Giant PA: General Mills Cereal Deal

Giant Pa sale for 1/16/2011 to  1/22/2011 has  buy any (4) boxes of General mills cereal in one visit with your bonuscard and get $6.00 off  instantly. In addition, there is the possibility of getting a catalina for free milk.

If you printed the $1.50/2 General Mills Cereals Coupon (no longer available), here is a deal for you:

Buy (4) Boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch $2.69 each $10.76
use (2) $1.50/2 General Mills Cereal Coupons
Get $6.00 off instantly
Pay $1.76 + possibly get free milk catalina

If you don’t still have that coupon:

Buy (4) Boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch $2.69 each $10.76
use (2) $.55/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch – $1.55
use (2) $0.55/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal printable (-1.10)
Get $6.00 off instanly
Pay $2.11 + possibly get free milk catalina

Here are some other cereal coupons that are included in the deal:
$1/2 Cheerios Cereal, exp. 2-19-11 (SS 01/09/11 #2)
$1/2 Select Cheerios Cereals printable
$0.75/1 Wheaties or Wheaties Fuel Cereal printable
$1/2 Select General Mills Cereals printable

Thanks to Lisa and Katieann for confirming the details of this deal.

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  • I bought my milk last night, the coupon took off $4.50,but the cashier saw it and corrected it to the price of the milk ($3.80). I also bought 4 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (it’s the only cereal that’s $2.99 at my store) and recieved a $2/5 catalina and the frree milk catalina. Can I use the $2/5 AND the $0.55/1 coupons together?

  • Lisa Leaman

    I went to the new store off of Lititz Pike in Lancaster, PA. It is a brand new store (I’m not sure if this makes the difference or not), and the cheapest price for the Cinnamon Toast Crunch was 3.69 and one of the shelves for the 12 oz boxes said $2.84 but that was from last weeks ad and they honored it for 4 of the 8 boxes I was going to get (2 separate orders was my plan).
    So here’s the question, what size boxes are you all getting and what stores are you shopping at. Are they new stores? I’m wondering if the Giant in Leola is running the 2.69 deal. Would it be possible that the price difference is so they can pay for the new store?? It’s nice but if they are more expensive I won’t be back. Also, the ad does not say what size for the 6.00 off ?? It seems only certain sizes trigger the discount.
    Any thoughts ??

    • Megan

      @Lisa Leaman, My Giant is in Harrisburg, so not too close to you. I got 12.8 oz cinnamon toast crunch for $2.69, 16.2 oz. lucky charms for $2.69, 8.9 oz. cheerios for $2.49 and 16.2 oz. cheerios (I think they were the multi-grain ones) for $3.49.

    • Lesley

      @Lisa Leaman,
      I went to that store yesterday and got the 12 oz box of cinnamon toast crunch and it rang up 2.99. I got 3 of those and a cinnamon cheerios 10 oz, it rang up 3.00. I got the $6.00 off and the milk coupon. I went to the one in Leola today and got 2 cinnamon toast crunch (2.99), regular cheerios and multi grain and it worked there also.

  • Holly

    I got 4 boxes of Cheerios and Chex, used 2 $1 off coupons. I got the $6 off, got a $4.50 milk catalina, and a $2 off 5 General Mills cereals catalina. I wonder if I go back and buy 5 boxes, use the milk and cereal catalina if I’ll get both again. This is so addicting. I’m up to 30 boxes of cereal in my cabinet!

    • Grace

      I did the deal twice so far. Got the free milk cat for both and a $2/5 cereals Giant coupons for both transactions as well. I plan on doing 12 boxes on my last trip since I have enough coupons and I want to use the Giant coupons with it. After all my calculations I should pay $3.76 OOP and get back three milk catalinas. That is a profit of about $7 once you figure in the price of free milk. WOOT WOOT!!! Love deals like this :)

      • michelle


        I also received the $2/5 cereal coupon, but mine is a manufacture coupon not a Giant coupon… What does your deal look like using all your coupons?

  • Sherri

    Anyone tried this since the 17th? I did 2 orders on Monday and got my milk coupons just fine. Went back on Tuesday and didn’t get any. Called Catalina this morning and the csr said I had bought the right items, that any GM cereal should work. She said it must have been a problem with the printer, and they would send me my coupons. Well, I went to a different Martin’s this afternoon and still didn’t get the milk coupon. I don’t want to have to keep calling Catalina about this, since there is no real guarantee that I will get the coupon (I’ve seen a situation in the past where a store pulled the offer early, so the coupons stopped printing and you were stuck with the less-than-super deal).

  • Nicole

    I bought 8 boxes of GM Cereal and 7 boxes of Nature Valley granola bars. I received the $12 off instantly, 2 free milk catalinas and a $3.50 off your next Giant order (a thank you from GM). I’m guessing after you purchase a certain amount of GM products, you receive the $3.50 catalina. Anyone about this?? Makes a great deal even better!

    • Shannon


      hmmm nice!

    • Veronica


      It was for the Nature Valley Granola bars.

