth app like Pocketbooth and ham it up with your family and friends!

7. Countdown: If you don’t want the kids to stay up late, move your clock a couple of hours ahead. However, no matter what time you ring in the New Year, bring it in with some sparkling fireworks that will make your little ones happier than ever!


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