Toys R Us: Candyland $1 and More

Starting tomorrow, Toys r Us will be offering a $10.00 Giftcard wyb $35.00 of ANY Hasbro games.  In addition, you can get Candy Land and Chutes Ladder for $3.00 with a $2.00 rebate, making it just $1.00 each after rebate.

Ants in the Pants, High Ho Cherrio, Memory & Don’t Break the Ice are $5.00 each with a $2.00 rebate.

If you wanted to get the best bang for the buck –

Buy (1) Candyland $3.00
Buy (1) Chutes & Ladders $3.00
Buy (1) Ants in the Pants $5.00
Buy (1) Don’t Break the Ice $5.00
Buy (1) Memory $5.00
Buy (1) Hi Ho Cherrio $5.00
Buy (1) $9.00 Game

Total $35.00
Get $10.00 Gift Card
Get $12.00 Mail in Rebate
$13.00 or $1.85 each

This isn’t quite as good as last year, but this is not bad!

Do you see any ideas I missed?

Note:  This is the same Hasbro Rebate as I posted here, you can only do it once per household until 12/31.

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  • Amy

    Shannon, I did this today, and got the rebate form in store, and it does include the Trouble, Monopoly, Sorry, and several others for $3 rebate.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t Spill the Beans and Cootie can be subbed in the deal for the $5 games. They are also included in both the sale and rebate.
    I bought: Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Hi Ho Cherry O, Memory, Ants in your Pants, Cootie and Guess Who for $39 after tax, got a $10 gift card and will get $15 in rebate. So $14 for all 7. (and if you find a store that still has it in stock you would get chocolate monopoly or scrabble free too with the Guess Who).
    My mom did the same things but with Trouble instead of Guess who.

  • Maria

    I got 8 games for $6– only the original prices have to add up to $35. Thanks for posting!!!

  • Ginny

    Shan you said that this isn’t as good of deal as last year does that mean that things like this is quite common this time of year. My children are a little too young but I was thinking maybe I should get some of these games just in case but if it is a common thing I think I will wait. Let me know what you think?

    • Shannon

      Third year in a row Ginny!

  • Laurie

    Does this deal apply to online purchase or is it in-store only? Thanks!

    • Shannon

      You need the forms which are only in store.

      • Laurie


        Thanks Shannon. I went to the TRU website and clicked on the details for this deal and was actually able to print out the rebate form online!! I made extra copies for friends too! LOL

  • jamie s.

    i went to toys r us and only spent $16 in the hasboro games.. and they still gave me the $10 gift card.. i think the girl i had just had no clue what she was doing because she also let me use the $75 coupon where you get the $10 gift card and i had bought a lot so she also let me use the $15 off $150 coupon!! walked out with two $10 gift cards though.. $15 off my purchase.. plus i had gift cards to use myself!!

  • Heather

    Shannon- just wanted to let you know that you don’t have to purchase 35.00 worth based on the sale prices to get the 10.00 gc. I purchased 3 games (Elefun, Chutes n Ladders and Candyland) for 20.86. The original prices totaled more than 35 so I qualified for the 10 gc! I’ll mail in my rebate for 7.00 and that makes my 3 games only a little over a dollar each (with tax)!
    If someone wanted several of the games, I would definitely do multiple transactions!

  • Kirsten

    Anyone know if the rebate is only valid if the games are purchased from TRU? I refuse to purchase anything from them because of poor customer service on many occassions.

  • Kyle

    Does this mean that the previous rebate for the other games is over?
    You know the one you posted about a week back which included the operation game and you get a chocolate game?

    • Shannon


      No same rebate.

  • Cara

    I can’t see the picture close enough to tell for sure, but it looks like some of the $9 games are ones that have rebates too like Monopoly and Trouble, which have $3 rebates…so that would make the total $10 or $1.43 each…awesome!

    • Shannon


      No they are not part of the rebate.

  • Anne

    There are coupons in some of the Monopoly, Sorry Revenge and Pictureka card games for specific versions of Sorry, Pictureka, scrabble & monopoly.

  • Nicolle

    I cant read the fine writing in the ad you posted, but could you get that deal if you purchase online or do you have to go into the store?

  • What an great idea Meg!! I just wish we had a Toys R Us store :(

  • Meg

    This is great. My husband and I always do toys for tots and this a great way to get more bang for your buck. Thanks.