Weis Markets Week of 10/8


There are some great deals to be had this week!

Tyson Boneless & Skinless Chicken Breast $1.69 (3lbs or more)

Progresso Vegetable Classic Soup $1.00
use $1.10/3 printable HERE
$.63 after coupon

Birds Eye Steamfresh $1.00
use $.50/1 in 09/13 SS
FREE after coupon

Angel Soft $1.00
use $.50/1 in 09/13 RP
FREE after coupon

McCormick Season $1.00
use $1.00/1 printable HERE
FREE after coupon

Hunts Canned Tomatoes $1.00
use $1.00/2 printable HERE
$.50 after coupon

**Purchase 5 Kelloggs Cereals, Nutri-Grain Bars, Special K Cereal Bars & Eggo Waffles and get FREE Milk

Deal Idea:

Buy 5 Boxes of Mini Wheats $10.00
use (2) $1.50/1 printable HERE
$7.00 for 5 boxes of cereal and gallon milk
**Keep a look out for the Bonus Bucks boxes
**Keep an eye out for $1.00/1 blinkies under the Apple Jacks and Fruit Loops – also if you buy 3 Kelloggs Items, you get a free Sponge Bob Halloween Pail, Thanks PSUJewel!

Chef Boyardee $1.00
use $.40/1 in 10/4 SS
$.20 after coupon

Pepsi 2L $1.00
use $.25/1 printable HERE
$.50 after coupon

Tony’s Pizzas $1.00
use $.50/1 in 10-04-09 SS
FREE after coupon

Scotts Mega Paper Towels $1.00
use $1.00/4 in 10/4 SS
$.75 after coupon wyb 4

Deer Park Water $1.00
use $1.00/2 in 09-27-09 RP
$.50 after coupon wyb 2

Apples $.88/lb

Boneless Pork Roast BOGO

Fresh Express Salads $3.49 BOGO

Field Grape Tomatoes BOGO

Healthy Choice Entrees $2.50
use $2.00/1 printable HERE
$.50 after coupon

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $1.50
use $1.00/2 printable HERE
$.50 after coupon

Progresso Bread Crumbs 4/$5.00
use $1.00/2 printable HERE
$.75 after coupon

Special K Cracker $2.50
use $1.00/1 printable HERE
$1.50 after coupon

PopSecret Popcorn $2.50
use $1.00/2 printable HERE
$2.00 after coupon

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $2.00
use $.40/1 printableHERE
$1.20 after coupon

Freschetta Naturally Rising Pizza $4.50
use $1.00/1 printable HERE
$3.50 after coupon

Hunts Tomatoes $1.00
use $.45/3 in 10/4 SS
$.70 after coupon

Contadina Tomatoes $.50

Rezunit Air Freshener $.99
use $.55/3 in 10/04 SS
$1.87 for 3 after coupon

Betty Crocker Brownie Mix $1.00
use $.75/2 printable HERE
$.25 after coupon

Rubbermaid Take Along Containers $1.00
use $1.00/2 in 09-13-09 SS
$.50 wyb 2 after coupon

International Delight $1.00
$.55/1 printable HERE
FREE after coupon

Melitta Coffee Filters $1.00
use Melitta Cone Filters, Any (1) 100 Ct. Or (2) 40 Ct. – 10-04-09 RP $1.00/1
FREE to $.50 after coupon

Hamburger Helper $1.00
use $.75/3 HERE
$.75 after coupon

**There are a ton of  $1.00 items too! Check your ad!

Please let me know if I missed any matchups!

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  • I’m confused about your math here. Am I missing something?
    Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $1.50
    use $1.00/2 printable HERE
    $.50 after coupon

    To me it should be:
    Cres. Rolls $1.50
    use $1/2 printable
    $1 each after coupon

    What am I missing? I’d love to get them at that price!

    • Shannon


      That is supposed to be $1.00/1 .. I will update it!

    • Ada

      Yes, that’s what I was wondering too. I love those things and getting them at a cheap price is great.

      I usually make them for breakfast (I know, what am I thinking), but I put a bite size dark chocolate Hershey in the middle (while I am rolling them) and bake them as directed. The chocolate melts while baking and they make splendid chocolate croissants that the family loves! (You can stuff them with feta cheese too or spinach…the possibilities are endless!)

  • robyn

    we just got several Weis markets in my area and i am totally confused on some of your math. several times it is mentioned of an item being a $1 and you suggest a 50cent coupon and then mention that it is free after coupon. what am i missing??

    • Shannon


      Weis doubles the coupon.


      • eunice b

        ah….most of the Weis only double a coupon up to $1.00 though…..i.e. a .75 cent coupon will be doubled for $1.00 off instead of .75 cents. There are a very few number of Weis that double a .75 cent coupon to $1.50 ….at least in our area. :-)

        • Shannon


          I guess I am lucky –
          The ones near me double $.75 to $1.50.

          Even still the $1.00 items with a $.50 coupon are free regardless of which Weis, as Robyn was asking.

          • Yeah, you are lucky! I’m in an area that only doubles up to $1. Feeling jealous! =]-

      • Barbie

        Also, both the Weis and Giant near me only double the first instance of a particular coupon and not multiples.

  • psujewels

    there are $1 off apple jacks or fruit loops blinkies right under the product, making these $1 buy 6 for $6, get free milk certificate and then at the endcap they have spongebob trick or treat pails-free when you buy 3 kelloggs products, so you get 2 of those also

    • Shannon

      woot! thanks.. I will update my post.