Weis Markets Coupon Policy Update – August 2014

weis coupon policy

Weis Markets Coupon Policy Update

There has been a rumored change to the Weis Markets Coupon Policy.   Have you seen this sign hangning in your store.  The big change is:

  • Only  (4) coupons will  be accepted on (4) of the same product per household per day. 

This is a big change for Weis Shoppers.  How will this affect you?

Thanks, Jennifer for the photo.

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  • Sue

    This policy change is now posted on their website (under Coupon Policy). Guess it applies to all of us now :(

  • asdf

    If you complain they’ll accept them anyways. All about pleasing the customer.. policies are pointless because they don’t actually follow them. Complain enough and you’ll probably get a gift card for your “troubles” too. I see it happen everyday. Also, they don’t advertise it but they accept expired coupons up to thirty days past expiration. Happy couponing! :-)

  • Nancy Reese

    I have two Weis markets that I go to and the one is extremely coupon friendly while the other makes me feel like I’m committing a crime by using coupons. However, I can go to both Weis in the same day because Weis tracks nothing with the cards as far as transactions/limits, etc. And yes, the coupon-friendly store has the self-checkouts – six of them – so my daughter goes to one checkout, I go to another, and my son to another and that’s three transactions. We use the same card and never have issues. The only thing that will be bad as far as I can see is if the coupon doesn’t go through after four. And since they only doubled four like coupons previously that’s all I ever used anyway. The only thing that will be bad as far as that goes is if, like everyone else is saying, a deal requires you purchase five or six of an item to get the discount/deal, etc. then it’ll be bad and I for sure won’t do the deals. But again, if the coupons don’t beep at the self-checkouts, then I won’t have any issues at all.

    • Ruth Ferreira

      The coupons will go through because they can’t track how many coupons you used per day. They rely on us to adhere by the policy. The policy is a pain because I lived 40 minutes from the nearest Weis so I won’t waste all that gas to use only 4 of the same coupon, it just don’t work for me. I stopped going to Weis and Shoprite for a couple of years now. The amount of gas I waste just doesn’t justify the saving. Didn’t this policy always exist for Weis? The folks at Weis were a little nicer than at Shoprite. At Shoprite, at least in Newark, DE, I couldn’t deal with the dumb coupon policy, the coupon police and rude workers, the savings doesn’t justify the aggravation.

  • jennifer

    I plan on writing a letter to weis corporate office as well as my local news stations regarding the constant harassment I receive from my local weis stores. Not sure if any of you ladies have the same issues or not but I would love to get a petition together! To have coupon policies so extreme is crazy as they are more strict then the wording on the actual coupon. I work hard for my money as im sure the rest of you do as well, and the biggest kick in the butt is when there are people in front of me clearing the shelves with an access card and do so without any restrictions. I follow coupon policies pay taxes and I’m the bad guy?! How is that fair?

    • amy

      No customer deserves to be harassed, that is ridiculous! Like you stated, you are there spending your hard earned money. There are some stores & cashiers that I avoid because of this very issue…and I am not a “shelf clearer.”

      • Mary

        waah waah waah. Pay for your crap and get over it, it’s idiots like you two that make prices go up and deals go down. Hand-out hogs

  • Alicia Dingess Welch

    I just used 13 coupons for $1 off on Jello’s at Giant yesterday. The deal was you had to buy 7 to get the gas points. If I couldn’t use all 7 for it I would be pissed. If Weis starts doing deals where you have to buy more than 4 items there could be problems.

  • Nicole

    Well honestly it was bound to happen. When you have 1 person with a shopping cart full of axe body wash & shampoo (who cleared the shelves at 6am) & gave no one else a chance at it) These people have ruined it for everyone. Way to go!!

    • tammy


  • Rose Annadanna

    It’s been like that since I can remember. I don’t see what’s any different. It’s always been 4 for 4.

    • Natalie

      Rose, in the past, Weis would only double 4 like coupons and the rest would be face value. They are now saying only 4 per day, per household. You can no longer do separate transactions.