      Buy any Nature Valley Granola bars(6.7oz or larger) or any Fiber One Chewy Bars between 12/27/10 – 1/23/11 and save up to $3.50.

      Buy 3 get $1.50
      Buy 4 get 2.50
      Buy 5 or more get $3.50
      off your next order

  • Nicole

    I did the cereal deal: bought 8 boxes of GM cereal and also bought 7 boxes of Nature Valley granola bars. I received $12.00 off instantly, 2 free milk catalinas, and also a $3.50 off your next Giant purchase (a thank you from GM). I am guessing that after you purchase so many GM products, you will receive this $3.50 catalina. I’m not sure how many, though. Anyone know??? Makes a great deal even better!

    • Sherri

      @Nicole, The $3.50 Catalina comes from the Nature Valley products. Buy 3 get $1.50, buy 4 get $2.50, or buy 5+ and get $3.50 on your next order. I got one of those from Kroger last week.

  • Alisan

    I bought 1x Cinnamon Toast (12.8oz @ $2.69; used 55cent coupon), 1x Multigrain (2.99oz @ $2.99; used 75cent coupon), 2x Original Cheerios (8.9oz @ $2.49; used 55cent coupon). Total before coupons $10.99 minus total coupons $4.25 minus $6 off instantly = 41cent. Received one FREE Milk catalina.

  • Laura F

    Thanks ya’ll! I did the deal twice and got two milk catalinas. What a deal this was!

  • Ashley B

    I just did this deal tonight at Giant. Here’s what I did:

    (1) Honey Nut Cherrios – $2.89
    (1) Cocoa Puffs – $3.69
    (1) Lucky Charms – $3.69
    (1) Cinnamon Toast Crunch – $3.49

    - (1) $0.55/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch (doubled to: $1.10)
    - (1) $0.55/1 Honey Nut Cherrios (doubled to $1.10)
    - (1) $1.00/2 General Mills Cereals
    - $6.00 instantly
    = $4.56 ($1.14 per box) + received catalina for FREE milk (up to $4.50). Cashier took off the whole $4.50 which gave me overage for other items!

    Thanks for sharing this deal! :)

  • Amanda P

    It worked for me on Chocolate Cheerios and Chocolate Chex. Also printed the free milk coupon.

  • Ann

    I did this deal twice. Bought a total of 3 Trix, 1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and 4 Honey Nut Cheerios. Got 2 of the Free Milk Catalinas. For my final transaction I just bought one jug of milk and used the coupon. The coupon automatically takes off $4.50 and milk is only $3.02 here. They gave me cash back of $1.48. The manager said they get reimbursed $4.50 from GM so the change is mine!!

  • M

    Anyone able to give me a quick run down of what cereals are included?? Thanks!

    • Shannon


      all General Mills cereals should work.

      • M

        I went tonight and they weren’t all marked…so I only tried the marked ones…

        Any guesses on how to find out for sure? Would Customer Service at the front of the store know?

  • Krissy

    I bought 3 boxes of cinnamon toast crunch and one box of Fiber One last night and I got the free milk Catalina!

  • Latisha

    What is giant PA?

    • Shannon


      Giant PA is a grocery store in the Northeast

  • Kate Griffin

    I did the deal this morning and one of the coupons that says do not double actually doubled so the second scenario works PERFECTLY!

    FYI: I put the milk by itself in a second transaction and when the cashier rang it through (details: free milk up to $4.50) it took $4.50 OFF no beeps and no entering the amount even though my milk was $3.09 so be prepared to have something else in your milk order to cover the overage!!! woo hoo :)

  • What are the details of the milk catalina???

    • Shannon


      Dont know the details or I would have posted – the readers who emailed said they got it but could not give specifics .

      • @Shannon,
        I got the milk catalina! Do you know if I can go back and do this deal again with the same bonus card?? With coupons, the milk deal and the $6 back- this cereal is practically free!

    • M

      Free milk up to $4.50. No purchase required or anything!! I did 3 rounds this evening and going back tomorrow!! Plus I got 2 free movie tickets from the marked Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

      I just wonder if you can use it on the transaction with the cereal and another will print out?! Like can you roll them? Hmmm….I may try tomorrow!

  • julie

    Just an FYI, there are also specially marked boxes of GM cereals (so far I’ve only found it on honey nuts) that you can get free movie tickets from by buying 2 boxes and entering the codes found inside. They can then be entered online and the coupon can be printed out immediately!

  • Sarah

    Yes, I like to use the manufacturer coupons on the Target website too b/c they do not say DO NOT DOUBLE on them like all of the other printable General Mills coupons. My Giant will not double anything that states that. There is also a $.75 off MultiGrain Cheerios coupon on there as well.

  • Victoria

    I am going to do this deal today! My kids love cheerios and cinnamon toast! There is a 55/1 cheerios coupon on the target website that is manufacturer 2! I’ll let you know about the milk catalina.

    • liz

      @Victoria, thanks for the tip about the Target Q’s!

    • Victoria

      @Victoria, I ended up gettin 4 boxes of cereal for .76 cents and did get the milk catalina!! This deal is good at Martins grocery stores 2!