Giant/Martins: General Mills Instant Savings & Free Milk

Woohoo, my favorite deal at Giant is back! 

Starting next week at Giant/Martins, purchase four participating General Mills Cereal and get $4.00 off instantly , plus a coupon for a free gallon of milk, up to $4.50.


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  • jeanine

    The Fiber One $.75 coupon from the 6/10 SS expired yesterday :(

  • Diana

    Yea! Down to only a few boxes! I can’t remember…does this roll or do I have to do separate transactions? I am planning on STOCKING up!!!

  • Kelly

    Yay! Love this deal everytime it comes around. Thanks Shannon for the sneak peak! :)

  • Ashley

    I’d like to mention that if anyone else accidently printed out the .75 off any brand milk from it says only available in UT and ID OR participating retailers.. but I had no problem using it at my Giant in Bethlehem, PA. AND it doubled to $1 :)

    • Ashley

      it is still available under zip code 84010

  • Jeff

    My ad says buy 3 and get $3 off plus the free milk coupon! I love these sales!

  • amanda

    anyone know what the prices will look like?? were getting low and need to stock up again

    • Shannon

      Amanda, they vary so greatly from store to store – sometimes up to $1.00+ more a box.

  • Grace

    Awesome! My daughter is on her last box of cinnamon toast crunch….stock up time again! :)

  • Kristen

    Does this work out to be a better deal than the GM milk promotion for this week?

    • Shannon

      These are the larger boxes of cereal, so you would really need to have your stores prices to determine what the cost per ounce is to do a fair comparison.

  • Eimi M.

    I really need to find a Giant that will double my coupons. The ones in Lancaster don’t.

    • Shannon


      Hmm which Giant? I shop Lancaster and they work? Remember, they only double one like coupon.

      • Eimi M.

        I shopped at the one in Columbia Ave. I am new to the Lancaster area. I was used to ShopRite policies, so this is so new to me.

        • Jess

          I shopped at the one on Oregon Pike 2 weeks ago when I was in that area and they doubled (but yet just one will double). I’m in Denver if you ever have questions about the stores around here I can try to help :)

        • Holly

          Eimi – I shop at that store and you have to watch the internet coupons, sometimes the cashiers will have to manually enter them into the register but they won’t double. I always have to let them know the coupon didn’t double and as Shannon stated, they will only double 1 like coupon.

      • Jason A

        Seems like there are a number of us in the Lancaster area. Shannon – have you ever thought about organizing any sort of Meetup? Or would folks rather stay anonymous?