7 Items to Pack in Your Purse Black Friday


7 Items to Pack in Your Purse Black Friday

So you are ready to go Black Friday shopping, huh? You have your tennis shoes on, your latte in hand, and all that is left to do is grab your purse and go. But wait! There are a few more things you should stuff in that bag before you head out, to make sure you get the best possible Black Friday experience ever. Take a look below at 7 items to pack in your purse Black Friday, so you can be sure you are well prepared for the day!

1. Hand sanitizer.
Black Friday shopping means being around huge crowds of people and handling lots of money and debit card pads. Keep yourself safe by carrying hand sanitizer with you. This way you can sanitize after purchases and in between stores. You can also carry sanitizing wipes so you can wipe down cart handles before you use them.

2. Envelopes.
Keep a few envelopes in your purse to keep your papers organized. You can keep receipts in one and gift receipts in the other. It is also smart to carry an envelope for any gift cards you might be while you are out. Label each envelope clearly so you can easily reference what you have later.

3. Your shopping list.
Be sure you have the shopping list you created the night before so you can easily reference it. It may not be a bad idea to actually make several copies of it in case you lose one. With that shopping list carry a pen or pencil so you can easily cross items off or make notes as you shop. Even if you keep your list on your phone, having a printed list as a back up is a good idea.

4. Simple snacks.
Take a few simple snacks with you so you don’t get hungry and cranky. Choose dried snacks such as nuts, fruit bars, dried fruit, trail mix, or granola bars. If you have room for a bottle of water, it doesn’t hurt to toss it in.

5. Coupons.
There will be all sorts of coupons available for Black Friday shopping, so be sure you cut them out and take them with you. You may want to create an envelope (see above) to keep your coupons in so you can easily access them when needed. Don’t forget to update your coupon apps on your phone as well!

6. Phone numbers to your credit card company.
Theft happens, and it can especially happen on days like Black Friday when crowds are in full effect. Be sure to keep phone numbers to all of your debit and credit card companies so if theft does occur, you can call and cancel them asap!

7. Phone charger.
If you are accessing any sales ads, online coupons, or other shopping apps online them make sure you keep a phone charger (car charger) on you. This way you can charge while you drive between stores and access items as you need them.

Give these 7 items to pack in your purse on Black Friday a try, so you can be sure you are prepared for a day of shopping deals, crowds, and all of the hustle and bustle that comes along with Black Friday shopping!

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