Toys R Us: No Manufacturer Coupons???

I recently posted a great buy on Hasbro games at Toys R Us.   I have heard from many of you that your Toys R Us is not accepting manufacturer coupons. Some of you have called corporate and been told that they are no longer accepting manufacturer coupons. I decided to call for myself to find out. I called twice and got two separate answers – No, we do not accept any manufacturer coupons and  Yes, we will accept manufacturer coupons.

This seems to be a problem. With the upcoming holiday season and great Hasbro Toy Coupons like the ones here, we have a problem if there is not a definitive answer.  I don’t want to post deals that leave you fustrated – but I also don’t want everyone to miss out on great deals.

I am hoping to get a definitive answer from Toys R Us. I would love to hear if you have experienced this lately or if you were able to use your coupons. Seems silly in this economy not to accept the incentives from toy companies.

More to come…

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  • Ashley

    I work at Toys R US and we accept themas well as the store around our area. I Work in a TN Store.

  • Mandy

    I found the same to be true in Miamisburg. They told me they will only accept internet coupons if the website is printed in their ad.

  • Marise

    Okay, I did just double check their ad, and it does say next to the Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony the price with Hasbro coupon. Right in their own ad! Look at page 6-7.

  • Marise

    I find that interesting because my Toys r Us ad this week actually showed the prices IF you use your Hasbro coupons. Really!

  • Lisa

    I went Saturday to TRU in Harrisburg, PA and was completely surprised with my transaction. Got the B2G1 free Hasbro board games (2 Sorry at $7.99 each and 1 Connect 4 at $15.99) used 3/$4.00 off coupons. I expected to get one of the Sorry games free but it rang up with the more expensive $15.99 Connect 4 for free. Paid $4.22 for three board games. Like I said I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Amy

    I was unable to use the printed manufacturer’s coupons (printed from online) at the Gurnee, IL store. I was told that they would accept the manufacturer’s coupons that came in the newspaper though.

  • Michelle

    When I tried to do the Hasbro game deal last week at the store in Exton, PA , I was told that I could only use one coupon per transaction. The Hasbro coupons state “one coupon per purchase” and I tried to explain to the cashier that a purchase = one item and she called her manager over. The manager said that they had “just received an email from corporate” stating that they were only allowed to accept one coupon per transaction. I asked to see a copy of the policy; however, she refused. I called corporate from the store and was told that their registers only accepted one coupon per transaction and that it has always been their policy. I explained that hadn’t been my experience in the past at their store. In fact, I had just used the $5/25 and $10 Tinkerbell coupon in one transaction at that very store the previous day. I asked the customer service rep from corporate to elevate my issue and have my store’s district manager call me back. I am still waiting to hear from him/her. In my opinion, ToysRUs should be ashamed of the inconsistency in coupon acceptance from one store to another or even one manager to another within the same store! I’ll gladly take my business to Target if this continues.

  • Barbara

    I have ALWAYS had trouble with Babies R U’s, which of course is the same company as Toys R Us. They won’t honor the advertised sales, they won’t honor coupons, they are always out of formula and certain sizes of diapers, and they don’t carry Tide in the HE formula in the largest sized jugs, so we can never take advantage of promos that include a large jug of detergent because they don’t carry the HE huge jug. I sent an email to HQ and heard NOTHING back. We now only go there if we absolutely have to. Otherwise we would rather shop at Target, Walmart, or Wegmans. My child’s baby food is 30 cents a jar cheaper at Wegmans. Diapers are usually $2-8 dollars a box cheaper at Target.

  • Lynn

    What’s funny is that in the Sunday Paper ToyRus Ad it says..Hot Deals On Hasbro.. “Save even more! Check out your sunday paper or for for Playsaver coupons!” How can they say they don’t take coupons.

  • Shauna

    The TioysRus circular in today’s paper advertises playskool items “as low as with Playsaver coupon.” I’d show that to anyone that tried to tell me they don’t take manufacturer’s coupons.

  • MMcKenna

    See, I haven’t been told no yet. My point is their system gives them a hassle, and us in turn. Which is probably why they do not like to take coupons. Why they may be turning them away. They don’t seem to understand them. Funny how they are saying it’s a corp thing when corp is advertising the use of coupons nationally :) I am just annoyed that I was given grief about giving up a gift card and the prospect of no mani coupons. How silly!!

  • Chris

    Got 3 games yesterday (B2G1) in Camp Hill, PA using a $4 coupon for each. $75 worth of games for $25 because one deluxe Scrabble was 75% off!

  • TJ

    First of all, in these times, I would never, never, ever, call customer service with a problematic issue. Instead of doing the leg work, they can tell you anything they want and not be held accountable. The best way is to email customer service. This way, if someone does not know the answer, it will get forwarded to someone who does. Once you get a reply to your issue, consider it carved in stone.

