Giant & Martins Coupon Matchups Week of 5/1

Giant & Martin Coupons Matchups

Here are the Giant PA Coupon Matchups and Deals for the week of  5/1/11.   If you are new to shopping at Giant, you can check the Giant PA Coupon Policy here.

Items marked with a  are items I consider to be at or close to my buy price.

Also don’t forget to check out the Hallmark Moneymaker.

Click here for this week’s Giant & Martins Coupon Matchups 5/1/11.

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  • Megan

    I shop at the Giant in State College, PA and I usually get good deals with coupons like $170, and pay like $80 or 90$. Im curious do you know if I can use 2 different types of coupons on the same item? That seems to be how they do it on extreme couponing and I didn’t know if Giant will let you.

    • Shannon


      No you cannot use two manufacturer coupons.. ever

  • Emily

    Our giant has it advertised that if u buy the hunts tomatoes that are 10/4/10 u get an instant 3.00 off…

  • Jaime

    I figured out a pretty good deal for the chips/soda coupon inserts yesterday (which came at a great time for my son’s bday party):

    1. Buy 2 Tostitos chips (2/$7) and get a free Tostitos salsa ($2.98 each): I picked up 2 of each (I needed more salsa) and used 2 $1 off any Tostitos chips or salsa, plus used 2 coupon for FREE Pepsi Max ($1.50 each) when you buy both salsa and chips. Total OOP: $7.89

    2. Buy 2 Lays Kettle Cooked Chips ($3.19 each), used $2 off any 2 Kettle Cooked Chips and used 2 FREE Sierra Mist soda ($1.50 each) WYB any Kettle Chips. Total OOP: $6.38

    3. Take advantage of Instant Savings this week (usually we get gas points) and saved $3 WYB any 5 items which included the Sierra Mist, Pepsi Max, and the Kettle Chips.

    SOOO…$11.27 plus tax for 4 bags chips, 2 salsas, and 5 bottles of soda. Maybe not the healthiest savings, but it made the 16 year olds happy. BTW, I did put out veggies and cheese, they actually ate more of those (plus my bananas which weren’t necessarily part of the menu, but : ) made me happy with their choices).

  • Andrea

    Ah poo :P Thanks for testing it out Shannon! I don’t know what I’d do without you!

  • Andrea

    I am soooo patiently waiting to go to Giant to hear from you lol I promise I’m not a stalker and I promise I didn’t dream about a new deal at Giant this week… This baby needs to come OUT

    • Shannon

      nope didnt work. Apparently rumor had it that there was a $5.00 catalina when you purchased 10 Hunts Items.. (the ones on sale for $1) I purchased them and it did not happen.

      Go about your delivery now :) LOL

  • Melody

    I’m being induced May 5th! So I am also stocking up early this week on everything!! Good luck! ;-)

  • Susanne

    Ooooh, do tell :) I also have another catalina deal I will try on Tues and let you know how much of a MM it is.

    • Shannon


      Off to Giant now. Crossing fingers :)

  • Andrea

    Ooo I can’t wait to hear =) I plan on going to Giant tomorrow morning too…hopefully I won’t give birth from now until then. Of course since my plan is to stock up on some meat TOMORROW so my family can eat while I’m in the hospital, well, that might not happen lol

  • Andrea

    I don’t think there are many great Giant coupon matches this week =/ Stinks. The Hallmark card MM isn’t bad, though. Guess I’m stocking up on yellow tagged meat this week…

    • Shannon


      shhhh.. don’t say that.. when its a stinky week, we hope for many deals to pop up and I gotta secret, I just might have one. Testing it tomorrow am.. No coupons needed. :P

  • WWadeII

    Is it just me or did both Weis and Martin’s/Giant try to advertise items that had coupons in this weeks inserts. I’m new to couponing and didn’t know if this was normal, or because TLC bringing light to what coupons can do. I also noticed even though there was a coupon on many items, they don’t seem to be the best deal ATM. Just curious thanks for the site and useful info.