Kroger Ending Double Coupons {Mid West Region}


For you Kroger Shoppers, there is some bad news if you are in the MidWest Region.

Effective March 1st:

Kroger Midwest Kroger (NKY/Cincinnati/Dayton Division)  is ending double and triple coupons in 118 stores in the MidWest Region. This means that all coupons will be at face value only.

This will not effect many FTM readers in the Mid Atlantic area, but certianly is a blow for those shoppers in the MidWest Region.

A big thanks to Tiffany @ My Litter for a heads up on this news.

Will this affect how you shop at Kroger?   Do you think all of Kroger may follow this?


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  • Sandy

    The only reason I shop at Kroger is for double coupons. I spend more money at Kroger than at all other grocery stores combined. I will no longer have a reason to shop there after this goes into effect.

  • Charley

    I live in Middletown Ohio (smack dab in between Cincinnati and Dayton) and the Kroger’s here does not double anymore. I am just getting in to couponing to save a little money. I never shopped at Kroger’s to begin with because of their high prices, but now that I am hearing this I am a little disappointed. I make about a month for myself and 2 kids so making every dollar stretch is becoming extremely important.

  • Amy

    Mid Atlantic out of Roanoke VA is ending them as well.

    • For the Mommas

      Amy just heard this! So sad!

  • vera

    I think it is sad. Our taxes are going up. My salary was cut from last year. Gas and food prices keep going up and the middle class will soon be joining the poverty class. I loved, loved loved my Krogers in Mansfield, but if they do not double, I’ll just go the same distance from my house to Walmart and save the pennies there, even though I hate that store and their customer service. I just cannot afford it anymore. We’ve sold one car and are selling the house as well, just to make ends meet. I’ve got to make ends meet somehoe. So sad.

  • kelli

    I live in Beavercreek, Oh. Our Krogers was torn down and rebuilt in the same parking lot,just facing another direction so it could get Fairfield Road as its address. Not only is the store two times bigger,the parking lot is smaller and you can ever find a person that works there besides the cashiers. On top of them raising the prices so their customers can pay for the store they’re also rude about coupons. I’m not an extreme couponer but I like to save a few bucks.. It’s ridiculous a year ago a box of Capri Sun cost a 1.88 right now it’s on “sale” for 2.50!! And Kroger is so gracious in offering a .50 e-coupon. I’m taking my business to Mejiers or even worse Wal-Mart.

  • Sierra

    The manger in the Maysville, Ky store told me it was all Kroger stores, not just certain areas. So I’m taking my business to Walmart and Sams Club, I don’t see Kroger lowering their prices to even compete with Walmart.

  • ruth snare

    I work at a kroger in central ohio and asked managers about it and they said that this isnt happening at ours for now and that they havent heard of anything about it

    • Anonymous

      I work at the Dorothy Lane Krogers in Kettering, Ohio, and we are definately ending our double coupons. We were told to feed our customers bull@^$# about having lower prices, but in reality, we are just tweaking prices a bit. I think that more than anything, this is the combined result of corporate greed & idiot extreme couponers ruining things for everybody else. We have seen some orders that start out around $300+ and end with us OWING THEM MONEY (we never actually to give the money to them)! Krogers started a new coupon policy stating that no more than 5 coupons can be scanned for each like item, but idiots just did separate orders for the excess items & cashier tolerated it. Bad situation all around.

      • Linda….former shopper of dorothy lane kroger

        Really…I’m an idiot for doing seperate orders? I’m on food stamps….work my butt off at work for a Dr. who won’t give me a pay raise after being there for two years. I try my hardest at saving money. And I’m an idiot for doing seperate orders? I am a Big time couponer. I can usually save maybe 30% to 40% percent on my grocery bill. Well I’m sorry I’m not rich like you and not needing to worry about my money. I should be thanked for using coupons and trying to get the most out of my food stamp money.

      • Di

        My husban lost his job and our krogers has raised there prices so much that a gallan of Kroger brand orange juice is $ 5.00 hot dogs were $7.00 a few weeks a go – lunch meat for $10.00 a pound I think Kroger is the idot not the coustmer that has been forced to clip coupons and yes I do sperate orders too . Kroger prices are out of control – then add the bad coustmer service to it – I purchased a bell pepper for $1.29 the next day when I cut it open it had a worm in it !!!! And they refused to give me my money back or even another pepper !! I don’t like shopping at Meyers but I have been left with no choice ! I even moved my prescriptions to another pharmacy .

        • Sherry Ward

          You spelled 7 words wrong :o

      • Anonymous

        i am a couponer in batesville, ar and you are wrong.
        There is nothing wrong with tring to save money no matter how one does it or who it is.
        if the policy does not state no more than one transaction than why would you not make several to save money. I do it all the time and my kroger store managers check me out themselves. This economy is bad enough without people downing others for tring to save money

      • Anonymous

        Wow that came off as pretty rude! First of all the reason coupons are sent out or printed by product manufacturers is to sell their products plain and simple! The manufacturer not the grocery stores put them out to get the stock off shelves at stores that originally purchase the products and yes people stock up during the store sales but they actually are spending more $ in your store so be thankful your store still can employ you because they ARE making money. Secondly, if you were intending the rudness because you don’t like scanning the coupons get a different job !!! People cannot survive these days w/o trying to cut costs, it is just plain rude to call people idiots because they utilize value and sales to make ends meet. I have a decent job , great pay with crappy shift work hours and since my husband is also on shift work this forces our child care expenses up. You’re right that it is corporate GREED but bottom line the recipient of the coupon enjoys the benefit of the manufacturer’s REIMBURSEMENT this is to keep the store from losing money!!! We live on a very modest budget and unfortunately even with my husband’s overtime every week and his second job we do live paycheck to paycheck . Unfortunately, I need to get a part time job, but cannot because to pay a sitter to watch kids costs more than I am able to make. We do have luxuries that a lot of people don’t have like an extra car and a boat but the boat is used for fishing to catch dinner and the extra vehicle is used for fire department calls that my husband does voluntarily but neither of these have a payment. These days it’s hard for everyone, unless you have won the lottery and don’t ever worry about money calling people stupid for utilizing what is available is just plain ignorance! Thank you and have a blessed day!