    • Shannon


      good point, but when your at the register your only recourse is to call.

  • Patricia

    I am here in PA and just got the Toys R Us ad from my local free paper and they actually show the prices of the Hasboro toys on sale and then the price with the coupon!! They must be accepting them if they are printing ads showing the prices after the coupon. Plus they even mention in their ad about the coupons in the Sunday paper!!! This is a weird one for sure. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  • Jenn

    Funny, I can’t believe any TOYS R US is saying they don’t take Man. coupons. I just received my Sunday paper this morning and in their weekly ad they ADVERTISE USING THE COUPONS IN THE SUNDAY PAPER TO MAKE THE TOYS ON SALE EVEN CHEAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA! Guess we should hang on to this weeks flyer for whenever we go to Toys r us to PROVE they DO take man. coupons!!!! UNREAL!!

  • I visited the Knoxville, TN TRU (on Kingston Pike) yesterday and was told they are no longer taking printable coupons and that it was a corporate decision. The manager I spoke with was really nice and said he thought the whole thing was dumb since he knew the store was getting reimbursed by the maunfacturer. They were willing to take the 5/25 TRU printable, though! But without my other coupons there wasn’t anything else I wanted to buy.

  • BM

    i got 6 games total and used 6 coupons in north Louisiana

  • Laura

    I tried to do the 3 Sorry games at the Madison Heights, MI store. The cashier would only let me use two coupons. One from the internet and one from the paper. She said I could not use two identical coupons (from the same source) in the same transaction. I disputed for a while however, her line was the only line open and it was getting quite long so I dropped the issue. I emailed my store to Toys R Us today asking for a coupon policy. However, I have not received a reply yet.

  • Lori

    I did a similar deal, see my response below. I paid $1 for 6 games. You paid the extra $2 because you got 6 full size games, and I got 3 full and 3 travel, but I wanted the variety of different games. We both did pretty good :)

  • Lori

    I got an AMAZING deal.
    (2) Monopoly games $7.99 each on sale
    (1) Sorry game $7.99 on sale
    (2) Connect 4 travel games $6.99 each
    (1) Guess Who travel game $5.99
    Buy 2 get 1 sale (-$7.99, -$5.99)
    (3) manufacturers coupons for Monopoly/Sorry
    (3) manufacturers coupons for Connect 4/Guess Who
    $5 off $25 Toys R Us coupon

    I did the happy dance yesterday!

  • Raina

    I have used lots of manufacturer’s coupons there before for diapers, wipes, snacks and never had any trouble. I think they were all newspaper/magazine ones though. You can use your printed coupons at WalMart and Target, sometimes their toy deals are better anyhow.

  • SOmehow I missed the $5 off $25 :( I did use the b2g1f and had the $4 off coupons…$72 worth of games for $20….I’m happy with that…Burbank IL

  • I was able to use manufacturers coupons a couple times this week in York, PA. I had a cashier today who told me I could only use one like coupon “per purchase,” as the coupon stated (I was buying TAG books), but when I explained that meant one per item I was purchasing she scanned them “to see,” lol.

  • Lisa S.

    I used 2 $4 internet coupons at the North Wales , PA TRU with no problems!

  • drea

    My Toys R Us won’t take internet printed coupons :( But as of about a month or so ago they accepted manufacture coupons.

  • Jennifer M.

    My daughter just used 6 of the $4 off coupons in one transaction. She got 4 Sorry games and 2 Monopoly games. Combined with all the offers they had going that day, she paid $3.18 for all six! Makes a mother proud!
    She took a picture of the receipt to show it off!LOL
    She’s donating all the games to the Christmas adopt-a-family program at her church. So, so proud her her!

  • tffnyandrs

    I was good in Athens, GA on all printables (Monopoly/Sorry, Leapfrog, and $5/$25 Toys R Us).

  • Mirandia B

    I went today and hit up the great sales. I used not only manufacture’s coupons but Toys R Us Coupons as well. The girl there said as long as the computer reads it then they will take it.

  • Ashley

    I tried to use a Babies R Us Coupon (also with the Toys R US logo) at Toys R Us on baby items and they wouldn’t even let me do that out here in CA.

  • Sarah

    I did the board game & tag book deal a week or so ago and combined it with the 5 off 25 coupon and the cashier didn’t flinch….

  • I just called Corporate and spoke with David and he said the stores should accept mfg coupons. He also said to file a complaint if they do not or call while in store. ;)

    • Shannon


      The problem is they are calling in store and corporate says no. I called myself and was told no.

