Giant PA: 10 Free Eggo Waffles – No Coupons!

Here is a crazy deal at Giant PA.

Right now you can get $5.00 off 5 Eggo Waffles. I tried the deal to see if it would double to $10 off 10. Well I got a surprise..

Not only did it take $10 off instantly, I got a $10 catalina.. FREE Waffles.  I wanted to make sure it worked, so my Mom got 10 and used my catalina – she got 10 totally free – then got a $10.00 catalina.  So it rolled.

Here is your deal:

Buy 10 Eggos $10.00 after instant savings
Get $10.00 Catalina
Free after catalina and instant savings

You can also use $1.00/2 in 07/25 RP or $1.00/2 in 06/20 RP to turn this into an even better deal

Buy 10 Eggos $10.00 after instant savings
Get $10.00 Catalina
use (5) $1.00/2 coupons
Free + $5.00 MM after catalina and instant savings

Note: I have no idea when the $10 catalina ends – it could be tonight, so just a warning..

P.S. A big thanks to Lynn @ Maven of Savin.

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  • Mary

    just for people who dont know what a catalina is….its not meant to be the dressing in this sentence its the coupons that gets printed out at the register :) I was confused here but looked it up

  • Laura

    hmmm I got strawberry, chocolate chip, homestyle, and the minis in mine trip…and I got the $10 catalina??

  • Melis

    What kind of Eggos did you buy? Are the cats only printing for the original?

  • Laura K

    I’m seeing on the net that several folks are also getting the Fuel for School Rebate forms…..has anyone seen these? This would be a HUGE Moneymaker!

    I rocked it, and the shelves were still full when I was done! Met another FTM reader there, she was kind enough to share some of the store brand coupons and I got 4 loaves of bread for FREE….THANK YOU!! :)

  • Dan

    Hey everyone. This will work on Kelloggs Rice Krispie Treats, Chips Deluxe, or Club Crackers as well.
    All are in Giant’s ad for 2/$5 and you can mix and match.
    Total Cost $25 for 10
    Instant Cash off $10
    Catalina Coupon $10
    Final Cost $5 for 10 packs.

    Get it while you can!

  • Anna

    I’ve mixed and matched and got cats, I’ve done all of one and got cats. The only time I haven’t gotten a cat- I bought 10 Eggos, but I bought 2 chocolate chip, 2 homestyle, 2 buttermilk, 2 minis and 2 strawberry. I think its the strawberry Eggos that messed me up.

  • dawn

    looks like my comment must have been deleted?? i got 2frootloops;2poptarts;2fruitsnacks;2waffles and 2 crackers got the $10 off my order plus the $10 catalina….

  • Megan

    Worked for me! In 4 separate transactions I got 10 boxes each of Eggo Waffles, Kellogg’s fruit snacks, keebler sandwich cookies, and pop tarts. I wasn’t brave enough to try mixing and matching, so I’ll just give away what we don’t need. Maybe I’ll go back later in the week and try with cereal or other products. This was at a Harrisburg, PA store and they had lots still in stock, just out of a few varieties of a few things.

  • fayeba

    just so you know, poptarts are running on the deal too! find printables at for 1.25 off 3…. use 3. $ 25.00 pre coupon- $10 instant savings-$3.75 coupons= $11.75 plus get your cat and you are paying $1.75 for 120 pop tarts… woohoo!

  • Jennifer

    I purchased 10 eggos and 10 packages of the Keebler crackers in one transaction but got only one $10 cat.

  • Wendy Pesce

    Has anyone tried getting 20 items in one transaction? Would we get 2 CATS, or just one ?

  • Melissa

    Just got back from the Giants in Quakertown. Hubby has the fun job of putting it away! :) I did 3 transactions, 1 of which included our weekly shopping too.

    #1) Bought 10 boxes of Nutrigrain bars (various flavors). Got the $10 off instantly, plus the $10 cat.

    #2) Bought 5 packs of keebler sandwich crackers (again various flavors) and 5 boxes of Club crackers. Paid with the cat from #1. Got the instant savings and another cat back

    #3) Got 2 family packs of pop-tarts, 4 boxes of eggos and 4 boxes of rice krispies treats, (along with all of my other groceries). Used the cat from #2 and got back another one!

    Thanks for letting us know about this deal! My whole family has been sick for a couple weeks and I didn’t go get newspapers like usual so I’m rather light on coupons at the moment, this deal was a major help!!! :)

  • Noelle

    My eggos are listed on sale as $1.99 per box, if I do 10 boxes x 1.99 = 19.99 – $10 instant = 9.99. If I was going to be rolling the cat, do I need a $0.01 filler or will they take a $10 Cat for a payment of $9.99?

