The Best Cash Back Sites for Holiday Shopping


The Best Cash Back Sites to Save on Holiday Shopping

I know it is not even Halloween yet, but it really is time to gear up for holiday shopping.  We all need to decide on a budget, who we are buying for, how much to spend on each person etc.  Don’t forget we also have meals to plan for, parties to plan, party clothes to purchase.  I am a big planner and find it helps my stress levels if I figure all of this out before the craziness starts.  One other thing I have started doing the last few years, is treating myself post-holiday season.  I generally do it for free too!

How?  I do a lot of my shopping on-line.  Before shopping at any online merchant, I check to see what cash back sites work with the merchant.  Sometimes it is only one, but many times it is more than one so I can check for the best offer.  Now cashback isn’t instant savings.  It generally takes several days to a month to get your cash back but it can add up if you do a lot of shopping online.  Last year, I accumulated over $400 cash back from my holiday shopping.  I use it to treat myself, but you can use it however you wish.  Maybe even use to start up a 2017 holiday savings account. Or pay off the credit cards you may have used over the holidays.  It doesn’t matter how you use it, just use it.  It is easy money and you get it just for doing something that you are going to do anyway.  Check the individual sites policies for payment; they all have different thresholds but most offer the option to cash out with paypal.

Here are the main sites I use for cash back:

Another great thing about cash back sites is they have double and triple cash back days.  Those are the days you can really rack up some serious cash.  So make sure you sign up for their newsletters to get notified of any special offers. Sign up now before you start your holiday shopping and reap the rewards in January!

Do you use any other cash back sites?  List them in the comments and we may add them to this list.

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