Target: $10.00 Giftcard with $75.00 Purchase


This Friday and Saturday,  Target is offering a  free $10.00 Target Giftcard with a $75.00 or more purchase.  Offer is valid in stores only.

Note: There is no coupon for this offer. You must like the page to see this. Valid 12/16/11 and 12/17/11 only.

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  • Lily

    I had just a little over $75 worth of items and the cashier did not give me a $10 giftcard. I had done the glade deal and the register would prompt her to issue a $5 giftcard then when she scanned all my other items I told her aren’t I suppose to get a $10 coupon and she said once she hits total then it will but that i had to give her my coupons first (she seen them in my hand) but once I gave her all my coupons my subtotal was well below the $75 so no giftcard for me. :( It would have been better if it was a coupon like the one from 2 week ago, the free $10 giftcard when you purchased $50 cause I had bought over $50 worth of stuff last time, i gave my $10gc coupon first and then all my man. coupons after.

  • Jeannette Sparr

    Susan-that is crazy!! I’ve done similiar deals, most recently with diapers. I bought 3 cases of Huggies, got a $5 GC for that purchase, used 2 of the “get a $5 GC when you spend $25 on baby-related”, got those, and had a $10 off my purchase of $50 or more. I paid $38.18 OOP and got 3-$5 GCs.
    If I were you, I would have shown then their own policy, which does not prohibit what you and I did for gift cards. But I get different results depending on the cashier too.

    • The $75/$10 deal was different from the $50/$10 deal. With the $50 deal, you’d receive the $10 gc even if your total fell below $50 once coupons, discounts, etc. had been applied. However, with the $75 deal, the register would prompt for the $10 gc, but it would automatically cancel it if coupons, discounts, etc. brought your total below $75. Smh; Target tricked us.

  • Susan

    I learned something tonight at target. I purchased a bunch of the Glade products and a few other things. My bill total was over $100.00. I got 6 of the $5 gift cards for the glade and then I used my coupons. Once my coupons went through, my balanced dropped below $75, they asked for the $10 gift card back…????…So, in order to keep the gift card, I just threw on a few smaller priced items….some little items bringing it back to $75.03. Never thought they could take it back once it was issued…that was so crazy…I will have to keep that in mind next time…lol….

  • Megan Stone via Facebook

    Gotcha. thanks

  • Tracy

    my target honored it when i asked this am for my $85.00 purchase!

  • Melissa ‘n Chris Scott via Facebook

    I guess I could go tomorrow and return and rebuy the 90 bucks worth of presents I purchased today. But that wouldn’t actually be very thrifty of me because it would cost 10 bucks in gas to drive back to Target!

  • doesnt start until 5pm Megan Stone

  • Ashley Angell via Facebook

    I got the text but do you think that is included with a $50 gift card purchace to make the $75?

  • Megan Stone via Facebook

    so how come I spent $105 there today and they said nothing to me about it?