Walmart: Possible $.44 Fusion Pro Glide Gift Packs

If you are heading out to Walmart, keep an eye out for a clearanced 50% off  Gillette Pro Glide Gift Sets thanks to Paul.

Gillette Pro Glide Gift Set $4.44
use $4.00/1 in 12/26 P&G
$.44 after coupon

This is a great time to stock up on these gift sets!

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  • connie

    I went to Walmart tonight got 16 Gillette gifts sets #.44 each the customers looked me like I was crazy the worker from the department said OMG when she found out I was getting them for. 44 cents each she said she was gonna call the news.

  • Robyn Steen

    There is also a great deal on Olay Body wash/lotion gift packs. They are on sale for $5 each and the P&G for 11/28 has a coupon – buy one Olay body wash and get an Olay lotion for free. So, I paid $5 for both gift sets. One had a body wash/Venus razor/loufa/and socks. The other had Body wash, Olay lotion and a small sample of Pantene shampoo and conditioner. Both also had $7 worth of coupons inside and a free magazine subscription to Allure.

  • Busy Mama

    I did this deal yesterday, and the BOGO deoderant deal with the same product – worked like a charm. And the cashier told me, “Wow! You did really well.” So, I bought another Sunday paper and was going to do the deal again, but this time a different cashier told me she had just paid $8.88 for the same thing and wished she had been able to buy it for the clearanced price of $4.44. Then I handed her my coupons. Then things went downhill. “You can’t use coupons on something already on sale.” “You would only be paying $0.44 for all of this.” “I can’t use the coupon on this item.” (That comment came after the coupon went through without a beep.) I think she was crabby she didn’t get the deal, and wasn’t willing to buy the Sunday paper to get the oodles of coupons which would have given her some great deals on top of her employee discount to boot. Ultimately, I left them (and the second Sunday paper) and was just happy about the ones already in the car. I still had a great deal, and it wasn’t worth arguing about early on a Sunday morning.

    Oh, the difference a cashier makes!

    • Katie

      @Busy Mama, That is SUCH a bummer! I can’t stand using coupons at Walmart, but this deal was too good to pass up. :)

  • Joanna

    Very cool! I would love to stock up for gifts for the guys at church! Thanks for the info!

  • darcee

    4.44 not .44

    • Shannon


      no they would be $.44 after coupon.

  • debbie

    is there a way to get the p & g coupons if you don’t get the sunday paper?

    • Shannon


      You can buy them online on Ebay and coupon dede.

    • Roxie

      @debbie, Debbie, i buy most all my coupons from If you buy more than 5 papers it might be worth your time they run .50 to .60 an insert. This is where i get most of my coupons now.,