UPDATED: Giant/Martins: Free Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat {No Coupons}


Giant shoppers! The week got even better. Not only are we getting free Kashi, there is free Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat!

Here is your deal:

Buy (4) Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat $4.00
Get $4.00 off instantly
Free after instant savings

A big thanks to Kayla for letting me know about this one.  It has been confirmed at Martins and Giant.

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  • Alena

    I really took advantage of this deal. I preordered 2 cases (48 packages) on Monday and they arrived today. Even the sign – buy 4 get $4 off was gone the customer service honored my request. I was worried that catalina would not print and at first I bought 4 turkeys (the shelves were full and it made me think that something was wrong) and the catalina did not print. I went to the customer service and asked them if it was right. They refunded 4 dollars and then I asked about my preordered 48 packages. And this time they did it a different way – customer satisfaction. I even did not have to do 12 transactions as I planned. Yes, I got 52 packages for FREE. I will freeze most of them and use later. I am really proud of this deal. We love lunch meats but hardly ever buy because of the price.

    • amy

      You go girl!

  • lori

    Did this deal at centerville in lancaster,pa Monday at 7:45 am. no problems. 4 packs 2 ozs with $4 off. I picked up totaled 8. only good for lunch for 2 little slider sandwiches. The manger seemed excited about this deal but I notice he was pulling all the tags. I question him it was going to be pulled. he told me he was going to order more. they get paid in full with Kraft.Promise me that mine was going to be honored and it did automatically .Looking at the products today looks like the same amount since Monday with same dates up to 4/27/12. Tried to today wednesday at 11 am it wasn’t taking off $4 instantly and all signs were remove. I thought was interesting to hear some were working even when the sign were removed. So I guess it take awhile for all stores to get aboard to remove signs and late had to time with the computers. Today trip felt like a mystery trip and wasn’t able to speak the manager about this sudden change. No signs saying sorry deal no longer available. just disappear. I have no idea what the products work with that deal after all wasn’t in ad only the little signs.

    • Taddy

      I went back to the littiz giant and picked up a couple around 10am… checked back at 4pm and the offer was pulled there also.

      Talked to a guy in the meat department, evidently oscar mayer messed up and the stores didn’t have time to order enough. :(

  • becky

    Out of stock at fruitville pike lancaster giant. They wont do a raincheck for the $ off.

  • Taddy

    It didn’t ring up at the littz pike giant, but I got the manager to put it in for me after I rushed back with the label to show them what the deal said. There were only 5 so I did 2 seperate orders. Had to wait a while for them to get someone to fix it, but hey, free meat is free meat.

    Going to go back in the morning since I work there and stock up on some more! Only telling one coworker about it… I don’t want any more competition over the free meat! :p

  • Sharon

    Dead in Eldersburg. Lots of stock, but deal is dead.

  • kasey

    Deal is dead in Hagerstown, MD

  • Laura

    Has anyone tried this deal at any of the York or Red Lion, PA stores? Just wondering……

    • Chris

      Manchester in N York worked Sunday night, but Camp Hill Giant did NOT work Tuesday night. Manager pleasantly
      did it for me manually.

  • Qpon Jenn

    No longer working in Conshohocken.

  • Carolyn

    I can confirm deal is Not working @ Giant in West Grove, PA as of 10:30 am! boo~hiss! lol

  • Holly

    Deal is dead in Lanc. PA as of 10am.

  • Mel

    Altoona, PA store has a sign that says this product is not included in the promo – it was a mistake.

    • couponing101

      im not sure which stores ur going too in altoona but it still works at 2 of them.

      • Mary

        What Altoona ones are still working? I got a few on Sunday on the one on Plank. I wonder which one has the sign?

        • Mel

          I tried to buy 4 at Plank Rd. and it is NOT working. I didn’t check Chestnut Ave.