    • Shannon


      filler at my store, not sure what their official policy is.

  • Michelle Z.

    I just got back from the Giants in Quakertown and Souderton. First transaction was 10 Eggos, second transaction was 6 boxes of Corn Pops and 4 boxes of Pop Tarts, third transaction was 10 boxes of Pop Tarts. The catalina printed each time.

    I think I’m done, though. That’s a LOT of sugary breakfast stuff and will last us a long time.

    • Shannon

      @Michelle Z.,

      Yeah, I know what you mean, it will last forever .

  • Stephanie M

    I did the Eggo waffles this late morning and it worked great. Going tomorrow to do the kellogs one :)

  • Laura

    I chickened out of mixing/matching and doing anything on the list not already tested…. will try tomorrow (without the kids…so if I have to return, etc. I can do so in peace lol)

    10 Keebler Crackers $5.00 OOP (used 2 x $2.50 catalinas from the Budweiser deal last week) so FREE got back $10 Cat

    10 Kellogg’s Cereal used $4.50 in coupons (mix of $0.70/1 and $1/3) = $10.50…used prior $10 Cat = $0.50 OOP got back $10 Cat

    10 Eggos (3 rang up $2.39 – the Eggo Minis) + $10 in Ragu (buy 6 get $0.20/gallon gas) = $4.xx OOP after $10 Cat… got back $10 Cat and will redeem for $6 in gas also! so ~$1.xx MM!

  • couponhunter215

    Just got back and catalina is still working, however I did not mix and match just in case… Did 10 keebler crackers then used that catalina for 10 eggo waffles and the catalina rolled no problem.

  • Katie

    I don’t know if you ever found the actual catalina, but I got a printout for it at Giant last week. And it definitely does say that it’s good for any 10 items within the brands Sharon wrote in her comment. Sounds like I should keep hold of the catalina offer in case I have any problems!

  • Cindy H.

    I’m hoping to go shopping on Tuesday, someone please let me know if this Catalina is still working.

    Thanks! I can’t wait to get my coupons together!

  • Kristin

    Yes, I mixed and matched the crackers and the waffles. Do you think that’s what it was? I guess that would make sense!

  • Bonnie

    I went this morning (Monday am at 1am, was so excited when I saw your post, I couldn’t wait :) ) so as of Monday am it is working. I didn’t mix and match or try more than one per transaction. Just did 10 eggos, paid $10, got $10 cat. Then used that $10 cat to buy 10 Keebler cracker packs with some ribs, used 5 coupons and only owed $.49) This is the best and if the cat goes all week, I am in trouble, I have a lot of coupons left! I am going to start calling the local food banks tomorrow morning, I need to find out if they will take frozen foods, because I don’t have room in my freezer for more eggos. But who can pass up the $5 mm.

    • Shannon


      Love it Bonnie! I am going this morning to find out what is going out.

  • beth

    Hubby and I went and got 30 boxes of Eggo’s tonight. We have no where near enough room in our freezer for that many boxes so kept 7 (a couple of which I’m giving away tomorrow) and gave the rest to family and then friends at the bar for karaoke!

  • Skye

    Melanie, was it me?!
    Big old preggo, with hubby in tow!?
    Near Lancaster?

  • Skye

    Melanie, was it me?!
    Big old preggo, with hubby in tow!?

  • Ele

    I got the $10 back from Food Lion today. I live in NC but going to VA tomorrow to visit and in-laws live right behind Martin’s (Woo-Hoo). I mixed it with 6 Pop Tarts, 2 Eggos, and 2 Keebler Crackers. I paid $21.32 OOP for all of the above and 5 Sunday Papers at $2.00 each. I was so excited with .13 per item after the papers. The two teenage girls checking me out were super impressed.

  • Melissa

    It sounds like the catalina is the one that is featured in this week’s weis ad for the fuel for school promo, maybe its a national deal??

    • Shannon


      Sharon found the catalina information, not sure if its in this thread or another.

  • Melanie

    Worked for me tonight! I even saw a fellow FTM follower in the store doing the same thing :) How cool! Thanks!

  • Laura

    hmmm reading on some threads elsewhere that the keebler cookies and nutri-grain bars were also working as of this AM… both Chambersburg, PA Giant stores….???

    • Shannon


      Go for it and try it. I don’t post unless it works for me or reader direct.. I have seen lots of things on the forums that are ummm not true, so I am cautious. I could of picked up the wrong item in the mix, but until I hear direct from a reader or myself, I cannot confirm, so let us know if you try it.

  • Megan

    oh an dive never shopped giant before….shop rite is much closer, but im willing to make the trip for these deals….do i need to do three separate orders or can i buy ten of all three products and get all the catalinas and instant savings? anyone know?

