Giant PA: Hallmark Expressions Cards MM



This week Giant PA has a deal, buy 3 Hallmark Expression Cards and get a $5.00 Off Your Next Order Catalina.

Susanne found that the $.99 Expression Cards are working in the deal.  In addition, there is 10% off greeting cards with your bonus cards.

Here is your deal:

Buy (3) $.99 Hallmark Expression Cards
Get $.30 off instantly
Pay $2.67 plus tax
Get $5.00 OYNO catalina
Free + Overage

Thanks, Susanne

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  • Liesa

    Does anyone know if this deal is ongoing? I feel blessed to have caught the tail end of it on Saturday. I made 2 trips and stocked up!!

    • Shannon

      Over 5/14.

  • Meghan

    The Father’s Day cards did not print for me yesterday. I went to a nearby Giant this evening (I’m in Alexandria, VA) and bought sixty 99 cent cards. All of them worked. But then again, I knew not to buy the Father’s Day ones after yesterday. The Mother’s Day cards worked last week, but not the Father’s Day ones.

  • Doug

    I think this deal on the .99 cards is dead. I was at Giant today with a handful of cards when a lady walked up to me. She said those cards aren’t supposed to work with the offer then pulled all of them off the shelf. Then she was on her phone. I checked another Giant several miles away tonight and all of the .99 cards & envelopes were gone. She was not wearing the “Giant” green shirt so I can only guess that she was a Hallmark rep.

  • Bonnie in PA

    I read on AFC that the father’s day $.99 cards aren’t working. Probably the UPC weren’t coded in to the deal. I got a bunch more $.99 cards last night so it’s still working. One of the father’s day card I bought worked(it was a $1.99 card), the $.99 cards didn’t work for me.

    • Shannon

      @Bonnie in PA,

      Great to know.

  • joanna

    not very good public relations; i think i would have talked w/ the manager & kindly pointed out his staff’s behavior, since it wouldn’t look good for/to him. as long as you were following the rules of the deal, there’s no reason for such actions by the store’s staff

  • Karen

    In Lebanon, PA the father’s day cards did not work today 5/10. Rest of the .99 cards were gone.

  • Becky

    Is this deal still working on the 99 cent cards?? I bought 99 cent Father’s Day cards today at the Lititz Giant and it did not print out my coupons. I went to customer service and they said it has to be Expressions.

    • Shannon


      i did not try it on any other cards — the expressions worked.

  • Becky

    I was so excited to find 99 cent father’s day cards today but my catalinas did not print out. Is the deal dead on the 99 cent cards?

  • Corlien

    Hi there, Shannon,
    Did this deal in DE, and it worked fine, only the cards were not 10% off with bonus card. So I paid $2.97 for the first three cards, and got one $5 catalina. Then I bought them six at a time, used the first $5 catalina and got two more, and paid 94 cents each time. Not as good as 67 cents, but I was so happy it worked in DE, too. Thanks so much. A really nice moneymaker!!

  • April

    I am so glad to read some one else stocked up like me. I was in the store picking out my cards when a stock lady decided she needed to belittle and cause a problem and get every one on staff to glare and give dirty looks. then make loud comments and follow me in the store.

  • Rose

    This deal was printed again in this week’s circular and said good until May 14. However the last time I was at Giant the $.99 section was TOTALLY cleared out. Wondering if they restock each week?!

  • Kathy

    May 28

  • Kathy

    I’m wondering the same thing, the way it was linked in the matchups this week. Someone let us know!

    • Shannon


      what are you wondering Kathy? The promo is still valid this week.

  • Danielle

    Is this deal continuing into THIS week???

  • Bonnie in PA

    I’m so loving this deal. Tonight I went to the Giant down near Easton, they had a huge card section. They had these special just for Mom cards. They have the are part of the Expression line and are $1.35($1.49 regular price), so these should work even if you have to go to customer service.

  • Linda

    Giant-Hanover Eisenhower had all the .99 cards gone today :(

  • Pam

    It worked for me at Eisenhower (last night) and Baltimore Street (on Monday) Giant. I ran over to Balitmore Street today and there are minimal .99 cent cards, but all the envelopes are gone.

  • Maggie

    This worked for me yesterday at Giant in Souderton and Perkasie. I bought 3 cards the first time and earned 1 $5 catalina. For the rest of the transactions, I buy 6 99cent cards, use a $5 cat and pay $.66cents and get back 2 more $5 cats. I have $50 in cats and enough cards to last a long time. Love this deal! I also used my tabasco sauce coupons ($1/1) from 5/1 SS to get 4 free bottles of hot sauce.

  • Sharon

    In my Giant, the 99cent cards had Hallmark Expression signs hanging above them in each section which I take to mean they are included. They worked for me.

