Giant Shoppers – Gas Deals Phasing Out & Help Requested


If you do gas deals on a regular basis, there might be some bad news this week. Giant has decided to test phasing out gas deals in some areas, starting 10/7. This is a major bummer. I need your help to figure out what areas this will be affecting.  If you shop at Giant and Martins – please take a minute to check your ad to see if you have gas deals.

If you would be so kind as to leave a comment with what store and if you have the normal gas deals or the 2x/5x points.

This is going to make it a bit confusing!

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  • Dana

    Sinking Spring, Pa still doing gas deals!!! Hope it stays that way. Gonna e-mail corporate and sweetly beg them to leave the gas deals in place. We really need to do whatever it takes to keep those gas deals. My hubby and I have 3 children, one of whom has special needs and we rely on that savings in a big way. “Momma” is right…if we unite and have a collective voice…they will listen.

  • helen

    Front Royal, Stephens City, and Winchester, VA do not have gas points

  • Courtney

    Williamsburg, VA still has gas deals.

  • Heather

    Mount Joy/Elizabethtown, PA giants both have the gas deals to earn up to 800 additional points this week :)

  • Megan

    All of the Giants in the Harrisburg area still have gas points!!
    Union Deposit, Linglestown, Jonestown Rd, Kline Village, Middletown, Camp Hill, Halifax Enola, Hummelstown, Hershey

  • Susan

    I shop at 2 different giants.

    The one in Dillsburg, PA has the regular gas points.
    The one in Dover, PA has the 2x/5x points.

  • Laura

    Both Lehighton, PA and Hazleton, PA stores still have gas deals.

  • Cheri

    West Chester Giant (route 322) has Gas deals this week.

  • Geri

    Hazleton and Bloomsburg has gas deals… hope that they stay!

  • Beth

    Phoenixville and Royersford both still have gas deals.

  • Kristie

    Dover, PA does not have gas deals, but Dillsburg does.

  • Joy H

    Can someone please explain how the 2x/5x reward work or most important if they are any benefit at all? I always depend on Martins for my free turkey every year and now I am thinking thats a bust.

  • Jess

    Giant in Red Lion, PA has the 2x/5x gas rewards :(

  • Jamie

    I have a flyer with the 2x/5x gas points. The locations listed on the back are:
    Carlisle Rd, West Manchester
    W. Market St, York
    Pauline Dr, York
    E. Market St, York
    Baltimore St, Hanover
    Eisenhower Dr, Hanover
    Palomino Rd, Dover
    Mt. Airy Rd, Shrewsbury
    Glenn Dr, Manchester
    Cape Horn Rd, Red Lion.

    Hope that helps.

  • Andrea

    Nazareth has gas deals this week.

  • anna

    Lavale, MD. This week earn up to 800 extra rewards bonus points for Free Turkey or Gas Extra Rewards.

  • Pam

    Hellertown, PA still has gas points. There is a coupon in the flyer from the paper that gives you $0.30/gal when you spend $50. There are also 3 categories to earn 200 gas points and 1 category to earn 400 gas point.

  • Brenda

    Waynesboro, PA has gas points this week.

  • Suzi

    York, pa has the 2x/5x deals with the turkey/gas point option.

  • Anonymous

    Which is better?

  • Amanda

    Carlisle, PA Giant has gas points this week. For the people who commented on 10/6 that there are no gas points, don’t panic, there were no gas points at all that week, just the $3 off instant deals. Make sure when you post there are no gas points that you are looking at the 10/7 flier.

  • Sharon

    Martin’s in Staunton VA has gas points / free turkey!

  • Danielle M

    Giant Harrisburg PA is free turkey & /or gas points

  • Wendy

    Lebanon, PA stores still have gas points (and the free turkey deal).

  • Erin

    The Jennersville Giant in West Grove, PA still has gas points.

  • cj

    I don’t understand how the 2x/5x points work. Would I have to spend $100 in one transaction to get .20 off/gallon for the 2x for the items listed? On your matchups, there is buy 6, get 200 gas points, but those same items in my ad are 2x gas points, but it doesn’t state an amount that must be purchased.

    • Jamie

      I think Shannon did the matchups with a flyer that has normal gas points. For those of us that got the 2x/5x, the savings won’t be nearly as good. :( If I’m reading it correctly, you don’t have to spend a certain $ amount or buy a certain quantity to get the extra points.

  • Joy H

    Martinsburg, WV does not have Gas points :(

  • chris

    Gas Deals still in in Chesterfield/Richmond, VA

  • Amanda

    Giant in Mount Joy has gas deals and the turkey promo.

  • kadywood

    Giant in Pottstown and Gilbertsville have gas deals or turkey this week.

  • Peggy

    We still have the gas points in Annandale, VA. I’m assuming this is for the entire Washington, DC metropolitan area though? My family is scattered throughout the DC area and I checked their ads which still show the gas points.

  • chris

    Warminster, PA (Bucks county) still has gas points.

  • Anonymous

    Chambersburg, PA has no gas points this week.