        • Deborah

          Well said “Anonymous” on June 4th at 10:03 am.

          I am a single mother of three. I coupon as often as I can. I make $11.00 an hour. That’s it. Nothing more. I receive one child support check of $325.00 a month. My total income monthly is right around $1700.00. I pay my rent and utilities, my insurance, my car… With all of that my monthly expenses to bills are right around $1400 a month. That leaves me $300 if I’m lucky for food and gas, school supplies, clothes for my children, medicine if they need it… I work my ass off. I do not have food stamps even though I would probably qualify for it. I’m lucky enough to have family that can care for my children while I work. I’m extremely offended that someone would call me an idiot or imply that I am less intelligent at all for SAVING money and putting food on the table for my children without assistance from the government. I can’t believe someone would look down on me for being a responsible parent. I thought when I started this comment that I would have this great, heated argument for my side, but you know what… I’m honestly rather speechless. I hope that person from the Dorothy Lane Kroger never has to struggle like I have.

  • Ilene

    I am in the Dayton, OH area, and I read a news article this morning about this. Yes, at least here the double coupons will end. At the same time Kroger (says they) will be lowering prices. Whether the lower prices will make up the difference in double coupons will have to be determined.

    Lately, they have been real sticklers on accepting coupons. If it doesn’t scan they won’t take it. If two of the same (printed) coupons have the same numbers, they won’t accept it. For me, they were becoming a real PITA.

    I’d already planned on shopping more and more at Meijer (a large regional store also doubling coupons).

    Honestly, my biggest fear is having double coupons become a thing of the past.

    • rocky

      Do you know about Columbus, OH???

    • audra

      my Kroger, 1525 Madison Ave., Covington, KY, has been getting worse and worse about making “mistakes” on correctly applying coupons. Every visit for the last several weeks have been one or more problems. Right now I have a receipt that they owe me $3.96 and another for $1.00 Imagine if this was done regularly to customers? How much are people being ripped off for? Several times when the cashier has argued that the coupon won’t scan they have put it into their drawer and I have had to ask for it back to take to customer service for them to see that the purchase was made correctly for the coupon to be applied.

  • Jaime
  • dodi

    Does this include Howell, MI where they will stop the doubling of coupons?

  • melissa

    Oh! My heart stopped when I read that title, but thankfully I am not in that region. Bummer to those who are, though. I wonder if this isn’t a sign of things to come…

  • Sheila

    I’ve already stopped shopping at Martin’s nearly as much since they changed their gas deals. This Kroger change won’t affect me but if it should come to my area I’ll probably just go back to shopping mainly at the discount grocery which is what I did before I learned how to coupon.

  • shelley

    I just called My Finnytown Kroger. She said it was a rumor……they have been gettings calls all morning

    • For the Mommas
      • Angela

        I think Krogers is soon going to find out when they are doing this the business they will b losing… to many other competitors out there that will just drive somewhere else that does.. the Krogers in Mt.Vernon is still doubling up to .99 as of today..
        I talked to the local store here in Mansfield and thats what I was told. I just read the article I figured it was a test thing.. so I hope their test failed in those markets and their bottom line dropped drastically so they dont roll it out to all Krogers.

        • Jessie

          I just moved to mansfield do you know if the one on ashland road lets you do multiple transactions ? Also do you know of anyone who wants a couponing buddy? I hate doing it by myself lol

  • Crystal

    Surely they replacing it with a new kind of savings strategy. They would lose all their business to Walmart since they price match…

  • This is definitely true and affects only the region which includes Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky. I was at a blogger event by Kroger last night where they unveiled this to a small group of local bloggers. The change will take place on March 1, 2013. A similar change was made in Houston, then Dallas, then Tuscon, then at the Ralph’s change in California previously. I would say I see a trend here.

    • For the Mommas

      Yes you are correct Jen :(

    • Di

      I live in Fort Wayne Indiana they have “E ” coupons here and once you load them you can’t use paper coupons – I had to get a new store card

    • Melly

      This also affects WV. I live in WV and was shocked to see the sign at the store today saying they will stop doubling coupons. I’m thinking of just taking the majority of my business to Aldi. No you can’t use coupons there but the prices are so low you don’t need to.

  • alice

    does this affect kansas?

  • Alison

    Yes, this absolutely will change my Kroger shopping habits, if true.. I, and several other have posted comments on their FB page… No response from kroger as yet.

  • Andrea

    I just read an article stating that this isn’t true. That Kroger is attempting to introduce a new savings deal in the Houston area, which will end their doubling coupons. Not anywhere else. Can someone else verify this?

    • Kristin

      I would look at the date of that article, that was introduced some time ago, and now it seems it is spreading.

    • For the Mommas

      This is most definitely true. Houston rolled out a long time ago – today at 10 am Kroger announced this.