  • Amy

    The $0.99 cards at my Giant (Hanover, PA) did not qualify for the $5 OYNO. I brought it to the customer service desk and they said it MUST say expressions on the back of the card. Bummer. Anyone else from hanover try this out?

  • Megan

    Uh oh, I shop in Harrisburg. Hopefully you didn’t clear out all the cheap ones at the store where I shop, because I was planning to go back today. I only bought 3 cards when I went on Tuesday.

  • Bonnie in PA

    Worked for me this evening, the $.99 cards are getting really picked over.

  • Nicole

    Becky –
    I went to Giant today and bought 2 packs of diapers and 1 pack of wipes, my total was 20.39 I used coupons, one was from the light bulb deal last week ($3 OYNO) and I got $20 towards the buy 100 get 25. Hope this helps answer your question :)
    Oh, and I got a $5 off any pampers purchase cat…Heading back to Giant tomorrow!

  • Danielle

    I just did this at 4 pm in harrisburg, pa. Bought 54 cards in groups of 6 and it went flawlessly! Paid $8.11 total and left with $50 in catalinas!!! Unreal! Thank u times infinity!

  • Melody

    Just got home from Martin’s in Winchester and I am completely jazzed! Did my first transaction with just 3 cards and 1 $5 cat printed. Then I did 4 more transactions of 6 cards each and 2 $5 cats printed. I used $5 cat on each one bringing my total to $.61 with another cat to roll!! I know have $25 in cats and I plan on hitting another store tonight and another tomorrow! This is one of the best MM scenarios I have seen at Martin’s!! Thanks so much for the heads up!

    BTW…There was a sign advertising the $5 cat hanging over all the Hallmark cards, including the $.99 ones. Plus they ring up $.89!!

    So excited about this find! Thanks again!!!

  • Sheilagh

    I did this deal today- around 1:15pm- at my local Giant and everything seemed to work fine.

    I purchased 6x cards and used the self-check out. 2x ($5) coupons printed out for me.

  • Michele

    Deal seems dead….just did 9 and none printed for the same cards that worked on Sunday. The customer service did give me the $15 in cash but another customer was dealing with the same dilemma and they wouldn’t give it to her :-P I lucked out. Should’ve just done all of my deals on Sunday!

    • Shannon


      Hmm, I am not sure — people are doing it today and its still working.. I hate when things are so inconsistent!

  • Lydia

    I’m from the Lancaster, PA area and I just got back from Giant and this deal still worked for me with absolutely no problems!

  • Montie

    That really sucks if the deal I dead due to people going overboard. If that is the case, chill out next time and let other people get in on the deal. Think of others.

  • miranda

    Deal still working on regular .99 cards at quakertown giant at 4pm

  • Amy

    Confirming deal is working, stopped by another giant on my way home and out came the cat!!! Yayy my stores system
    must have been down!

  • Miranda

    I’m hoping the deal is not dead as I really need a few graduation and mother’s day cards… but if people abuse the system by buying such large amounts and using coupons improperly (just because you can doesn’t mean you should)… then it wouldn’t be surprising if they cut the deal. Going to check this out in about an hour *keep them crosses*

  • Amy

    The deal just worked for me (around noon). I bought six .99 cent cards and got 2 $5 coupons in one transaction!

    Thanks :0)

  • Ryan Fetzer

    Can anyone else confirm if this deal is dead or not??

  • Becky

    Has anyone tried to use these $5 OYNO coupons towards the Mother’s Day promo (Buy $100 get a $25 GC)? Wondering if the points for the Mother’s Day promo would be for the full amount or minus the $5.

  • Becky

    You might want to check to make sure that the .99 cent cards were Hallmark cards. I just did several transactions at the Lititz Giant, around 10-10:30 and it worked fine.

  • Amy

    sorry I meant 11:15 ***

  • Amy

    I think the deal is dead, at lesat for the .99 cent cards in my area. Purchased 3 and nothing came out over my lunch break (around 12:15 PM). Thought it was the machine so I did another transaction through the actual checkout and still nothing :(

  • Grace

    WOWZA! No wonder there were no Mother’s Day Cards left at my store….gosh I hope you don’t shop where I shop….just kidding.

    It is a good deal if you can find any .99cent cards left. Hallmark rep only comes so often that I doubt they will restock any cards.

  • kendra

    i’m glad to know i’m not the only one…i, too, am well stocked!:)

  • kendra

    i’ve been told a few different times now, that you can only use 1 $5 cat per transaction…so if you’re wanting to use your catalina’s to pay for groceries, be prepared to break your orders down to $5 increments. then again, it seems like each store, and each manager is different so maybe someone else will find that they can use more than 1. the corporate policy says that it’s at the discretion of each store, as to how many they accept per transaction….

