Weis Coupon Deals 9/9/12


Here are the Weis Coupon Deals & Matchups for the week of 9/9/12. The coupon matchups are good until 9/15/12.

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Note: We are trying a new format on the Weis coupon matchups this week, so please let us know if you see any problems! Thanks.


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  • Missy

    I printed a coupon for $1.00 of 2 boxes of GM cereals of the internet and I had $1.00 coupon off 3 boxes of GM cereal from a past ad from the newspaper and used them tonight to buy 5 boxes of cereal and when I paid for it a Catalina coupon printed out for $2.00 off 5 boxes of cereal so if you go back and use this combo you pay $1.49 for 4 boxes of cereal then $2.49 for the 5 at $8.45 for 5 boxes of cereal then you use the 3 coupons for $4.00 off and then your total bill is $4.45 for 5 boxes of cereal making them just .89 each which to me is an excellent deal

  • holly

    Had great day at Weis today. First time I couponed at Weis. Did the recipe starter deal, simplait yogurt and fruit snacks ( had .75/2 coupon from 8/5 insert) making them less then a $1 for 4. Definitely stocked up. :-)

  • ALLy

    they dont double coupons
    for example
    Yoplait Simplait are 50 cents each, coupon is 30 cents off, they only double to 50 cents!
    so overages!

    • Lauren

      The store I went to fully doubled the Yoplait coupon.

    • Raven

      I work at Weis and no, we can’t double a coupon if it goes over the price of the product, but yes, we will take the coupon up to the product price so it will still be free. It is the coupon policy that Weis makes, not anyone actually working at the store. I know it may seem like a “hassle”, but Weis is not going to pay you to “buy” a product. We are following a policy that we didn’t make. Sometimes the cashier doesn’t realize that the coupon will actually double to more than the sale price, especially in a larger order, but the policy still is the policy. It is still for free, so there is really no problem. And some of us are not willing to lose our jobs, that support our families, just for someone to save a few cents. Thanks!

  • Tracy

    Weis is York, Pa do not have progress soup starters. I was really bummed and asked for a rainchek. Clerk gave me a hard time about it saying she was not sure they where ever going to get product in, but I would not take no for an answer! If anyone knows of a weis close to York carring them pls let me know

  • Lauren

    Went to Weis this morning:
    Bought 6 cups of Yoplait Simplait
    1 4-pack of the new yogurt
    4 boxes of fruit snacks
    2 taco seasonings
    2 Gerber juices(surprised to see a sale cheaper than Redner’s)
    Total ended up being just under $5.00

    According to my receipt it was a 72% savings, the best for me so far. Shopping at the grocery stores is new for me, I am used to drug stores.

  • Alan

    I spent $30 dollars here…after discounts including the $8 off 50. I bought allot of produce.

    I didn’t do many of the other deals here because for me (I have a ton of grocery stores in the area) the prices were better elsewhere on the stuff I buy.)

    I have to tell you…their produce is OUTSTANDING. I shop at the North Wales Weis. Every piece of fruit I eat…is wonderful. My two year old daughter ate a full nectarine by herself (it was so juicy it was all over her) then asked for more so we gave her a plum which was also sweet and firm and she ate all that too.

    Plums, Nectarines, Grapes all on sale for .99 a pound.
    Tomatoes on the Vine – .99 pound
    Banana’s .33 pound.

    They also had some things you don’t find every day which I picked up for the family to experiment on. – Red Pears and Asian Pears only 1.49 pound (have not tired yet) and Papaya at .69 pound.

    The fruit is so good I plan to come back on Saturday to get more.

    The deals I did do:

    Gerber Graduates were on sale for 1.25 each for select varieties. These coupons are easy to grab off coupons.com and if you are a member of savings club (free for a year) then you can print 2.00 off 2 Gradutes making these .25 each. The ones that were 1.25 each are like smaller versions of Hormel Completes for Toddlers. I got some pasta ones for my daughter.

    I bought 4 Easy Pour Betty Crocker Muffins or Brownies. Muffins come in chocolate or confetti. These are 2/4 and plenty of .50 /1 coupons out there. If you can save your .75 /1 off for places that fully double.

    Their Pepsi sale is kickbutt. Buy three at 1.99 12pk and get free chips. I only did one deal because it was my second store I went to and needed to get home but will come back for round of buy / leave / come back for more. Limit 3 12pks so only one deal allowed.