      • sarah

        i just did 4 transactions tonight at my weis…doubled coupons in each one…6 doubles per transaction to be exact and had no problems at all

        • Ruth Ferreira

          It all depends on the cashier and store manager. Some are accomodating while others will stick to the rules. Some stores like Acme even let some of the low level managers make up their own rules. The one in Oxford, PA even continues to stick by the wrong interpretation of the policy even after contacted by the corporate office. The good thing is that there are tons of other stores who will take my money.

      • Rose Annadanna

        I guess why it didn’t seem different to me is because I never use more than 4 coupons w/4 items on a trip and haven’t tried to do multiple transactions in a long time. But with this wks Brawny pt deal, I may just ask if I can do two orders and see what they say. I was there last Wed and didn’t see the new policy anywhere.

        I still think all the pics posted of people’s hauls/stockpiles is what’s causing Weis (and other stores) to change their rules. Sometimes it’s best to keep good things under wrap. Like 10 yrs ago or more, we shared deals but didn’t advertise for the world to see. And then came Extreme Coupons and couponing will never be as good as it once was. :( Even the coupons have changed.

  • A D

    I actually just saw this today at the store so I am glad this post came up so I could review the changes. 2 1/2 months ago I was told by a cashier that there was a new policy but when I asked to see a copy of it they had nothing to give me. The Weis website was not updated either (and still isn’t,) and I emailed Weis corporate twice asking about the changes and never got a response. I usually shop for more families than just my own so I liked that I could use more than 4 coupons at a time. Fortunately I work near one Weis and live near another so I can go back the next day but it will make it tougher.

  • Andrea

    I haven’t seen this at my local Weis yet. Not gonna lie, I’m not crazy about it. The only good thing is that I carpool with my aunt and grandmother, so I will have to make the most out of them coming along for extra transactions. The only good thing is that I don’t regularly use more than 4 of the same coupons in a shopping trip, so it won’t be a big hassle for me, but it’s definitely a drawback if a single deal requires more than four of the same coupons. Still, my local Weis offers much better customer service and are much friendlier to couponers than my local Giant, so I suppose I’ll just have to roll with the changes for now and see how they personally affect my own shopping trips.

  • amy

    I’m not sure how much shopping I’ll be doing at Weis anymore. I tend to do 2 separate transactions now to maximize my coupon savings. Maybe they don’t realize that customers such as myself also spend a lot of money in their stores on non couponed items such as deli, fresh meats & produce, etc. I think it’s time I start spending more time ( AND MONEY!) shopping at Acme.

    • Hanna

      I find ACME worse when handling coupons. Never looked back since.

      • amy

        Wow, really?? Maybe I am lucky because my 2 Acme stores are AWESOME with coupons!! Unlimited doubles, friendly cashiers, & now that they have lowered all of their prices it’s better than ever.

        • Ruth Ferreira

          The Acme I used to go used to be great until two weeks ago when a low level manager used the coupon stacking policy to tell me I can only use two like coupons. I contacted corporate they told me the store manager they were wrong but still nothing. Guess what, I no longer go there, the 400.00 I used to spend there will go to another store. That’s the salary of two of their part time employees. I wish I could stop by that store and moon that low level manager but I really don’t think I would like jail.

    • tracy

      use the youscan checkouts, you can still do seperate transactions on them

      • amy

        We’re still allowed separate transactions at the self checkouts? That’s terrific news, thanks!

        • Jennifer

          Technically, no. Reread the new policy. They are only allowing you 4 alike coupons PER DAY. I had an employee screaming to other employees because I was using more than 4alike coupons last week on a self checkout. Each Weis will be different with what they are going to allow.

        • Ruth Ferreira

          No, they mean four like coupons per day so you are not allowed to do multiple transactions. Every store usually have one employee who takes up themselves to be the “coupon police”. I guess they adopted Shop Rite’s policy. Shop Rite went even further. At the self checkout in Newark, DE, the self checkout employee has to open the coupon slot and check every coupon and put them away after every transaction. No wonder most of their employees don’t like couponers, it is just too much work for them. I no longer shop there, as I said before other stores like Giant will glady take my money.

  • Jennifer

    I would not suggest going to the same store on the same day. Weis is wyomissing pa is giving customers a very hard time.

  • whovian_in_flipflops

    It won’t impact me most weeks. However when I shop to donate it will make it difficult. I wonder If you went back on the same day if they would know. Are they tracking via our cards?