  • Steve Schaefer

    After buying thirty and then sixty at a time .it works regardless of how many as long of course it’s in multiples of three. The actual best way to do the deal is doing 6 cards per transaction using a five off coupon. The total comes to $5.66 so after coupon .66cent and it will print out two $5 off coupons. If you have not done the deal and don’t have the $5 off coupon scan 3 of 99 cent cards and the $5 off coupon prints out grab the coupon then scan the remaining 3 cards .it will still print out one more $5 off coupon which you can use to continue the deal. As of now I have over 200 cards (keep some donate some) and $340 in shopping off coupons. 8 people in house so this will really be useful. So much thanks to you guys for posting the deal

  • Emily

    I did it again tonight… 3 more .99 cent cards…. I love this deal!

  • Andrea

    I feel like the lightbulb deal here =/ This time I didn’t want to miss out so I think I’ve gone a little crazy with greeting cards…but then again I’ve soooo stocked up. FYI You CAN roll this catalina…over and over and over and over and over and over again lol The girls at the self check-out were impressed.

  • Maggie

    I went this morning and bought 12 $.99 cards. I tried paying with 2 $5 catalina’s I previously earned and the cashier only accepted 1. So, ended up paying $6.33 for 12 cards and got back 4 $5 catalinas. I am stocked up on cards for birthdays, engagements, weddings, baby showers, and sympathy cards – great deal. Thanks so much for posting this.

  • Jen

    I tried this both ways – as an individual transaction (got one $5 cat) and then in group of 6 (got two $5 cats). GREAT DEAL!

    Heads up on using the $5 cats: you can only use one catalina per transaction, so plan to break up your subsequent trips into smaller orders.

  • Kathy

    Thanks Leslie!

  • Kara

    The expiration date is 5/28/11. You can only use one per tranaction when you redeem them. I did 9 cards at once and got 3 $5 catalinas in one transaction. I did the self checkout.

  • Lydia

    I’m loving this deal!! Looks like a great time to stock up on cards and make some money too.

  • Leslie

    Hi Kathy –
    I did this deal today and my catalinas expire 5/28. Also – to help use them (I have 6 to use), I will just break up my next trip into separate transactions and use one in each transaction. I loved this deal.

  • amy

    There is a coupon for $2 off Dove Promises when you purchase a greeting card in the May All You (newstand).

  • Emily

    I just did 3 .99 cent cards this morning at my Giant. They did not have “Expressions” written on the back. I’ll see if I can do some more….

  • Kathy

    Have you tried to use these $5 catalinas to pay for your next order? Can you use more than one per order?

  • Lori

    I wasn’t aware there was a limit. I bought 6 cards and got 2 $5 cats in the same transaction.

  • kendra

    I bought 21 cards, @ $0.99 each, all in one transaction and for every 3 cards i scanned, a catalina printed right away. so by doing only 1 transacation, i got 7 $5 cats!

    i saw some comments earlier asking if it would work by doing more than 3 cards per transaction….so i wanted to share what i found…that it worked for me!

    ***thanks for posting this, i LOVE MM’s at giant***

  • Melis

    If I buy a filler on my second transaction with this deal roll?

  • Kathy

    Can anyone tell me when the Catalina expires? If you can only use one per transaction, then I’d like to make sure I have plenty of time to use them.

  • sharon

    I bought the 99 cent ones and they didn’t say “expressions” on the back. They worked. In fact, they were 89 cents(10% off each). Thanks for the heads up!! So, for me that was $2.83 for a $5 coupon! Great deal!!

  • Bonnie

    I did it today as soon as I saw your post! Thank you so much for the great deal.

    Some things to note:

    It seems that all of the 99 cent Hallmark cards are working, mine did not have expressions on the back.

    The $5 cat that prints is limit one, so if you use more than one in a transaction it will beep. My cashier pointed out the limit 1 wording and did not push it through.

  • Kathy

    Can you buy 6 and have 2 catalina’s print? Or is it one catalina per transaction? Thanks!

    • Shannon


      I would do separate.

  • Jeremy

    Is this unlimited if you do separate transactions?

    • Shannon


      I am guessing its a catalina deal, but cannot confirm that.

  • Katie

    Does this work in multiples? Buy 6, get 2 $5 ONYO in the same transaction?

    • Shannon


      I would do separate transactions.

      • Liesa

        Is this promo still running?

        • Shannon

          No expired 5/14

  • Susanne

    The $0.99 expressions are in the graduation money holder section.

  • Tara

    Does anyone know if those ones are in a special section? I found our .99 cards but none of them said “expressions” on the back – did yours? Thank you!