  • fayeba

    I dont usually do many transactions in one trip, but free is free, i got 20 packs yesterday… still many on the shelf, but when i got home i realized that they were all expired… most were april 5 some april 11…. now i feel funny coming back with my 20 packs :p

    • couponing101

      did u get theses at the bellmead store in pa. thats what happen to me too. they had april 5 and april 12 on them, so i called and they removed them from the shelf and orderd more and gave me a slip to get 16 more. and now they have a sign up that says limit 8.

  • jamie

    this deal was still working last night at 1045pm. the little tags were ripped off but it still worked at the register. my store only had 6 though, so i am hoping the deal will still work at another local giant today.

  • Brandy

    Just got back from Giant (went in the a.m. and they were out of stock, so went back in p.m.). The sale at our store has been pulled. All the tags were removed, I took 4 packs to the register just in case it was still ringing up with the deal and it came up 10 for $10 price.

  • BeccaJ

    Newport Giant pulled this deal this afternoon before 4pm. I had gotten a few earlier in the day, but as the guys really liked it when we had some for lunch I thought I stop back. But the signs were all down for the deal.

    • Shannon

      I think the managers are just pulling the signs off as of right now. The deal still worked as of 6 am today.

    • Carol

      I thought for sure that Newport would keep it. I got the Pillsbury deal on Friday there and the signs were still up. They didn’t even question it until after I got mine. Oh well, guess you can’t win them all. I ran out of time to get there early this week.

  • Cindy

    My store had them, but deal was not posted, only the regular little tag but was 10/$10. There was lots, I grabbed 16. My first transaction I put 8 through & got only $5 off. When I questioned the cashier she had to call the manager (one I had never seen before). He stated the computer did make a mistake & it was to be $4 off 4 & he credited my bill $3. However, he said that this deal was a “mistake” offered by Oscar Myer that made the product free. Yes, I knew it would be free, thus me buying 16 packs. He said the deal was being pulled at noon that day, so if I wanted more to get them now (it was 11:30am) After I told him & the cashier that I already had 8 more in my cart, the manager told the cashier that was fine just ring them up 4 at a time & the computer would be ok. He then told me that what I had was fine but that someone was in on Sunday & took 120 packs & wiped them out & they had to order more.

    Now I was thinking 1. there was lots on the shelf, so I don’t really think they “wiped them out”. & 2. Why order more if the deal was being pulled. The regular manger is very coupon friendly, he always allows multiple purchases of good deals & will even order special if you need. I am so hoping he was not replaced.

    Out of curiosity I stopped back at the store after work (4:00pm) & couldn’t resist trying the deal again. I grabbed 4, went to the register & the deal went through, balance was 0. So the deal was NOT pulled. I did notice the shelfs looked like no one else was even taking advantage of this deal.

    Agree with the other posts, the expiration dates are all April 27th, so I will freeze any we do not eat. Not sure how many that may be because the meat slices are so small & we basically used one whole package for one sandwich for dinner tonight.

  • ashley

    I went to Giant (Whitehall, PA) this am to scope out this deal and stock up on tissues.They had LOTS of the small $1 packages as posted in the picture above but they were all marked down to 65 cents. Also, dated to sell by April 17th. I still grabbed 8 (2 separate transactions just in case it would work). The yellow clearance sticker on them said the clearance would void all additional sales and had the date of 4/14 after that so I decided to try it with 2 separate transactions. In the end, the instant savings deal on the clearance price did not work for me but 65 cents per pack was still cheap. I was headed to work so I didn’t make a fuss to return them. They also only had smoked turkey at this store. I asked the lady in the deli if there were any more packages at regular price and she wasn’t even familiar that those had been marked down. Bummer. On a positive note, TONS of tissue on the wall of savings :) I might experiment again tomorrow and see if they restocked the clearance meat with some newly dated packages. I’ll re-post if I have luck.

  • breanne

    thank you so much!!! we were able to score a whole bunch of these between yesterday and today! (and left tons left for more people) — the cashiers all commented that they had to grab some after their shifts!!

  • Jen Wagner

    There was a stock guy putting them out when I went at 4pm tonight. He said the manager was fixing it 2morrow. Although, he was really nice, stopped stocking for a minute, and let me pull 12 packages off the shelf. Both cashier and lady behind me were still talking about my transactions when I left. I also think there might be a deal on J & J products this week. Buy 5, get $3 instantly. With coupons and instant savings u can get 5 bottles for 4.45.

