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Giant PA Gas Reward Deals 12/22/13

Here is a look at the Extra Reward points deals at Giant next week. Purchase seven participating products in one shopping trip and you’ll get 400 reward points, up to 30 gallons (a total of $12.00)

Please check your ad to verify you have the same deals. These deals are valid 12/22/13 to 12/28/13.

This List Has Expired
Buy 7 & Get 400 Points

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  • Ruth

    There is also a coupon for the Krustaez cookies, .55 off 1, I forgot which insert, I know it was in RP.

  • Melissa

    Can someone explain how the formula works? For example I understand that the Domino sugar being 2/$5 would be $17.50 for 7 but how do you get the $12 back in gas points? What’s the calculation behind this?

    • Melissa

      Thought the first question didn’t post sorry for the repost

  • Melissa

    Could someone please explain the formula behind the gas points? So the domino sugar is 2/$5 which would be $17.50. I understand that part but not the $12 in gas points. I’m hoping some sort of formula will help me understand. Thanks in advance.

    • Ruth

      When you purchase 7 bags of sugar, you pay 17.50 and you get 400 points which comes to 12.00. It is much better to buy the Canada Dry soda, you only need to buy 7, pay 7.00 and you get the 400 points in gas which again is worth 12.00. You can also combine the Domino sugar and Canada dry to get the 400 points. This week the gas deal is awesome. If you buy 21 Canada Dry, you get 1.20 off 30 gallons of gas. I actually have 3.80 off on 30 gallons of gas which means totally free gas. I let the points accumulate from last week. Last week, I filled up, put 15 gallons in my car, filled up 3 5 gallons jugs and pay .01 cents for those 30 gallons.

  • Christie

    Typo: The Digiorno is $4.50 each (2/$9) and 7/$31.50 before coupons. Pay $23 after coupons and get $12 in gas, making it $11 or $1.57 each for 7.

  • Okay, I’m truly not trying to be annoying :) but I thought it might be helpful to know that I think the math is off on the Margherita Pepperoni. I think it should actually be $11.00 total making it a money maker of $1. Right?

    • Natalie

      yes, Lydia..I added the coupon in later and for some reason the list didn’t update.Thanks for letting me know:)


  • There is also a $0.75/2 Domino Sugar coupon at

    • bridget

      This is a regional coupon. I printed under 77577.