Target: 90% off Christmas Clearance

Head over to Target and check out the Christmas clearance marked down as much as 90% at some stores.  The Target Christmas Clearance sale includes Christmas ornaments, wrapping paper, food, coffee, housewares and much more.

Don’t forget to also check the regular aisles for clearance items as well.   Some readers are reporting Christmas themed  pajamas ringing up at only $1.98, mixed in with the regular pajamas.

Did you find anything great? I am headed now. Crista reported her store is stocked on many items!

Thanks, Crista.


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  • Mel

    I ended up going to three Target stores yesterday and one Target store today. I was shocked at how much stuff was at the store I went to today, I was the first person in the store, but I wasn’t expecting it to have a better selection than the three I went to yesterday… it totally did.

    First Store:
    Bodycology shower gel and lotion set 0.29
    Lip Smackers gift set 0.49
    Package of red, green, and white tissue paper 0.30
    Red Christmas stocking 0.40
    2 red tinsel 2FT Christmas trees 0.80 each, 1.60 total

    Second Store:
    6FT green tinsel tree 6.00

    Third Store:
    Archer Farms Caramel Corn 0.49
    Lip Smackers gift set 0.49
    6FT pewter tinsel tree 6.00
    5 individual rolls of premium gift wrap that I can use for all sorts of occasions 0.50 each, 2.50 total

    Fourth Store:
    A Christmas Story boxer shorts in a gift tin 1.19
    Burts Bees lip balm 0.29
    2 red loofahs for the shower/bath 0.19 each, 0.38 total
    2 Bodycology gift sets 0.99 each, 1.98 total
    Lip Smackers gift set 0.49
    Artificial Christmas tree storage bag: 1.00
    Electronic Coin Sorter 0.99
    Electronic Coin Bank 0.99
    6 catnip cat toy gift sets 0.49 each, 2.94 total
    4 white robe boxes 0.20 each, 0.80 total
    3 different packages of gift tags 0.13 each, 0.39 total
    2 packages of bronze stocking holders, 2 per package 0.80 each, 1.60 total
    Hello Kitty Christmas stocking 1.30
    2 plush Christmas stockings 0.40 each, 0.80 total
    Green wire star garland 0.20
    2 packages of assorted curling ribbon 0.20 each, 0.40 total
    4 packages of assorted curling ribbon 0.30 each, 1.20 total
    Package of 10 red gift bows 0.40
    3 packages of bulk gift wrap (3-4 rolls per package, depending on design) 0.60 each, 1.80 total
    Roll of premium gift wrap, which can be used for various occasions 0.50
    Silver tabletop tinsel tree 0.80
    6 packages of Scotch brand tape, 3 rolls per package 0.30 each, 1.80 total.

    I saved close to $400.00. Didn’t even spend 50 dollars on everything I purchased. I’m going to use the different trees I got to decorate different rooms during Christmas and also use them during different holidays (red tabletop tree of Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July; green tinsel tree for St Patrick’s Day; Pewter tree for Halloween).

    I’m done, even if there is more to find today I am exhausted.

    • Mel

      Forgot to add… at the last store I also purchased a 4FT pre-lit Christmas tree for $3.50.

      Gotta love 90% off!!!!

  • marina

    We were lucky and got 90 % off yesterday at our target… Kids jammies marked down to 1.50 — ours were in the Christmas section. Also, I got the last tree — the display — for only $10. You should have seen my husband wheeling the set up tree through the store on his cart! :) Everything else was pretty much wiped out.

    • susie

      I love seeing husbands go along shopping with their wives, I wish mine would. I think he’s been in a store with me maybe once this year. Shopping 90percent is just “FUN”

  • The best find yet was in the kids section. Carter’s 2 pack Holiday pj’s reg. $14.99 marked down to $1.49. I bought a pair for every year, 2T, 3T, 4T and 5T. They are all the same pattern. Hopefully my daughter will LOVE these and want to keep wearing the same pattern for 4 years :)

  • Ellen

    I went a few days ago when it was all still 75%, and convinced myself to wait for the 90%. MAN I’m glad I did! I went today and spent $13 for $103 of stuff. Wrapping paper that can is not Christmas specific, just pretty gold and red swirls, which will be good for birthdays and stuff. Gift bags with simple snowflakes, garlands, wreath door hooks, ribbon, and my favorite find was the fake fluffy cotton snow/batting which is meant for decorating, but I will be using them for interfacing and stuffing sewing projects. Awesome find, considering batting material its always so expensive at craft stores. Best clearance ever, can’t wait til next year.

    • Shannon

      wooohooo! Nice job.

  • Chechera

    total savings on our 2 receipts add up to more than $800…paid less than $100 for tons of christmas balls. ornaments, gift wrappers and gift bags, christmas stockings, christmas plushes and sooo much more!

    • Shannon


  • Jennifer M

    Headed out in the morning and hope to score big. I’m also hitting the drug stores sunday for what should be 75% markdowns. I spotted a 6′ prelit white tree that should be 6.49 after the new markdown. They had 4 left last week … I might even be tempted to wait for 90% lol. (I mean, we have tree. I bought a green one last year at 90% but we ended up gibving it to my hubby’s cousin’s family this year sense they couldn’t afford one and the kids were upset about it.)

  • Ivana

    I went to Target and Michael’s.. Michael’s was the best though, I was able to get baking chocolate for less than a dollar :D

  • Kristin

    @ Tracey: I got some great 90% off deals at the Target in Exton last night!!!! 10 cent gift bags and 2 packs of footed xmas pjs for my 12 month old daughter $17 originally now less that $2!!!!

