Weis Coupon Deals 9/16/12


Here are the Weis Coupon Deals & Matchups for the week of 9/16/12. The coupon matchups are good until 9/22/12.

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Buy $12 and Get $3 off Instantly
Buy $25 and Get $5 off Instantly



  1. Mel

    I tried tonight w/ 4 spaghettio’s, 2 pizza sauce & 2 v-8 splash – well over $12 shelf price but the $3 did not come off. I was in the self check out so I asked a mgr. and they said it was $12 sale price.

  2. Anna

    Does anyone know if any of the deals are based on shelf price at any York, PA area stores?

    • Lissa

      I go to the York, PA stores, and it’s always off shelf price for me!

      • Anna

        thanks! I actually called the one on Roosevelt ave, and they said it was on sale prices, but before coupons…maybe I’ll try with shelf price, tho!

  3. Joy H

    Told specifically today that they “fixed” the issue and it will be on sales prices from now on However, I still feel like I got some good deals.

    (8) Boxes of Pop Secret $12.00
    (4) $1/2 Coupons
    $3 instantly
    $5 for all. So about $.62 a box. Not bad!

    (12) Spaghett Os w/Meatballs $12.00
    (4) $.40/3
    $3 instantly
    $5.80 or $.48 per can

    (16) Campbells Chicken/Tomato Soup $12
    (4) $.40/3 Campells
    $3 instantly
    $5.80 or about $.33 per can

    • For the Mommas

      Joy, worked for some today on shelf. I hate that it is not consistent!

      • SherrieB

        You know what’s strange? At my Weis in the self-checkout, the instant savings will come off as soon as you get high enough- you dont have to hit total or anything – it just comes off as soon as you get to the “magic” number. It would be interesting to try all sorts of scenarios and see what works and what doesnt, although I’m sure the attendant would get tired of voiding… :)

  4. Jen

    I bought 6 of the Campbells Chunky Healthy Request soups at Weis this morning and used the coupons but the $3 did not come off instantly for me. I did two transactions and neither worked. It was so busy there that I haven’t gone to customer service yet. Not sure what they will do but they’ll probably just tell me I didn’t spend enough to get the deal.

    • Susan

      I bought 4 Campbell’s Chunky soups and 1 Spaghettios (Shelf price of $12.15) and did not get the instant savings. I was wondering if it isn’t working at shelf price, or if there is a problem with the Campbell’s.
      I want to get the Pop Secret, but I am going to wait and see.

      • Holly

        Just wondering if you both bought other things? I know Shannon thinks the instant savings don’t always work if you don’t buy anything else with it to make it over the $12.

    • For the Mommas

      Hey Jen,

      Ugh I hate this! Reader Tiffany left a comment that she did the deal and it worked fine:

      Submitted on 2012/09/16 at 3:43 pm | In reply to Jeremy.
      Mine worked on shelf price this afternoon. I did the campbells chunky healthy choice soups. I bought 6, and paid $4.00, and also got the $1.50 cat.

      • Jen

        Well the Spaghetti O’s worked for me but not the Chunky soups. I did have one other item in my soup order, just some pudding. But no luck with that. I also didn’t get the catalina but I remember it saying 19 ounce soups and mine said 18.something so maybe that was it. It was the chunky Italian wedding healthy request soup that didn’t work. And I have so many other deals planned so now i dont know what to do. :( So inconsistent.

  5. kelly

    I see that you only have sale prices and not shelf prices… do you know something we dont? Are these deals still being based on shelf prices????

    • For the Mommas

      They are usually based on shelf prices. I am planning on making a trip to Weis nice and early so I have the details for everyone :)

      • For the Mommas

        a few things to note if you are heading to Weis. 1. You have to do separate transactions in order to get the $3 off instantly. 2. They are based on shelf prices this week, which makes for some great deals!

        • Sonja

          I went to Weis today and did the campbell’s soup deal … and did NOT get the instant savings. When I went to customer service, I was told that the instant savings is NOT based on shelf price, but on sale price. I questioned this hard core, and they called to the back office, but they stood by their answer of sale price. I see someone else had the same problem. Did anyone have any success with the buy 12 campbells tomato or chicken noodle soup deal?

          • Susan

            I want to try doing the Pop Secret deal this evening. I will do 4 Pop Secrets and 1 spaghettios (shelf price of $13.35). I will see if it works.

          • For the Mommas


            Several readers have reported success with shelf prices today. I am wondering if something is not triggering.

            Submitted on 2012/09/16 at 3:43 pm | In reply to Jeremy.
            Mine worked on shelf price this afternoon. I did the campbells chunky healthy choice soups. I bought 6, and paid $4.00, and also got the $1.50 cat.

  6. Holly

    Does anyone know the shelf price of Del Monte fruits/veggies? They are buy $15 get $4 off.

  7. Melanie P.

    How do I get the Lipton Pure Leaf coupon? I went to facebook but I don’t see it.

  8. Joy H

    I have a question about the Spaghetti Os. In the ad preview you showed us it has 4/$3 for the plain ones and 10/$10 for the meatballs/franks. In the matchups above you have the price as $1.33. Has the amount changed? Sorry to bother you about this but I am so excited for this sale at Weis. Lots of things my college student can use!

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