    • Beth

      I know that Chambersburg Giant’s don’t have gas points. That is the reason I will make a little bit longer trip to Waynesboro where they do. :)

  • Michele

    Thorndale, PA has gas deals with Turkey deal this week

  • Kristie

    I hope Giant will at least put out something saying which stores are still having gas points. It might be worth a little extra drive to get the gas points while I can! (And then we know which stores to avoid…maybe a drop in sales will help them realize this is not a good idea!)

  • Jenn

    Giant in Salisbury Maryland has gas deals… For now.

  • JoAnne

    Giant in the Lehigh Valley is still doing gas deals. In fact, starting tomorrow the circulars (at least the one that came in my newspaper) include a “spend $50 get 300 points” coupon. Also noticed they’re doing the 400 points for a free turkey starting tomorrow through November 24th.

  • Joy H

    I am going to look stupid here but what is 2x/5x the points?

    • For the Mommas

      2x and 5x gas points instead of the spend $100 get $.10, you’d get $.20 or $.50.

    • L Nye

      Williamsport, PA Giant DOES NOT have Gas Points. Didn’t want to do this as a reply, but couldn’t see a way to post.

  • Liz

    Pottstown – Upland Sq – NO gas deals. BOO to Giant!!!!

    • megan

      Boo to that!!! That’s my Giant. :’(

      • Liz

        Actually Pottstown Upland Sq does have gas deals. Maybe I misread the other week or it’s back. But as of this week, they do still have the gas points. sorry so confusing.

  • Jamie

    Hanover, PA has the 2x/5x points. Bummed :(

    • Laura

      hanover pa still has gas points just no gas deals this week 2x and 5x mean on certain items you get .2o or .50 cents instead of .10 cents hanover pa also has the turkey promo

      • For the Mommas


        yeah but they are in the phasing out area if they have the 2x / 5x meaning they won’t have gas deals anymore :(

        • Jamie

          That’s what I thought you meant on your original post, Shannon. I did the math on some of those. It just isn’t nearly as good as the old way. Some things on the 5x aren’t too bad, and I like that you get it even if you only buy 1 item, but overall it really stinks. Did you see in the fine print that you get gas points AFTER all coupons have been deducted from the item?

  • Maria

    Gas deals in Easton, PA

  • Jen

    UGH! My town got rid of full doubling $1 q’s because of the gas deals….which by the way never compare in savings to $1 doubling, now they are probably gonna take the gas deals?! BOOO!

  • Aymee

    Here in the Warrington, PA area there are still has deals in the ad starting tomorrow.

  • Jen

    York, PA does NOT have gas points

    • Kristie

      Jen-Which one in York? Delco or east side?

      • Jen

        Seems all of York. Closest one is Elizabeth town still has the gas rewards

  • kristin

    No gas deals this week in Front Royal, VA. :(

  • Jeana

    I have the circular that starts for tomorrow for the Gettysburg store and it has the 2x and 5x’s. Not what I want to see. I am hoping that the Hanover store keeps the gas points.

    • Jamie

      Nope. Hanover has the 2x/5x. I’m thinking about writing the company and letting them know that this change takes away all incentive to put up with their rude and inept help.

  • Amy E

    Giant in Lancaster, PA has Gas points and free Turkey deal! yay!

    • Holly

      phew! We’re safe for another week.

      • Amy E

        I know Holly, I stopped at Turkey Hill earlier and asked if I could peak at the Giant ad lol and as soon as I saw the big turkey on the front, I got a huge smile on my face haha

  • Jen

    Giant in Trexlertown, PA still has gas points and turkey promo.

  • Julianne

    Giant in Reading PA , only had instant savings.

  • Kirsten

    In Mcconnellsburg, PA they are phasing them out. We have the 2x or 5x the points in the flyer this week instead of the points.

  • Kim

    I shop at Royersford Giant on Township Line Rd. and we have normal gas deals.

  • Shanta

    I shop at Grant Ave Giant in Phila & for the week starting 10/7 they are still gas deals. Wow that’s a bummer if they phase gas deals out. I wonder is that why we haven’t been seeing the spend $50, get 500 gas points coupon?

  • Sarah

    I shop at giant in quakertown pa and this weeks ad has gas deals

    • Suzanne W

      Giant at Perkasie, PA has both gas deals or you can use points for a free turkey. Your choice!

  • Leah Pennebaker

    Giant: Garden Spring Road, Carlisle, PA. Gas deals in this weeks sale paper.

    • Jeana

      Is that sale the one that starts tomorrow ?

      • Anonymous

        Yes, ad is for 10/7 thru 10/13

  • Brianna

    I shop at Martin’s in Eldersburg, MD. We didn’t have any gas points last week, just instant savings. This week we are given the chance to earn points towards gas or a turkey.

  • Lisa

    Giant in Selinsgrove, PA is my store, we do gas deals and I do them all the time. I got a preview of my ad for next week and there are gas deals in there. I hope they don’t get rid of them!