Weis – Upcoming General Mills Deals

Details – Weis Markets will have a stock up sale on select General Mills Products starting 2/3/13.  There are still General Mills Coupons available to print for these deals, but many will be gone after today.

Don’t forget to register your Weis Club Card with Savingstar.  We normally see new General Mills Coupons each month.

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  • Lately I think weis has been one of the best places for coupons. I did pretty good at cvs the other day to with the clearance but another coupon must of beat me and cleared the shelf on a lot of it. This is kinda frustrating. I understand we all like good deals but is it really nessacry to clear the shelf?

    • Laura

      I don’t think that it is good to shelf clear……I caught a woman at Walmart shelf clearing and I told her that I only wanted 4 of what she was shelf clearing and she said no. I looked at her and said, “Do you really need all of those?” I then said, “If you don’t stop taking all of those, I will be consulting a manager”. That changed her tune and she put some back and gave me my four items that I wanted. I also told her that she needs to leave some for other people to get the same deal and that she could come back another day and get more. She agreed while others were watching. :)

  • Megan

    Is this the last week for the milk and cereal deal?

    • Alison

      No, I think it is the third week? And I am pretty sure that they are doing it for 8 weeks. I am not totally sure though……

      • Laura

        Print all of the general mills cereal coupons you can find at coupons.com and bettycrocker.com so that you can prepare for next week.