New Giant Bonuscard eCoupons

Check your online Giant Bonuscard account for new Bonuscard eCoupons. Log into your account and click on your personalized page. Click on the eBonuscard offers to add them to your store card.

  • Click the ‘Add to BONUSCARD’ button.
  • Buy the specified product during the dates listed.
  • Save instantly

Check Giant Bonuscard eCoupons.

Please note, your offers may vary.  Not everyone will receive new offers.

Thanks, Crista.

You may also add Savingstar eCoupons to your Giant Bonuscard.

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  • sandy

    If you purchase the item separate the coupon doubles. if enough people start doing this they may just start doubling all coupons. I always separate my order so that I can take advantage of the doubling coupons.

  • I wondered what ever happened to those bonus card savings – didn’t they used to come in the email? Well, now I know how to find them online and mine were the same as the ones you listed above, so thank you!!

    My store used to not double the second coupon and would only double up to $.50, but the last time I went in December – I don’t shop….but they went back to doubling up to $.99 again. I believe it was due to the complaints on their fan page – if you complain enough, the do listen :)


  • amy peca

    I’m new to the bonus ecard coupons. I see that they are listed for giant and weis regularly. Are they basically just coupons I add to my rewards/loyalty cards? Its just coupons to use instead of clipping?

  • Anonymous

    You can print your saved list at the Giant kiosk, which saves on paper and ink, and generally get some small value coupons on various dept.

  • Leah

    I used several of these new bonuscard ecoupon offers yesterday without any issue. I wanted to remind everyone that if you have the Giant app on your phone, these same bonuscard ecoupons are available on the app for your selection. For me, I find it easier to review and make my selections via my phone vs. the website.

    On a side note,when I grocery shop I always have a list put together and very rarely do I stray from the list. I compile my grocery list on the Giant Website; Save the list. When I get to the store, I open my app; view saved shopping lists and start my shopping. I love this feature of their app because it tells me exactly what aisle each item on my list is located which prevents me from ‘browsing’ the aisles. If you don’t have access to the phone app, you can print your list from their website and it will print by aisle. LOVE this feature!

    • Carlie

      I had no idea! Thanks for the tip!

      However, when my Giant stopped doubling the 2nd like coupon, they lost me at a loyal customer. I only go there now when I have either no coupons (Milk… ) or last minute item.

      I hope the change back so I cant start going all the time again!

      • For the Mommas


        Hmm, Giant has some great deals regardless of the 1 coupon doubling. You might be missing out :)

      • vanessa

        So where do you go that doubles every coupon?