  • Cara

    I got the deal but it sure wasn’t easy! I bought the 10 Eggos and went through the self check-out only to find that the coupon didn’t print. I was sent to the service desk who acted like I was trying to rip them off. Went back to the register and asked the cashier to check and see if there was paper in the coupon printer and lo and behold there was not! Went back to the service desk and they were told by the manager to re-ring the order but they were too lazy and gave me a $10 gift card! Which works for me but still would like to know if it would have printed out on it’s own! Grrrrr . . . .

  • Megan

    if someone tries this tomorrow, please let me know. i want to make my trip but i hate loading the belt with a ton of stuff for it to not work and me have to return everything :/ whats the date on the flyer?

  • sharon

    I found the catalina info on a catalina left at the self checks after I did the eggo deal. The pictures on the catalina were for poptarts, cheez-it, eggos, mini wheats, frosted flakes and a package of keebler cookies(too small for my eyes to read specific cookie name) but I’m assuming it includes more varieties. It also was part of the “Get an A+ on breakfast-Fuel for School” promotion.

    • Shannon


      Sharon, wonderful! Ok I wonder if I can try and find it.

  • couponhunter215

    Thanks Shannon for the quick reply and btw I love your blog! … So are you saying you have to buy 10 of the same item… or can I buy a few of each the Eggos, Keebler Sandwiches and Kelloggs cereal to add to 10?

    • Shannon


      No all I was just saying that I cannot confirm anything outside of the Keeblers, Eggos and Kelloggs at the moment. I am hoping some of you try it out and let me know. I am imagining you can mix and match – I wish I knew what the terms of the catalina was. The other list was the fuel for school rebate, different than the cat.

  • Laura

    Shannon, did you buy all the same items when you did the other items…or a mix and match… I wonder if the mixing and matching is what is not allowing the print??!!

    • Shannon

      both ways. I am going to try again tomorrow, I don’t like to post things til I get it to work myself, so I will report back or of course if you try and it works, let me know!

  • couponhunter215

    I was wondering if anyone tried mix and matching with this deal… I don’t think I can fit 10 Eggos in my freezer! But I was thinking of doing 5 eggos and 5 kellogg’s cereals. It seems like it will work with the catalina that Sharon posted says “AND/OR”
    “Buy any 10 : Kelloggs, Keebler , Sunshine, Eggo and /or Morningstar Farm products (3.8 oz or larger, any flavor, mix or match) in one shopping order
    Between 08/01/10 and 08/14/10 and save $10 on future order with coupon.”

    Anyone try this yet?

    • Shannon


      No they are not working on all of these items.I just thanked lynn for the catalina information. I tried different items and no cat.

      I know it works for Eggos, Keebler Sandwiches and Kelloggs Cereal only.

  • Kristin

    Thanks! I misread :) I went and did this with the Waffles AND with the Keebler crackers, BUT the catalina did NOT print for me. Giant PA is NOT my store, it’s Martin’s (I live in VA), but I thought I’d give it a try since 1 – the ads in Giant PA and Martin’s are exactly the same, and 2- it’s such a great deal anyway! You just can’t beat over 75% savings on things your family eats almost everyday! Thanks so much for sharing this great deal!

    • Shannon


      Boo :( Did you mix and match?

  • patti

    My ad says buy 10 get a 10 dollar coupon off my next purchase, but doesnt say anything about 5 off. I will have to go check it out.

  • sharon

    Thanks for the heads up. Went to my Giant between Harrisburg and Lancaster.
    The eggos were $1.99 each. I purchased 10, used 5 $1 off coupons and got $10 off my order. So I paid $4.99 for 10 and got the $10 cat. I also found what generates the catalina:
    Buy any 10 : Kelloggs, Keebler , Sunshine, Eggo and /or Morningstar Farm products (3.8 oz or larger, any flavor, mix or match) in one shopping order
    Between 08/01/10 and 08/14/10 and save $10 on future order with coupon.

  • Kristin

    Quick question, were your waffles 2/$4 or $1 each? My flier says 2/$4 which would mean you’d have to pay $5 OOP. What am I missing here?? Thank you! :)

    • Shannon


      You get $5.00 off for buying 5, so
      $20 – $5.00 – $5.00 = $10 plus $10 cat.

  • Kristin

    I wonder if this could work if you used the bought 10 keebler sandwich crackers instead and used the $1/2 coupon for that??

    • Shannon

      Just getting ready to post it that and the cereal work!

  • Katie

    I just got mine! thanks and very excited about the 10.00 Cat!

  • lynn @ Maven of Savin

    OH – can you ship some up to me!! What a great deal, I am jealous!

  • Skye

    ohhh.. Eggos are my preggo addiction..
    headed to giant NOW!!