  • MMcKenna

    The problem, in part, is the cashiers and managers (at least in the store near me) have NO clue about coupons. They honestly don’t seem to realize the whole reimbursement of the mani coupons part of couponing. During the Tinkerbell hassle last week one cashier was very upset with me (for no reason as I was completely polite and actually smiling) telling me I can’t get the movie for free. Well I’m not! You are getting $10 back from the mani!! GEEZ! Why don’t they get that?? She was telling me to forfeit my gift card. I can’t have both.

    The other half of the problem is their computer program. It didn’t recognize the pre sale of the Beauty and the Beast as a “sale” forcing some to buy even more items, problem #1. It took funds from the “balance due” paid amount, problem #2. Then it was also trying to (depending on how they rang it up) steal it from my gift card. Again ALL because I used a coupon they are being reimbursed for!! Silly!!!!

    If they stop taking internet coupons, I honestly will have no reason to shop there. They are overpriced so much that even with coupons, they need a heck of a sale to make it worth shopping there. No internet coupons seals the deal.

    • Sherry

      I know this is older, but I wanted to add my two cents in to say that I’ve had luck using the rebate example when a cashier gets that upset. I ask her/him if they’ve ever heard of, or even received, a mail in rebate. I then explain that this is a rebate to the store instead of the customer, the exact same thing, and they even get extra money for their time in processing it. I think it usually boils down to ignorance and/or envy, where they are working hard, and think we are taking money from their store, and putting their jobs in danger. Most in those situations just don’t get that they have nothing to worry about.

  • anna

    I used 3 of the tag jr coupons and 3 of the monopoly/sorry coupons at the wyomissing pa store on monday with no problems. I also used the 5 of off 25 with that same transaction.

  • Kim

    I actually had the cashier tell me about the $10 Q for Tinkerbell when I pre-ordered it. Had no problem when I went back to purchase on 9/21 at the Schaumburg, IL store.

  • Anne

    Do they have a written coupon policy? Um, I haven’t checked. I am lazy bones today.

  • Alisa

    I used 3 $4.00 off Hasbro game coupons and 1 $5.00 off $25.00 order on 3 games with a buy 2 get 1 free sale. I had no problems in Camp Hill PA.

  • Kelly

    I was able to use manufacturer coupons and printable coupons at my TRU. The problem I had was with the $5 off $25 I purchased the Tinkerbell BR, 3 monpoly games and a pictureka. My total was over $25 before coupons but the TRU coupon only took .96 off the tinkerbell movie. Never credited me the other 4.04. I went to CS and they said since my total before tax was not $25 it would not take off the $5. I explained that the store would be reimbursed the coupons I gave her and that TRU should honor their own coupon. They said they would do it this time but next time they would not. This was in Appleton, WI. My question is why would the coupon take off .96 if I didn’t meet the requirements?

  • Brandi

    I used two of the Disney Tinkerbell coupons on Tuesday at the Wyomissing, PA store with no problems.

  • Michelle

    I used both the games coupons and the leapfrog book coupons. The cashier even commented on how someone else had used the same coupons the day before. Worked here in Wa.

  • Colleen

    I used some Tag book coupons this past weekend here in Michigan.

  • Lori

    i was able to use 2 PDF leapfrog fridge phonics coupons in my Deptford, NJ TRU on Wednesday night along with the B2G1 sale, i also used the $5/25 in the same transaction. the cashier didn’t say anything, just scanned the coupons and gave me my total! i didn’t purchase any of the games or the tinker bell movie but i’m sure they would’ve accepted them as well

  • Anne

    The Toys R US in Portsmouth NH took both the Tinkerbell and Leap Frog printable coupons without any hassle. However, a couple of months ago, I tried to use 2 play doh coupons when they were on sale and was told they couldn’t take 2 of the same coupon. Sorry to hear others are having trouble

  • Mary

    TRU in Pasadena, Texas took 2 of the Tinkerbell DVD coupons on Wednesday. The cashier had to ring them seperately in order for me to get 2 gift cards but she did it without a problem.

  • Mary

    I used the DVD coupons on Wednesday with no problems in Pasadena, Texas.

  • I used to work for BRU/TRU and they most definitely do take manufacturer’s coupons – if they didn’t BRU would go out of business because it is only with coupon stacking that they have reasonable prices on some stuff like diapers, wipes, and pain relievers.

    I have had a TRU employee tell me that they no longer take manufacturer’s coupons, and I asked to speak to the manager. When the manager said the same thing, I asked to see the coupon policy stating that they will no longer take manufacturers coupons. Since the stores have access to the corporate website they can pull all of the policies if they take the time. If they can’t show you the policy, then they are supposed to accept the coupon even if it means a manual override.

  • Melissa

    I used the Tinkerbell movie coupon (Internet printed) the other day at this store without a problem. I called first though, as it takes me about 45 min to get there and I was told no problem.

