Target Credit Card System Hacked {Important Information for Target Shoppers}

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Target Credit Card System Hacked

If you are a Target shopper and have shopped at Target from Nov. 27 to Dec. 15, 2013, you will need to read this notice.  Target has determined that the information involved in this incident included customer name, credit or debit card number, and the card’s expiration date and CVV (the three-digit security code).

For more details on this security breach, please visit the Target press release here.



  1. Janice K

    I’ve logged in twice. I did not see any fraudulent transactions yet, but I’m keeping a close eye on it. I did not have a pin to begin with, that I know of. Mine is a credit card, whew!

    • Penny

      I was able to log in and change my PW, today!

  2. LilMacMommy

    Has anyone been able to access their RedCard accounts online today? I’ve been trying all morning so I can get in and change my pin number, but have not even made it to the login screen. Very frustrated by this entire situation!

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