Kmart: Double Coupons Up to $.99

Kmart Double CouponsKmart is offering double coupons up to $.99 thru June 25th, at select stores listed here. To participate, you must have a Shop Your Way Rewards card. (you can register for free).

Thanks, WUC

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  • If I were to give them a $1.00 coupon… would they double it up to .99 meaning I would get $1.99 off??

    • Shannon

      no, they only double a coupon up to $.99. Any coupon over $.99 is not doubled.

  • skizzatt

    The sign on your website says NOW thru 6/25. I assumed NOW meant Saturday. I drove in to my Kmart and was told the double coupon days do not start until Sunday!!!

  • Jessica M.

    I just called my local store in Reading, Pa and the manager told me there is no limit. Yippee!!!

    • I had no idea!!!! I have never seen the double coupon events advertised in their flyers. I’ve only ever caught wind of it through other blogs. So to the person that called the store to find out, they probably didn’t know what they were talking about since they checked for it in the flyer.

      I usually shop the Ephrata store which is closest to me (however I hate shopping there), so if they give me a hard time I’m coming up to the Reading one!!!!!

  • fab brown

    I called the corporate office and they do not have any information on this promo….

    • Shannon


      Hmm… that is odd that it came in an email and other readers are getting the doubles.

  • Skye

    Does a 0.75 go to 1.50?

  • fab brown

    hi. where did you get this info from… called my store here in covina, ca which is on the list you have a link to and they have never heard of this. please advise.

  • Katie Hebert

    Great Info! Thanks! Is it better for me to sign up for a rewards card online, or in the store?…For instance, I know you can go into Kroger or CVS, sign up for the shoppers card and physically receive one right way. I just wasn’t sure with Kmart…

    Thanks so much!

    • Cmat

      When I signed up for mine it was handed to me at the end of the process.

  • Kristyne

    I called my local store & they don’t know about this event. They are receiving phone calls but can not find this in their ad. I am trying to get kmart corp to answer for sure. Was this on their website??? I would like to find something to confirm it so I can go shopping!! thx Kristyne

  • Rhoda S

    Do you know if there is a limit like they usually do? Driving that distance for 5 coupons is not really worth it.