Weis: Tide Laundry Detergent $1.99



Uh…. excuse me as I get myself together for a moment. I get “pee my pants” excited about some deals and “real Tide” is one of them. Listen, I like the new yellow bottle Tide, but it isn’t your Grandma’s Tide. It works fine, but I like the “old school” Tide better. I buy Tide when it is $3.50 or less a bottle. So, of course at $1.99, I get a little cray cray.

Ok, so I am done rambling…

This week at Weis when you spend $30 on select P&G items you will receive a $10 catalina good on your next purchase. Tide is included, and with the high value $2.00/1 Tide coupon we received in the June P&G it makes for a good deal.

Here is your deal:

Buy (4) Tide Laundry Soap $25.96  ($31.96 shelf price)
Use (4) $2.00/1 Tide Laundry Soap coupon exp 6/30/14 (June P&G)
Pay: $17.96 OOP
Get a $10.00 OYNO catalina
Pay $7.96 or $1.99 each after coupon and catalina

If you don’t have the $2.00/1 Coupon, you could do this deal:

Buy (4) Tide Laundry Soap $25.96 ($31.96 shelf price)
Use (2) $2.00/2 Tide Laundry Soap Printable
Pay: $21.96 OOP
Get a $10.00 OYNO catalina
Pay $11.96 or $2.99 each after coupon and catalina


**Please note this deal may not work off of shelf price at every store. YMMV**

This deal is valid thru 6/7

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  • Michelle

    You’re calculating your OOP wrong. If you do the 4 tide and pay $17.96, then you HAVE spent $18 even when getting $10 back. Because when you use the $10 coupon on something to get it free, you have still spent the $18. So in reality it look like this:
    4 tide = $26
    1 item = $10
    Total = $36
    Use $10 cat
    Use 4x tide $2/1 = -8
    Paid $18 STILL $18/5 items = $3.60 per item.

    I realize the pressure to post GREAT deals but this is just lying to readers who are counting on you.

    • Andrea

      Michelle, Everyone calculates their OOP differently. We happen to calculate OOP by using the cats that print in our final savings total, kind of as if we purchased the item and they handed us $10.00 back. If you started with $17.96 in cash, paid the $17.96 in cash at checkout. and got $10.00 in cash back (instead of a cat), your total OOP would be $7.96.

      In looking at it your way, I could buy (10) $1.00 items with that $10.00 cat that I received back and then I’ve just gotten 14 items for $17.96. In that case – $17.96/14 = $1.26 per item, and THEN you’ve just scored Tide for $1.26 each.

      In reality, who is to say how many items you actually will buy with that $10.00 cat. We can’t assume that anyone will buy a certain number of items with a single $10.00 cat.

      It’s not “wrong,” it’s just different than the way you calculate your deals. I hope that clears things up for you as to why our deals are posted this way.

    • Melissa

      Do you really understand how this deal worked? You only had to buy 4 Tides to get the shelf price high enough to trigger the catalina. So there is no “1 item= $10”. Additionally, the $10 catalina leaves the store in your pocket, not having already been spent to get the deal.

      I can see the point that yes, you are spending $18, but it is very easy to turn around and take the $10 that they are giving you back to use on things that you need and would have bought anyway. Pretty much all bloggers have to post what the final “net” price is in this way too as we can all choose how to spend our catalina coupons, extrabucks, ups, etc.

  • SherrieB


  • Melissa

    Awesomesauce! I love Tide!!