Weis: Cheap Edy’s Ice Cream

The Edy’s deal is back at Weis the week of 8/14!   Spend $12 on Edy’s Ice Cream and get $3.00 off instantly.

Here is your deal:

Buy (4) Edys Ice Cream $12.00
Get $3.00 off instantly
use (2) $1/2 Edy’s Product, exp. 9/12/11 (SS 06/12/11 R)
$7.00 after coupons and instant savings
$1.75 each

Note: Many of the catalina deals work on shelf price at Weis.  The instant savings vary, sometimes they do work on shelf price and sometimes they do not.

IF it should work on shelf price: (this is not guaranteed)

Buy (2) Edy Ice Cream $13.98 shelf / $6.00 sale
use $1.00/2 Coupon
Get $3.00 off instantly
$1.00 each after coupons

If this deal works on shelf price, I will update it later.    Let us know your experience with instant savings/shelf prices at Weis.



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  • Rich Burkholder

    I can confirm that it’s based on shelf price. Did the deal twice since I only had 2- $1off2 coupons. $1.00 each after coupons on the 48 oz Edy Ice Cream!

    • Shannon

      LOVE IT!

  • Jeremy

    Anyone have an update if its based on shelf price or sale price?

    • Shannon

      I think Rue posted that it was shelf price in the Weis Matchup post. I am heading to weis in a bit to do a few deals. Will check back in then.

  • carrie

    Never mind I just read the previous comments and they are on sale starting 8/14 too. sorry to repeat a question.
    Should make for a pretty good deal!

  • carrie

    I know the shakes are on sale right now 4 for $5, are they going to be on sale again starting 8/14 ?

  • Kim B

    Will Weis actually accept the B2G1 coupon? I’m pretty sure their coupon policy states they don’t accept any internet coupons with the word ‘FREE’ in them. I wanted to use that coupon for this, but I thought it wouldn’t work out. I hate getting to the register and being told I can’t use my coupons.

    • Shannon

      I think you are confusing Weis with Giant.

      Weis takes BoGO Free but not Free.

  • Jeremy

    @Shannon can you work up a deal for the shakes using the B2G1 free coupons and $1/1 coupons? Thanks

  • Jeremy

    @Shannon, are the Shakes on sale too? perhaps 4 for $5

    • Shannon


      let me check for you.

    • Shannon

      they are – shelf price is $1.79.

      There is also a B2, get 1 free coupon..

    • Shannon


      Just posted a $1.00/1 Coupon :)

      • D

        Could you tell me where these two coupons are? Thanks!

  • Jeremy

    does this include the shakes?

  • In my experience, these deals have always worked on Shelf price.