  • Ruth

    At Giant, the small packages were .49 each but noting came off. They were a couple of full price ones and those ones were working.

  • Robin

    What else is included in this deal? It’s hard to tell from the photo. The stores in my area are wiped out, but I was wondering if there is something else in the deal that makes cheap meat… although free would be better! Thanks!

    • Sharon

      My store was wiped out too. Get a Rain Check! I checked the Catalina tag – it says it’s good through May 19. My store had tags for pastrami, ham and 2 kinds of turkey – all empty. But, I got a rain check so I can still get them when they restock.

  • Qpon Jenn

    The tag about the deal was visibly ripped off so I was a bit apprehensive on trying the deal out but did it anyways and sure enough it was still working as of 1:15pm. :)

  • Danell

    There were no tags on the items at the College Avenue store in State College so I didn’t even try.

  • Stephanie

    I was able to buy 5 in one transaction and got $5 off instantly. Awesome deal!!! However, when I got home I noticed several of mine had an expiration date of April 5th! I’ll be taking those back and hope there will be enough stock to replace them with non-expired versions.

    • Erica

      There was about 20 of them at the Litiz/oregon Pike one that was expired. I don’t think they rotate the products so DOUBLE CHECK THOSE EXPIRATION DATES. They were all expired April 3rd.

  • Jason A

    Didn’t work at Columbia Ave location in Lancaster at 11:45am. Scanned $1 each, but no instant savings. Cashier said “they’re only 10 for $10”.

    • Erica

      What a shame I did it at the one on Fruitville pike and the one btwn Oregon and Litiz pike and they both worked there at like 8am. Try one of those maybe? Nice to see another Lancaster couponer

    • Holly

      Really? I got 4 $1 packs and it did work around 1pm there. I did 4 rounds of 4 each.

    • Nicole

      I did the deal at Columbia ave and it worked fine!

  • amy

    Hooray! Just came back from my Giant & this deal is still working! I forgot to look & see how long this deal is going on for….does anyone know???

  • Holly

    I did the deal this morning and it was still working on the $1 packs.

    • Shannon

      thanks Holly!

  • Rachel T.

    Still working :)

  • Jeff

    This did not work at my Giant as of 9:30am est.. I guess they fixed it.

  • lori

    works at my store in lancaster,pa. Awesome deal!!! Manager wants to order more. After all Kraft pays them 100 perecent. only six slices which expired 0n 4/27/12.

    • Sharon

      But you can freeze lunchmeat, so you don’t have to worry about the expiration date! :-)

  • kirsten

    Did this deal today. This only took the $4 off instantly on the ones marked for $1 not for the ones marked down to 45cents

  • Carolyn

    Awesome! I hope there are some left for meee! Playing catch up today!! I freeze lunch meat all the time. These will be GREAT for kiddo’s summer break!!!

    :) Good luck all!

  • Kristen

    Wouldn’t you know lunch meat was on my grocery list this week? I love it when this happens! I was able to get mine last night before they sold out or ‘pulled the plug’ on this one. Thanks!

  • amy

    Are these cold cuts listed as sale items in the Giant ad?? I don’t see it!

    • Shannon

      No they are not.

  • Sarah

    I just did this deal tonight. It only took off $5 too, but then we voided the transaction and then did separate orders purchasing 4 each and didn’t have any issues after that. All free!

  • mirella

    it says there are 32 comments, but i can only see one.

    • mirella

      scratch that… just found them :)

  • melissa

    I did this deal tonight. It only took off $5. Cashier called manager and he went to confirm deal. After confirming the deal, he pulled the tags off of the shelf. This deal may not last much longer.

  • Me

    I did 5 at a time and it took $5 off. My store had a ton of these. I am going back in the morning to do a few more transactions. .These are small packs, there is only 6 slices in each.

