Target Red Card: Free Shipping & 5% Off

Target Red Card

If you do not have a Target Red Card - there is a great reason to get one! Target is now offering 5% off instore and online AND Free Shipping for Target Red Card holders on

Just in case you were not aware, Target offers a Red Card that is a debit card. It acts just like your bank card. You do not have to have the credit card to get these benefits.

Are you currently using a Red Card?


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  • Laura

    I’ve had my Target debit for a year now and I love it! Just a FYI…if you pay for your transaction with a gift card and still have a balance, the 5% will NOT deduct from your remaining balance.

  • Andrea

    I just tried to order online using my Target debit card…it did not work. It said to use the pin I use in the store. I did, but the site wouldn’t take it (I know it’s right – I use it in the store at least once/week). I’m anxious to see if it is working for anyone.

    • Shannon


      There is a huge two page ad in the Philly inquirer about it, so it is valid. It does say you cannot use it on any type of mobile site – so phones, ipads, etc are all out.

      • Andrea

        Thanks Shannon. I went in to my account and “activated” my card (which I have been using for more than a year). I put in the pin number that I have already been using, then tried to use it for a purchase…and it worked!!! I got a PS3 for $249 with a $50 gift card back, minus the 5%, and free shipping. Also, I started at eBates, so I get an additional 3% back there. Very happy :)

  • Beth Henry via Facebook

    I didn’t know it gave you free shipping! Cool!

  • Kristen

    I have the debit card, and as of a few weeks ago, I couldn’t use it online. Has that changed??? That would be awesome!

    • Shannon

      Its a new change Kristen.

  • Melissa Fagan McKenna via Facebook

    I might be doing that today then :) I have seen so many great deals online but the shipping is killing me! And between that and free shop runner I would feel pretty invincible this year!

  • Melissa, I think its just approved by running a check thru your bank account – making sure its you etc.

  • Susan

    I’ve had the red card debit for a little while and am happy they are taking it online now, might shop at Target a little more often.

    • Shannon

      Yeah I feel the same Susan – especially with the free ship!

  • Shannon Jarrard Owens via Facebook

    no they don’t… it is just an extension of your checking account

  • Melissa Fagan McKenna via Facebook

    Does anyone know if they run credit for the debit card? I have great credit, I just don’t want to run my credit if I don’t have to? It says “upon approval” so just wondering.