Target: Christmas Clearance 90% Off

Woohoo, be sure to check your Target Stores – Crista found Christmas items  at 90% off! Did you find any goodies!?

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  • Adrry

    Target in Clifton NJ has tons of girls belts, women’s slippers, women’s pj flannel shorts, girls coins purses

  • Jill

    I got a 4 foot tree for $4.50 at Target in Green Bay, WI. Also a lot of Spritz party supplies, fancy fabric bows, cookie mixes, gift bag tie-ons, candy, etc…plus, if you use your Target Redcard, you get an additional 5% off! They were also handing out free reusable totes at the checkouts that are worth 5 cents every time you bring the bag back in.

  • Laura

    Any word on the Target in York, PA (the one on the east side)? I hope to get there tomorrow afternoon. Maybe Christmas Tree Shop as well.

    • Laura

      York had some things. If you are in the area it is worth checking out. We got a few ornaments, a few t shirts from the ladies section. It was fun being able to say yes to the kids for anything that they asked for. Oh, my daughter found shiny roll up flats in the back corner. They were $1.30 after discount. She is is a wear black only kind of kid yet she bought gold, silver and red. Go figure. I also got a few things I hope to resell on ebay next year.

  • Vicki

    Still 70 in Lancaster, PA

    • COlleen

      York is 90% as of yesterday, But my friend made the target in Lancaster match the York pricing on clearance items, the manager was not happy! lol

  • Ali

    Vista, CA Target was awesome at 9am this morning-signs said 70 and items rang up at 90. Scored 4 different platters from 19.99-12.99 marked down to 1.99-1.29 and a tablecloth for 1.39, 4 flameless candles for 1.39 each, various gift bags, curling ribbon, bows,and tissue paper for xmas and any other occasion from .20-.30. Used a betty crocker cookie mix coupon on the .20 chocolate mint cookie mix and got them free, ladies’ sleep boxers for .99! The Oceanside, CA one was wiped out by the time I got there about noon: a few broken glass ornaments and some tissue paper was all that was left. It’s such a rush to see “you saved 235.00″ on the bottom of my receipt!!

  • Beth

    90% off in Tucson, AZ – scored cute cocktail napkins, that can be used for any occasion – cookies tins, and wrapping tissue.

    • Ann

      Which store in Tucson, also was there a lot left?

      • Beth

        The Target on Ina Rd. Yes, there was still quite a bit of merchandise, but that was early yesterday morning. Happy hunting!

  • Erin

    In Maryland it is 90% off too scored some mens pjs for 2 dollars or less a piece.. Christmas stuff pretty much wiped out but still has wrapping paper.. I was able to score winter watermelon toothpaste too but on an outside aisle not with christmas..

  • Megan

    90% in Harrisburg, PA today. Many, many amazing deals, lots of them hidden throughout the store. Rachel Ray 2-pack of orange baking dishes, plenty of Nordicware at my store in the green/white striped packages in the regular aisle that was 90% off, Colgate snowman toothpaste, toddler boys clip on ties for 40 cents and striped socks on the same display for 20 cents (look for silver tags on both) and toddler Christmas shirts for 90 cents mixed in with the regular toddler clearance. Also, BIG sets of picture frames for 3.99 instead of 39.99. All of these were around the store NOT in the clearance area, except for the picture frame sets that were close to the Christmas stuff. I spent $45 and saved $405!

    • Michele

      What size were the frames? Did they have many?

  • Heather

    Still 70%/50% at Target on West Broad in Columbus, Ohio. Artificial trees were 90% though.

  • daria

    What city state is that