  • Gloria

    This wasn’t in the post – but you need to purchase 4 of the same type of meat (4 chicken, 4 ham, or 4 turkey) can’t mix and match – it won’t take off the $4

    • Shannon


      No you can purchase different types.

      • Gloria

        My cashier tried every combination of flavors….it would only work when she rang up 4 identical types….i don’t normally post replies – but since my experience was different from yours i made a comment…..

        • Shannon

          I think the turkey may be causing issues, so that might have been the culprit.

          We appreciate the comments, please make comments, it helps everyone here!

  • Suzanne

    I did multiples in one transaction, both turkey and ham. For whatever reason, the ham came off instantly, but the turkey didn’t. They fixed it easily at customer service where I ended up finishing my transaction. The manager didn’t know why the turkey didn’t take off, since it was included in the sale, so make sure you check your receipt to see that they are all taken off!

  • Yup 24 pks!! Free!!! Can u freeze them??

    • Kay

      yes you can :)

  • Jen

    I had to do separate transactions. Did 12 in one trans and only gave me $5 ISO…so separate..

  • I did 4 trans. So 16 packs for free! Love it!

  • Do u have to do different trans??

  • maria

    i just did this deal @ giant….bought 8 in 1 transaction and on the computer it gave 4.00 and 5.00 off…when i ckd out it only gave me the 5.00 off discount. i went to cust svc and they gave me back 3.00. don’t know if there is a cap or not, but i did the rest of them separately

  • @kathie – no

  • Joy

    24 packs and total cost $0. I have an 18 year old boy and these packs will be like single serving size to him lol. I agree though Martins will probably pull the deal before the week is out.

  • Thanks Tiffany! I am going in right now!

  • They also have Sara lee bread b1g1 free and there was a coupon in this weeks paper

  • Stacey Brown

    This was an awesome deal!! Could do multiple transactions!!!

  • Laura

    So what would happen if we used a coupon?

    • Shannon

      Laura, this one I would just do without a coupon. Last time, it took off the coupon amount from the instant savings.

  • Kathie

    Was this listed in the ad?

  • Jeremy

    Got mine today. Thanks :)

  • Tiffany

    They have a variety of types. I got honey ham and smoked ham. They had some turkey and chicken as well!

  • Jen

    My Giant did not have a tag, but it just worked — twice (2 trans).

    • Jen

      My friend told me that this is no longer working at this store.

  • Anyone know what kind of lunch meat these are? TIA!

  • allie

    not to be a pessimist :) but Giant may pull this deal eventually….that is what they did with the Pills grands biscuits last month.

    • allie

      yup. All gone today at 11 AM with the tags torn off.

  • Alicia

    yes Jenny! I freeze this stuff all the time for my hubby

  • Jamee

    LOL…literally threw the kids in the car and ran BACK to Giant, geeze…it worked, got 8 in 2 separate transactions. i told a sweet older lady about them as she was looking at the lunch meat, she said, nope not worth it, and grabbed a 1.99 pack that was just a little bit bigger than the ones i was buying,, sheesh

    • Jamee

      I forgot to add, don’t forget to grab your Spring Savings coupon book while you are at Giant!

  • Crystal

    Can this deal be done more than once in one transaction, or does it need to be separate?

    • Sara Grove

      I was wondering this same thing, if they needed to be separate trx or if they would take the $4 off instantly for every 4 purchased

    • Mel

      You need to do 4 or 5 in each transaction. 4 will give you $4 off and 5 will give you $5 off but nothing extra for buying more. I only got 8 since an employee walked up and cleared the shelf. He said he was on break so he was buying them all.

  • Thanks!!!!! This week t giant is AWESOME!!!

  • Jenny

    can this be frozen

    • Crystal

      My Weis discounts their lunch meats when they get close to their out date. I’ve been buying them this way for years- I can’t remember the last time I bought full priced lunch meat. I always buy as many as they have (sometimes 10 or 15) and throw them right in the freezer. I’ve never had a problem with them after they’re thawed.

    • Laura

      Yes. I freeze packaged lunch meat all the time!