    • Tracey

      @ Kristin: Thank you! I’ll check them out.

  • Michelle Ruiz via Facebook

    I just went at lunch…I bought a ton of ornaments & gift bags. Spent $21.86. Saved $192.29!!!!!

  • Tracey

    I went to the Target in Malvern, Pa yesterday and called Glen Mills, PA today. They both already removed all the Christmas stuff from the store. The last time I was there it was only 70%.

    • Emily

      What about Exton? Do you know? I have a newborn, so I’d rather not go out there if there aren’t any good sales…

    • Emily

      Oops never mind. Just saw the comment below!

      • Tracey

        The Target closest to the Exton mall doesn’t have anymore Christmas stuff in the store. I went yesterday. It’s the Target that’s closer to Lionville that has things. You can always call ahead and ask them before you go out. That way it will save you a wasted trip if they decide to box up what’s left.

  • Jolene

    I got a new prelit christmas tree for 30dollars marked downed from 300. yeah

  • Not much left at mine, but I picked up some gift bags for 20 cents each!!!

  • Tara Nolte via Facebook

    Megan Spinney – what bonton were you at? We are huge Steelers fans and those would make awesome gifts! I’m in York

    • Megan

      Colonial Park Mall. Still were many left when my husbad went back around 4 this afternoon.

      • Tara

        Thank you so much! I’m going to head there today and hope there are some left! Thanks again! Go Steelers! :-)

  • Ashley Moody Brokowsky via Facebook

    Lots of tissue paper & gift bags and a cute hanging picture frame! :)

  • casey

    I got some great deals today, mostly just ornaments & first christmas stuff but I did get two Armour All car wash sets that were $30.00 on sale for $8.00! They were really nice full of stuff! Gotta love Target! :-)

    • Shannon

      Very nice!

  • Stacy

    I scored tons of gift bags, some that can be used for birthdays, tissue paper and gift tags!

    • Shannon

      Yes, this is a great opportunity to stock up on those items that seem never to be on sale when I need it!

  • Anna Maria Illuzzi via Facebook

    Anybody in.Florida

  • Sondra Sattazahn via Facebook

    I got some cute napkins & plates- 3 items total for $.60- couldn’t beat it!

  • Veronica Charles via Facebook

    theyre having a pretty good clearance on toys too! stocked up for bdays ;)

  • Thanks for posting this. I headed over to mine and SCORE!! They had these colorful bulbs I reallly wanted. Got a ton of those, a tree skirt, bags and bows for $13!!! So glad I held out! oh and free floss of course too. :)

  • I thought RA was behind the times still at 50%.

  • Dawn Domin Gruber via Facebook

    Just got home from my target. Didn’t see this until now, but saw it in store and grabbed a ton of stuff.. ribbons, bows, bags. Spent $7.00 and have a huge target bag of stuff!

  • Sheryl Dalton via Facebook

    We don’t have a Target near us (closest one is 60 miles), but yesterday @ Walmart, they had wrapping paper for 75% off and I got 4 rolls of 200 sq.ft. each for $1.25 each! I have enough paper for the next 2-3 years now! lol

  • Cant wait to go. I need to stock up on wrapping paper and gift bags!!!!

  • Liana Baracani via Facebook

    Mostly gift bags and wrapping paper here. Good toy sales but nothing really caught my eye :(

  • Lisa Hockersmith via Facebook

    I was there after Christmas and there wasn’t much left. Oh well.

  • Rubie Marie via Facebook

    I’m jealous. We don’t have a target here in Fairbamks, AK… :(

  • Amy Wilder Harris via Facebook

    It is awesome! I was there yesterday and got a bunch of appetizer plate for .19 each, crazy! Amongst other great deals!

  • belen

    I found heart felt ornaments for $.30 , I am going to use them for valentines!

  • I am going now! Thanks for the heads up :)

  • Tiff Wallace via Facebook

    I haven’t been to Target yet. last year I found lots of ornaments, etc after Christmas there. This year I did find $2.50 flleece throws and .32c chocolate covered cherries at Walmart though.

  • Cayla Sica via Facebook

    Yesterday I picked up the really nice wrapping paper for under $1, originally $5. They still had a whole aisle full of it! So excited that I won’t have to buy it next Christmas!!!

  • Megan Owen Spinney via Facebook

    Yes! Some of my favorite finds were things that just yesterday were nowhere to be seen in the Christmas area–a $2 seat massager, $2 telescope, and 10 packs of insulated disposable cups with lids for 39 cents. Pepperidge Farm Linzer cookies (raspberry filled) were 30 cents, still on the regular shelf. Not bad considering I didn’t get there until almost 9:00. Then I went to the local mall and scored $10 Steelers sweatshirts at Bonton–they had a whole section of shirts, mostly sweatshirts, and some jackets all for $10. Regular prices up to well over $100.

  • Tiffany Nimmons via Facebook

    everything was 75% at mine got 4 shirts 5 shoes (3 for my 6 year old and two for my husband) and two led lights 60 count for 70 dollars can’t beat that on clothes especially shoes

  • I’m going to have to make a trip over there after lunch!

  • ashley

    I got a tree for $30! woohooo!

  • WHAT???? I was just there last night….everything was still 50%

  • Susan Smith Schacher via Facebook

    I got myself a cute shirt for $.64 and my friends baby one too. I also stocked up on candy canes for next year since they are $.24.