    I did buy the Simplait for free and 2 4pk of the new Fruit Yogurt. They are 120 cals for 4 oz. So not bad but not great. They do have a lot of fruit in them…but its really more fruit jelly then real fruit. They are on the sweet side and not bad at all…but I wish the Fruit was real fruit instead of the compote jelly stuff they put in.

    Bought a few bags birdseye of frozen veggies for free / cheap. They don’t have Green Giant Seasoned Steamers here or would have picked up 4 at $1 each. (That seems to be the price for these sale + coupon. When the .75/1 coupon popped the stores that fully doubled seemed to all sell for 2.50 …so still a buck a bag.)

    • For the Mommas


      Sounds like you had a great day! Do you have a pic of any of your shopping trips? We would love to post.


    • Anonymous


      Are you the same Alan that posts on livingrichwithcoupons.com? Your writing seems familiar.. :)

  • Diana C.

    As well no cookie crisp :( that sucks I went to weis all happy for nothing

    • For the Mommas

      Unfortunately Diana, I don’t know what is included until Sunday — like everyone else.. just listing all the coupons that “might” be included. Sometimes we win, sometimes we don’t :)

  • ryan

    Can I stack 2 $1/3 and 1 $1/2 coupons on 8 boxes of cereal to get a great deal on GM cereal this week?

    • For the Mommas


      Since there is a limit of 4, you would pay more for the 2nd 4 if you bough 8 at a time.

      • ryan

        thanks! didn’t realize there was limit! New to coupons :P

  • Patricia

    $1.49 cereal deal at my Weis( Reading) was Cheerios,Total Whole Grain,Cinnamin Toast Crunch,Trix,Kix,Golden Grahams. :)

    • For the Mommas

      Thanks Patricia.

  • The Wheaties and Cookie Crisp wasn’t included at my wies! :(
    I got Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch!!

    • For the Mommas

      Yeah unfortunately I don’t know what is included until Sunday — like everyone else.. just listing all the coupons that “might” be included. Sometimes we win, sometimes we don’t :)

      • Maybe you could remove the coupon link or update the post now so that more people don’t have this issue?

        Love all your match-ups…seriously, you save me so much time!

        • For the Mommas


          I do my best to keep updating, but somedays there just isn’t enough time.Going back and editing printable list is a pain. My server is run on a reverse proxy server, so when I update the list, it doesn’t update and removes the list. Then while it is gone, people complain they can’t see the list. More of a mess than it is worth and my time is limited.

          I post 25+ times and day , and even with the help of Natalie, I just don’t get to everything. Trying to keep on top of what is expired, what is still active is a lot of work. Doing match ups for 8 stores alone is 16-20 hours a week. Sorry if everyone gets disappointed with not being able to get a box of cereal, but I do the best job I can, putting in 60-70 hours a week, working 7 days a week.

          • Shannon, I TOTALLY understand. I blog too (but not NEARLY as much as you) and I know how much time that takes. Sometimes you just can’t do it all….and honestly, I think you do an amazing job! Seriously. I’ve told lots of people about your blog and told them I think you are one of the best…you are honest, cover things well, and stay up to date on things typically. So please don’t hear me complaining! Keep up the great work and if a few of us miss out on a couple of what we thought would be bargains we’ll all survive! (Just remind us of the hours you save us by doing coupon match-ups and then we’ll shut up! LOL!)

            • For the Mommas

              Thanks Lydia. Rough day. :(

          • Jamee

            You do a great job, none of US pay you, you arent OUR employee, and you do nothing less than save US a ton of time and money…don’t sweat the little things, and please dont do more than you can handle…running a blog is supposed to be fun, dont let anyone rain on your parade

            • Janet

              I agree with Jamee!!!! You are awesome, Shannon…and Natalie! :-)

  • Alan

    Forgot Yoplait Fruplait $2/4 which has a printable .50/1 coupon so only $1 after double.

    • Holly

      Did the first link work for you for the Progresso Starters? I could only get the 2nd two links to work. Those prints look exactly the same but have different numbers so they should double 4 of each right?

      • Jenn

        That is how it worked out for me this morning!

      • For the Mommas

        Holly that should work :)

    • For the Mommas

      Thanks Alan!