Rite Aid Coupon Policy Effective 08/03/2010

You can print a copy of the Rite Aid Coupon Policy here.

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  • Marie Wright

    I would like to know why rite aid ads are not in any newspapers I receive? I live in south jersey n dont understand why these papers never have a circular from rite aid each week

  • Milly

    I am new what is UPR?

  • anna hougentogler

    i have to call rite aide bacause i have 165 upr and i never got anything on my receips for money off to use on any products i feel like i am wasting my time trying to save money and not being able to use upr and now at the end of the month they are going to start them over so now i will lose them and i have tried to go on the rite aide site and i can’t as it won’t let me my riteaide is in chestertown maryland do they have different policies?

  • Paula brown

    Ok, today in California I went to right-aid to take advantage of their stayfree deal. I purchased 6 at 2 for 5 and gave the cashier 6 coupons for $1 off each. The cashier would only accept one because the coupon states 1 per purchase is this correct?

    • Shannon

      @Paula brown,
      Ugh . No one per purchase is on per item purchased.

      • Lorraine

        Isn’t that the same thing?? Please explain, I’m new to this!!

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  • Bernadette

    I was at my Rite Aid in New Jersey last night . the night supevisior tod me that a new policy regarding coupons just came out . this is what he told me . Ups are Now considered like a coupon only 5 individual ups no matter of value can be used at a time. only 5 like coupons can be used at one time . He said this was from Corporate and that all staff had to read and sign a paper regarding new policy

    • Shannon


      I think someone is making up rules!

  • Adrienne

    I was wondering how many UPR’s can be used per transaction? Is it limited to the number of products which were bought? Like if I buy 2 products then I can only use 2 UPR’s?

    • Shannon

      UPRs spend like cash, so you can use as many as you want. The limit is on how many you can earn.

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  • Jenn

    i am confused about the coupon guidelines. for example, say i want to purchase the $2.99 listerine, i have a $2 Manf. cpn & $1 Video Value. under ACCEPTANCE GUIDELINES, it states, “In the event that any item’s selling price is less than the value of the coupon, RA will accept the coupon in exchange for the selling price of the item. Coupon redemption can never exceed the selling price of an item & no cash back is allowed.” I understand that i wouldn’t get a penny back, but the first sentence seems like they would allow it (to get the item free) but the second sentence sounds like it refutes the first.

  • Stasia

    How do I get UP rewards? Do they show up on my receipt or appear on my card automatically?

    • Shannon



    • Anonymous

      The UP rewards show up on your receipt and then it loads it onto your card and you can use your UP rewards AFTER 6 AM the following day :)

  • Tami R.

    Okay, so just for clarity, can I use multiple +UP rewards to pay for the same transaction? I was just told today at my Rite Aid that I can only use one +UP reward per transaction. This seems like total crap. I even talked to the manager about it, and she said this was the new policy. Since +UP rewards are like cash, I don’t see why I have to use only one per transaction. Any clarification would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Shannon

      @Tami R.,

      THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! Sigh. Please make sure you call customer service on Tuesday. :(

    • jennifer

      It probably is one per item, not transaction. Meaning if you have 3 items, you can only use 3 UPR.

      I mean, as long as the coupon scans at the register, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be acceptable.

      If it doesn’t scan, however..

  • Brenda

    Does anyone know if they will accept coupons with other store logos on it? This weeks add 8/15 has post cereal BOGO and i have a manufacturers Q with the Target logo on it not sure if they will accept it and I didnt see anything on the policy.

  • Renee

    Thank you, this really helps. The only thing I don’t get is the BOGO first line “we accept 2 qs for the purchase of 2 items that are bogo promo…” Can you please explain what this means, exactly? For some reason, I can’t wrap my brain around it!! :)

    • Shannon


      means you can use two coupons when they have a bogo sale.

  • Melissa C

    This is WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for sharing it with us

  • tiffany

    THIS ROCKS!!! Thank you soooo much for posting this! Now if only someone at corporate WAGS would use this as a guideline ;)

    • jennifer

      Call 1-800-WAG- YESS and share the idea.

      Enough people do that, they may take heed.

  • Natasha

    I was wondering if the change in the UPR fine print means that they no longer will roll. Does anyone know?

  • Valerie

    Thanks Shannon for sharing this and for probably being the reason they revised it in the first place! I think they need to be a little more specific about using the UPR’s, but hopefully I won’t have most of the problems I’ve had since they started doing UPR’s and VV’s.

  • Samantha C


    What do they mean when they say that they reserve the right to not accept coupons where the validity cannot be established?


    • Shannon

      @Samantha C,

      I think this means that if there is no barcode or if the barcode wont scan.

  • Alice

    im very excited that the manager has the right to limit quantities. I for one have the worst luck just picking up 1 or 2 of something because some silly person has come in and bought 15-20. At least the cashiers are always nice and offer a raincheck but I don’t have time for those and its not really worth it for me to make another trip back in for something that will be on sell at another time.

  • Kate

    Thank you for this update! My RiteAid (in NH) always gives me trouble about coupons. I’m glad I can use all the coupons I earn from Rite Aid’s Video Values (http://my.adperk.com/offer/d30b50da#ly) in addition to my manufacturer’s coupons!


  • This is awesome! Thanks for sharing with us! I’m so happy that it specifically states that they will take the Video Value, In-Ad, and Manufacturer coupon all for the same item!

  • Laura

    Awesome! Thank you so much for getting RA to put out something formal! Greatly appreciated :)

  • Roseann

    Thank you for the new policy details. Everyone should print this and carry a copy with them at all times because you know you are going to run into clerks and managers who are not informed properly.