8 Ways to Shop on Black Friday without Losing Your Mind


8 Ways to Shop on Black Friday without Losing Your Mind

You might love the idea of finding phenomenal deals on Black Friday, but you might despise the idea of fighting the crowds and jammed parking lots. So what is the solution? The truth is you don’t have to stay home, you can in fact get out and find the hot deals without sacrificing your sanity. Take a look below at 8 ways to shop on Black Friday without losing your mind, so you can enjoy the bargains without all of the stress.

1. Before you do anything, check the sale ads.
Make sure there are items on your shopping list worth heading out for. Check out all of the sale ads well to see if there are legit deals and then plan your shopping strategy accordingly. By knowing what you need from each store, you can devise a plan of attack. You can see all of the Black Friday ad scans here.

2. Check out the sale hours for each store.
Some stores will be running specials all day, while other ones may have them between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m., or even 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. Check out the sale times for your favorite stores so you can decide which ones you should visit first and which can possibly wait.

3. Leave the kiddos at home.
Make plans ahead of time to have a sitter for the kids. Or, make plans for them to stay with a spouse. This way you can easily get in and out of stores without distractions, the gimmies, or a potty break every few seconds.

4. Pack your own snacks.
Lines for restaurants and cafes can be lengthy on Black Friday, so instead pack your own high protein snacks. Take granola bars or nutrition bars and some juice or water so you can keep on shopping and not worry about stopping for lunch.

5. Carry an envelope for receipts.
With so many transactions happening, you don’t want to lose those valuable receipts. Take your own envelope with you to put receipts in as soon as you get them. This way you don’t need to worry about losing them or digging for them in bags later.

6. Don’t expect to grab every deal.
Go into the day with the mindset that you won’t grab every single deal. This way you won’t beat yourself up or feel stress if you miss out on any. Instead, do the best you can to get the items you want. Remember there will always be more deals later on down the line.

7. Wear comfortable shoes and layered clothing.
Wear layered clothing so you don’t have to worry about carrying a coat around. You can easily peel away layers or add layers should you need them. You also want to be sure you are wearing comfortable shoes since you will be doing a lot of standing and walking.

8. Take a friend with you.
This is a great way to have an extra set of hands, or should you need someone to hold your space in line a friend can come in handy. Plus, you can always bounce ideas off each other which can help you avoid buying things you don’t need. Some people even make this annual event with a group of friends or family.  Shopping and the hustle and bustle is more fun with a group.

Give these 8 tips for shopping Black Friday without losing your mind a try, and see what a difference they can make.

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