    I have had less problems with this store accepting coupons than the one in Wilkes-Barre.

    Anyway, nice to see someone in my “neck of the woods”.

  • Robin L

    Toys R Us by me said they will no longer take any printable manufacturer coupons…they would not let me use the Tinkerbell coupon. Very frustrating. They said it is a new restriction from Corporate and no stores should be accepting the printable coupons any longer. They said they take normal manufacturer coupons but not over $5.00.

  • Elizabeth

    Used manu. coupons on Monday in Saginaw, MI. Cashier didn’t give me any problems.

  • Tara

    I went this week and I did your game deal perfectly. I used the $5/25 TRU coupon and then I used 6 of the $4 coupons (I got 4 Monopoly games because they were out of Sorry, 1 Sorry and 1 Travel Connect 4) and I paid 3.00 for all of them!

  • Jodi

    No printed coupons for the Knoxville, Tennessee on Mall Road North. They have not let me use them for months there. :(

  • Marci W

    I used 3 of the game coupons on Tues. I got 3 games for 5.00.

  • Jen

    I used the Tinkerbell movie coupon yesterday at Toys R Us. They took it.

  • Jennifer

    I just left there!! LOL I bought diapers (at Babies R us) with newspaper insert manufacturer’s coupons with NO problem. However, when I tried to use printable internet manufacturer coupons on the Tag books (at Toys R Us) I was told they DO NOT accept internet coupons due to the fact that they were not being paid back for them by the manufacturer.

    So, I actually think that both answers are true. LOL If it is NOT a printable manufacturer’s coupon, they will accept it, but they wil not accept a internet printable. (At least that was my experience today in Miamisburg, Ohio stores today!)

  • Andrea

    I used 3 Tag Reader book coupon yesterday at my store (on Buy 2-Get 1 free) and they took them all. The cashier did have to ask about the manufacturer coupons, so the register did flag it (printed from internet), but the vendor coupon (from newspaper coupons) scanned. The manager told her that it is accepted the same as a vendor coupon. I’m in Williamsport, PA. Maybe it was the manager that day, our store, or even a changing policy that hasn’t reached my store yet (hope not).

  • Donna H

    My mom went and used the coupons yesterday to buy the scrabble/monopoly/sorry games. She only had 2 of the coupons and they took them with them with no problem. She got all 3 games for only $9. (not as good as if we’d had a third coupon…but still $3 a game isn’t bad!)

  • Jen T

    They took my internet coupons a couple weeks ago for baby food

  • Nina

    I used 3 Leapfrog Tag book coupons on three books this week at a Harrisburg, PA, area store. The cashier said she couldn’t accept them because they were the same coupon (what?), but when I politely asked her to try and just see if the register would accept them, she did and all three went through fine. I think they just don’t have any sort of policy and it’s just whatever cashier you get as to what they’re going to allow you to do.

  • courtney

    I used the dvd/bluray mq this week orland park illinois with no problems

  • Oh, I hope ours takes them in Harrisburg, PA! I’m in the middle of doing the Tinkerbell/Beauty and the Beast BluRay deal that The Thrifty Mama posted about.

  • Melissa

    When I used the Tinkerbell coupon the cashier told me they don’t usually take coupons, but they had special permission to take them.

  • Tracy

    I was able to use the Hasbro coupons with no problems here in Texas.

  • Susan Speare

    I used one of the hasbro ones along with the TRU $5 off $25 purchase and it worked ok for me. I am in NY.

  • Kristine

    I haven’t had an issue yet here in Paducah, Ky. I even combine store coupons w/ the Mfr. coupons.

  • Shannon

    Used the coupons here in Crystal Lake, IL

  • Karen

    I used 2 of the computer printed $4 Hasbro yesterday with the $7.99 buy 2 get 1 free offer and had no issues here in Phoenix, AZ. As a matter of fact the cashier was telling the people behind me to find the coupons in the newspaper or print from online since everyone was wondering how I paid $8 for 3 games :)

  • Teresa

    I used 3 coupons for 3 Sorry games 4 days ago. I live in north central Indiana. They worked fine. Total with tax was 5.25. They are going to be Christmas presents.

  • Dizzy Mommy

    I had this problem last year… and the thing is I bought a Hi-Ho Cherrio game that had a $2/1 coupon on it. I was told it was a mistake and they had never taken Man. Coupons. I called and was told they did.

  • jackie

    I used the hasbro coupons with the sale the other day. I had to do 4 different transactions with all the coupons I had and the girl that checked me out was fine with everything.

  • Beth

    I just used 2 Leapster coupons today at our Toys R Us in Erie, PA

  • S.Carter

    Used the playskool coupons yesterday here in Swansea, MA