Giant: Post Pebbles Cereal FREE {Reminder}

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Giant: Post Pebbles Cereal FREE

Ok, so we are working on all the gas deals, but wanted to mention this hot double dip! The Post Cereals are included in the Buy 6, Get $.40 Gas Deal. You will get $.40 off per gallon up to 30 gallons for a total of $12.00.

Here is your deal:

Buy (6) Post Pebbles Cereal $12.00 
Pay $12.00
Get $12.00 in gas
Free after gas points!

This deal is valid week of 4/20/14.

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  • Missie Lizz

    When I bought honeycombs earlier the catalina machine spit out a $1.50 off 2 coupon. I’m going back to see if it will roll!

  • tammy

    my store is $4 instant savings which is still good, but would rather have the .40 gas. but gonna save .60 gas with the kleenex. :)

    • Joey

      Nice on the Kleenex! :)

  • Ruth

    There is also a manufacturer’s coupon 1.00/2 to got with this deal. The Real Medleys oat meal are also included in this deal and there is a 1.00/2 or .75/2 depending on the region. Both these deals are moneymakers after coupons.

    • Ruchama

      I worked it out a few days ago, and with the coupons, it ended up very close to free even with 10 gallons of gas. (I don’t remember the exact numbers, because I decided not to do it after looking at the amount of sugar in the oatmeal.)

      • Ruth

        If you can afford it which many of us can’t these days, this is a great item to donate to local food banks. My son volunteers at one organized by a church and they appreciated any food donations.

        • Joey

          Great idea, Ruth :)

    • Joey

      Nice, thanks Ruth. :)

  • Amanda F

    I’m curious about these gas deals. Williamsport Giant does not have them because they don’t have a gas station. Nor do they designate an affiliate gas station like Sheetz. Where is the closest Giant w/ gas? And is the Post Cereal a 1 time deal or could I buy the deal twice and have $24 in gas?

    • Lisa

      Both Bloomsburg and Selinsgrove have gas stations and participate in the gas deals

    • Anonymous

      You can do the offer up to ten times!

      • Joey

        Yep, that’s a lot of cereal! :)

    • Joey

      Giant Gas Deals FAQ – there is a list of participating stations.

      • Amanda F

        Thanks everyone!!